Between 12.1-12.2

To kick off today’s asks, we’ve got some content from @incorrect-wormquotes, sent in by cedeelbe:

Skitter: Does this feel like a nightmare?
Skitter: Like something out of a bad dream?
Skitter: Because that’s the effect I was going for.

She’s quite skilled at that. 😛

(Under. The eyelids.)

Imp: [In Skitter’s chair in her lair] Hey, look at me, I’m Skitter!
Tattletale: She doesn’t generally spin that much.
Imp: Right. This is Skitter: “Oh, no, I can’t do anything fun tonight. I have to count my past sins, then alphabetize them. Oh, by the way, I’m thinking of snapping on Friday.”


Sounds like Imp knows Skitter rather well. 😉

Post-bank robbery, what Gallant actually said was “Does this have anything to do with your strong feelings for me?” He was referring to her distaste. He knew what was really going on, but the whole mess with Bakuda, the Empire, and Leviathan distracted him. His last thoughts as he realized Leviathan’s wave was about to kill him was regret that he hadn’t done more to help Amy.

A closer reading reveals that Gallant *doesn’t* think Panacea loves him—that’s just how readers are supposed to interpret it. He only references strong feelings on Amy’s part, but never actually says what they are. Rather than romantic feelings, he was probably picking up on jealousy or hatred.

Ehhh. I could see it, but if that was the case, he worded himself badly. Having strong feelings for someone is very different from having strong feelings about someone.

I think I prefer the interpretation that he was picking up on the love for Glory Girl that caused the distaste, rather than the distaste itself, because it was a stronger emotion, and assumed it was directed at him because it tended to come to the forefront when she was around him specifically.

“Ah, yes, Guts and Glory. Had that been released to the public before this reveal made it into Worm?” I don’t think so. He posted it (and several other drafts) on his blog during the gap between Worm and Pact. You should definitely read them after you finish Worm.

Ah, okay. Makes sense to post the drafts after the full work, to ensure they don’t spoil anything.

And yeah, the drafts sound very interesting to read between Worm and Ward. 🙂

Also, the person who introduced me to Worm used “#Panacea needs a hug and a Starbucks gift card” as his Worm tag.

Ahaha, that’s very appropriate. 😛

All the hugs for Panacea!

Have you heard of this Ladybug/Worm tone-swap by tumblr user Pabel and Nine? I remember you saying you were a fan of Ladybug at some point. It doesn’t spoil anything for Worm you haven’t already reached.

That sounds awesome and ridiculous. 😛

The cuteness, shipping fuel and banter of Miraculous Ladybug applied to the characters and setting of Worm… the gritty gray and black morality of Worm applied to the characters and setting of Miraculous Ladybug… I’ll admit I’m more interested in the former half, but the whole thing sounds great.

I can’t actually go to Pabel and Nine’s blog, due to spoilers, but if I could I’d definitely go there to check this out. 🙂

The doberman is her mask

Ohhh [here]. Now that you mention it, I see the thread hanging around her neck.

I had misinterpreted a more darkly shaded part of the hellhound’s fur as being the dobermann’s body. Whoops!

The Faultline picture [also here] is a meme because it’s never actually stated what color Faultline’s costume is, so enterprising fan artists can choose anything they want, no matter how garish.

Ahaha, I see! It is overall pretty vaguely described, too, more by feel than by its literal appearance.

When sending me this ask, Sharks also added:



There’s also…

Wildbow [screenshot, 10/13/2017]:
Hot pink, plaid, and lime green, to contrast with the blue and red coloring of her power effect.

Note: Wildbow wasn’t serious, but some people took it and ran with it.

Apparently including lonsheep.

Honestly? I really do like this design. It’s not really what I’d imagine character-wise, but it’s nice.

The Jack Slash fanart you recently posted [still here] was by synapsekisses, who has posted them to both their Tumblr and on the Parahumans subreddit with that name. They also have some other excellent pieces – a fantastic Bonesaw, perfectly creepy Coil & Dinah (that I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen), and a great Tattletale portrait as well as a reaction image of her, in reference to an Always Sunny reaction image.

*updates post to credit properly* Thank you!

And yeah, I’ve seen some of synapse’s work before – good stuff!

“First off we have the man who can wield a bearing-sword-sized, or bigger, blade as effortlessly as a dagger, provided it started out as one.” That’s not actually Jack’s power. He extends the cutting edge of the blade, not the blade itself. So he can cut you from across the room, but whatever he uses stays the same size. The benefit to using bigger weapons is that the force behind the swing also transfers.

