Between 3.3-3.4


Regarding sore thumbs, my interpretation is that if you thumb is sore keeping it extended might be more comfortable than bending it.

Hm, yeah, that makes sense.

Never thought it matters before reading your liveblog, but it is interesting to see the perspective of someone from really small town. I also realized that my own perspective on Brockton Bay is somewhat unusual, since I live in one of the biggest cities in the world, with population of more than 10 millions, and Brockton Bay feels small to me.

Hey, guess what:

Ten million

is more than twice the population

of my country.

But yeah, it’s kinda interesting how different the perspectives can be depending on where you’re from!

Krix, I’ve been wondering: what was/is your view of other superhero related works? Not asking something in-depth, just interested to know what feeling you started Worm with.

I’m not super into superhero works, no pun intended, but I tend to find them enjoyable when I do watch/read/consume them. My favorite part is usually when a new hero is just in the process of finding out how their power works and messing around with it.

When I first started Worm, I didn’t actually know I was going into a superhero work at all. With how 1.1 had been going so far (kinda got off on the wrong foot with the story at first, if you’ll recall), it came as a highly pleasant surprise to me. 🙂

Now, I already asked another liveblogger this, but let’s see what YOU think of it: the bank robbery was Lisa’s idea. You’re with me on this, yes? Well, what if SHE wantes to do it for something more than the money they’ll gather? What if there was something more, something personal that she wants or needs, and THAT’S the reason why she wants to rob that bank. Do you think it’s possible that our dear, little, innocent Tattletale is planning things behind the Undersider’s back?

On the outside, it seemed as if she wanted to do it because it would be a fun way to introduce the new member to their missions, but you could be right here. If there’s anyone in the Undersiders whom I’d believe to have significant secrets, other than the boss and Taylor, it would be Lisa.

She knows things, certainly doesn’t share everything (though who can blame her for that), and has already been shown to keep things from the others – like what she wrote about Taylor being in the library or the identity of the boss. She also has a soft smile as her default expression, which makes for an excellent poker face.

And she seems pretty cunning, too. So yeah, if anyone’s hiding something like that, it’s probably her.

I don’t think I have evidence to say confidently yes or no on whether she is personally planning something yet, but on whether it’s possible? Hell yes.


The phase “stick out your thumb” refers to the classic hitchhiker “thumbs up” gesture. If you ever catch your thumb in a door or hit it with a hammer or something bad enough, it swells up and you’ll be unable to bend it, resulting in it “sticking out” until the swelling goes down.

Be careful around roads and spaceships, then, so you don’t accidentally hitchhike to Rome or Proxima Centauri!

Is it possible to have the various chapters accessible through a table of contents? It’ll be tiring in the future [censored] to find some of the hottest moments in the story on Krix’s liveblog.

I’ll see what I can do!

I know it’s possible, I’ve just never personally used the feature I need to do it. It should be simple, though. 🙂

(Now, I can’t guarantee that I’ll remember to update the ToC after each chapter. You may have to remind me if I forget it for too many chapters in a row.)

The blog now has a Tebble of Constants! Complete with short title-like descriptions to help you locate the right chapter. 🙂

[These titles are the ones used in the chapter post headers. I will also be setting up a new Tebble of Constants here on the new site.]

So hey, I just started reading the archive of @journeysintowebcomics’s Homestuck liveblog, and noticed a link in the header that says “Worm liveblog”. Nick wouldn’t happen to be that other liveblogger some of you guys have been mentioning in my asks occasionally?

(Don’t worry, I won’t be following him or clicking that Worm liveblog link.)

I’ve been informed that he is. Nice!

The silly thing is, I wasn’t originally going for Nick’s liveblog. I saw people talking about @duckgetsstuck, a Homestuck liveblogger who’s been neck and neck with @mindareadsoots (for whom I screen asks) for a while, but I mixed up the blogs and went to Nick, only to discover that he’s the liveblogger who’s been neck and neck with me.

(Although he’s currently pulling ahead because my rate is heavily lowered by the final stretch of school.)

Just wanted to let you know, Krix, that all the chapters of Worm were written in the same day they were published, sometimes completed even 10 minutes before uploading.

Huh. That’s actually quite impressive!

[And that’s how I reacted even before the chapters grew over twice as long.]

I think the most “famous” liveblog was from a guy named Doctor_Mod. At least, that’s the only one I’ve heard of besides yours. It’s been complete for some time now.

Nice! Good job to Doctor_Mod for getting through the entire text! This story has about twice the word count of Homestuck, and I haven’t seen a lot of completed liveblogs of that… Some of the oldest Homestuck liveblogs did catch up along the way, though.

Wait a sec… So you want to tell me, Krix… That here on the ask’s blog there’s something from Zephyr’s… You’re the asker of Minda yourself… And you now stumbled upon Nick’s… Is the world of liveblogging really THAT small?

Yes. Yes it is.

Just as an illustration: Loreweaver knows LOBAC. Homesception liveblogs LOBAC and was one of Lore’s early ask screeners. Minda is a long-time friend of Loreweaver and one of his current ask screeners. (I found out Lore was a liveblogger via reblogs to Minda’s blog.) Eventually Lore set up a Discord server, which put me in much closer contact with both Minda and Lore, which probably contributed to Minda ultimately agreeing to me being his screener. These days I am also a mod on this server, and so is Minda.

Lore later found out about a new liveblogger called Silver, who soon set up his own Discord server. The Discord bug spread to more and more livebloggers (Pony, Zephyr, Lasbear, Rex, Minda…), and the overlap in membership between the liveblog servers I am or have been a member of is pretty big. On top of this, being involved in the liveblog community like that has a tendency to inspire people to start their own liveblogs, which I suppose includes this one. It also includes people like Wyblogger, Digamma (who’s been a wellspring of background information for many SU bloggers), Alma, and more.

The world of liveblogging is very interconnected, and that becomes a lot clearer once Discord gets involved.

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