Between 12.2-12.3

I’m with the other people who said Gallant saw jealousy in Amy, I think the poor wording was specifically to mislead the reader. I mean, it still fits the situation pretty well. Also, pretty sure the stuff about his final thoughts as he died is WoG.

Oh yeah, if this was the case, the poor wording was intentional to mislead the reader. All I’m saying is it needs to make sense in-universe too – in other words, Gallant would need to have actually made that mistake in expressing himself, and then not corrected himself. That’s believable.

So ultimately it’s hard to tell, but I personally find “he misinterpreted what he was seeing because auras are vague and Amy’s distaste was born from love” far more interesting than “he just happened to misspeak, and not correct himself, in a way that was very convenient for misleading the reader”.

Either way, I can believe the WoG about Gallant’s dying thoughts. He was clearly concerned about Amy’s situation. In Interlude 3, they seemed like close friends, and while it turns out Amy was secretly hiding a distaste for him due to jealousy, I’d like to think that was quite genuine from his side. He seemed like a very genuine guy overall.


I just reread the bit and noticed something that invalidates my entire argument.

Based on the way a previous ask quoted it [here], I’ve been talking about how there’s a difference between having feelings for someone versus about someone and how it would be a mistake to say the former when you mean the latter, but looking back at the original text, he doesn’t say either. He says towards [here], which is closer to “about” than to “for” in function.

Fair enough! I guess he did mean her distaste, then, as reflected when he subsequently suggested that Amy probably wouldn’t want to talk about it [still here] with him.

Squealer is not an Ork.

…are you sure?

(#i’m not sure what prompted this one
#if it’s a reference to anything besides the troll-like creatures or the beings from lotr
#i don’t get it #sorry)

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