Right. I guess my description of it was a bit influenced by the visual symbolism for his power in the piece I was talking about [you guessed it; it’s here – same piece as the previous link, even].

I think the description still kinda works if you take it with a pinch of metaphor salt. The blades don’t really grow, but in practice, it’s almost like that’s what he’s doing.

Incidentally, another benefit I can see to his power is that he can swing without being hindered by his surroundings. It remains to be seen whether the semi-metaphorical extension actually gives any feedback on the dagger’s end when the extended cutting edge hits something, but if it does, it still allows him to adjust his weapon according to the needs in the moment. Either way, he’d be able to swing a weapon effectively sized like a greatsword or bigger like he would a dagger or longsword, instead of the polearm-like way you’d normally have to use a greatsword.

In other words: Swinging a greatsword like a longsword or broadsword would usually cause the ground to get in the way of your sword movements, forcing greatsword wielders to use it like a polearm instead. Jack, however can use a smaller blade to avoid this problem and still get the range and power benefits of a greatsword (and beyond).

“But as far as bugs are concerned, at least, I figure anything goes.” but… what about bug rape?

(I’m assuming you mean bugs raping other bugs or Taylor forcing bugs to procreate, rather than raping a human using bugs. Which is a very disturbing concept that did cross my mind during that scene.)

Judging by Taylor’s overall attitude towards bugs and their lives, I think she’s including that too under “anything goes”, only considering human rape in her response to Charlotte. Taylor seems to have no qualms with deliberately sending bugs to their deaths or ordering her subordinates to kill a bug, and she already said she’s breeding them (though she doesn’t seem to be using her power to accelerate that, so maybe she does concider mind-control rape worse than mind-control murder even when it’s bugs). She is, quite literally, not the type that “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

(Incidentally, I am.)

We also saw a similar attitude towards the rats. Taylor just directed her swarm to perform a thorough local rat genocide, showing absolutely no mercy or compassion for the rats. And yes, there is a profession for people who do this kind of thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less disturbing when they do it.

“I’m not good with girls, mainly.“ Any thoughts on this line and its implications towards their friendship (and aborted romantic relationship)?

I actually almost brought this up before he said it. I didn’t really comment on this line because this was discussed back when their ship was pierced by a hundred cannon balls and sank faster than you could say “Swiss cheese”.

I do like that we got a little more elaboration on why, and how it tied back to Brian’s relationship with his father, with his father bringing him to gyms filled with macho-men to train but not really giving him much opportunity to interact with girls.

This mix of exposure to machoism and inexperience with girls also seems to have instilled some lowkey sexism in Brian, though not too much more than average, and not too prominent a part of his character. He respects women; he just has some conceptions about the differences between men and women that may not be entirely accurate. Most people do, really, I’m just saying it might be slightly more prominent than average for Brian.

Oh God, there’s this one Black Mirror episode, Shut Up And Dance, and you just made me imagine Lisa being in charge of a similar scheme.

*looks up the synopsis on Wikipedia*


Nineteen-year-old Kenny downloads an anti-malware program to fix his infected laptop. Unbeknownst to him, the program activates his laptop camera, which records him masturbating to internet porn. Hackers threaten to e-mail a video of his act to his entire contacts list, unless he follows their instructions. Another victim of the hackers gives Kenny a box with a cake inside, which he then has to deliver to Hector, a man being blackmailed over infidelity. Kenny and Hector get into an assigned car and drive to a bank, which they must rob using a gun hidden inside the cake. Kenny robs the bank and they drive to the drop-off point in a nearby wood. Kenny alone carries the money, as Hector leaves to destroy the car. In the wood, Kenny meets another man, who is being blackmailed for watching child pornography. The man explains to Kenny that they are to fight to the death and attacks him. Kenny manages to kill the man, but the hackers leak all the blackmail material of their victims anyway. Kenny receives a call from his crying mother, where it is revealed that he too was masturbating to child pornography. The police arrive at his location and apprehend him.

Huh. Well, that’s something, alright. Maybe I’d have to actually watch it to really appreciate it, but from the synopsis alone, it’s unclear which message is supposed to have most weight. Don’t watch child porn? Be careful what you install? It’s fun to pit bad people against each other with blackmail? Are the hackers supposed to be seen as the good guys of the episode?

Also, did the bank robbery have anything to do with anything? Was that just to make the police arrest Kenny, when they could have him arrested just for the child porn in the first place, which is what I assumed was happening until right before starting this sentence (not to mention the murder of the guy in the forest)? Or were the hackers using that to make their victims believe the hackers’ motives were monetary?

I should probably stop criticizing the narrative of an episode I haven’t seen of a show I haven’t seen (but have discussed and seen other episode synopses of).

But yeah, that sort of shenanigan seems like something Tattletale might enjoy doing, though I don’t think she’d make it a legit battle to the death sort of deal. She might make them think they had to battle to the death, but arrange for both to be arrested before they could do any real damage.

Also add the fact that this whole debaccle of her paying for stuff to everyone is basically by using blood money and the like from Coil’s enterprise. People tend to second guess where that sort of money comes from, specially if it comes from an unknown villain who shouldn’t have that much to give away to begin with. But apparently Taylor never considers or notices this

Yeah, that’s a good point. She was unwilling to use the dirty money from her Undersider gigs back when she was trying to be a hero, but now she’s spending Coil’s money left and right without even sparing the idea of dirty and/or blood money a single line of narration.

It is implied in Interlude 8b that much, maybe most, of Coil’s riches are actually clean – earned through using his power on business decisions – but Taylor wouldn’t know that, and some of it is definitely ill-gotten.

At least Taylor could rest assured that he’d probably still have gotten that money regardless of how much of it she spends (as long as she doesn’t spend so much that Coil is forced to increase his income), so even if it is blood money, Taylor not using it wouldn’t make much of a difference on that end, while if she does use it, she can make the best of it to make someone else’s life better.

[reblogging the ask about Black Mirror]


The hackers are the bad guys; one of the things Black Mirror consistently does well is plots about bad people being “punished” by sadistic justice-seekers where the message is that getting pent-up into a righteous fury is horrifying regardless of whether the targets “deserve it” in some sense.

Hm, interesting

and yeah, they could have gotten him to legal justice in a vastly simpler way, because that wasn’t the point at all; they were seeking entertainment with any justice involved as a thin ideological pretense
it’s actually really effectively done horror in that they never actually show the hackers, and watching the episode blind, you’re constantly trying to figure out their motivation, rather like someone caught up in their scheme would be trying to do
and the final answer to that question is “kind of because the victims are actually shitty people, but mostly because they think it’s funny”

Ah, I see
I’m not sure how well Kenny being shitty works as a twist with that, but it makes a little more sense this way

as someone who’s spent a lot of time in 4chan/anonymous culture, it’s actually a surprisingly realistic depiction of the kind of things they get up to :shrug:

Yeah, ew

if anything, the reveal about Kenny is somewhat misleading about the real-life equivalent of this
in that the victims being shitty people sometimes helps the hacker types to get interested, but they really don’t need that as an excuse
I think the episode would have worked perfectly fine without it :shrug:

Yeah, and like, this is part of why it seems unclear from the synopsis who we’re supposed to be rooting for at the end. Yes, flaws are well and good, but when “the POV character is shitty” is presented as an ending twist like that, you risk people interpreting you as saying “surprise, he deserved it, he’s the bad guy here” instead of taking it as a sign of moral grayness or motivation for the villains.
Maybe it’s clearer in the episode itself, though.

I think the synopsis kind of muddies it a bit and the presentation really helps; the ending twist is kind of two twists in rapid succession. One about Kenny’s motivations, but also a much heavier one about the hacker’s motivations – they were mostly in this for kicks. The second twist, which is more heavily stressed in the actual show, barely even comes across in the summary
honestly, the question isn’t nearly so much “who are we supposed to be rooting for” as “who are we supposed to be booing” :shrug:

Yeah, that’s fair

honestly I think the episode would work much better without the twist about Kenny for a variety of reasons but it’s still one of the best Black Mirror episodes and I don’t mean that as a knock on Black Mirror
there’s another Black Mirror episode, earlier in the show’s run, actually – wait, shit, no, actually two Black Mirror episodes earlier in the show’s run – which already did the “kinda bad person being tortured in a horribly disproportionate way by a bunch of sadists with a justice fetish” thing in a much more compelling and interesting way; Shut Up And Dance hits a lot harder on the point about the sadism enabled by anonymity, and really didn’t need to overcomplicate itself that way

[There was some further discussion about Black Mirror as a whole at this point, which I didn’t end up putting on the blog.]

By the way, I’m curious about the title of the episode

no, they do not play the song :stuck_out_tongue:


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