Between 6.4-6.5


Hey Krixwell, I’ve been meaning to start a liveblog of my own, going to read Pact, by the same author, but I never quite POST on tumblr so I don’t really know how all the tags and chrono options and stuff work, do you think you could tell me all the stuff that you use to organize your posts, like, do you use any extensions or tools that help you out?

Hm, let’s see…

Tumblr lets you put a number of tags on each post. These can be basically anything you want, though commas don’t work and I think hyphens might mess with linking to the tags (not sure) because the urls use hyphens instead of spaces. Tags are not case sensitive.

All posts that have a certain tag can be read on http://(blog-url), but this shows the newest posts first, so what you need to do is stick /chrono at the end. So for example, the chrono link for the chapter I just did is

Unfortunately you can’t just stick /chrono on the blog itself, so if you want the entire blog to be readable chronologically, you’ll need at least one tag that’s constant on all relevant posts. For me that’s #krixwell liveblogs, and also #worm. I have both so that if I one day start liveblogging something else, the former can remain the universal tag while the latter only covers Worm content.

When tagging a post, it’s worth remembering that Tumblr looks for the first five tags when deciding what will show up on the general page for the tag ( without a blog url). This means you’ll want to keep tags meant to attract readers within the first five. For me that’s #parahumans, which I only stick on the start and end posts. (With larger fandoms you’ll generally want to stick one such tag on every post. Might as well make it the overarching chrono tag while you’re at it.)

[I think the previous paragraph is outdated and Tumblr now tracks the first thirty tags.]

(This is why I would previously stick a #. in the tags on occasion. Sometimes I would want to put in a tag but not have the post show up on that tag’s general page, so I’d add a useless tag to push it out of the five-tag window.)

As for extensions and tools, there are such tools out there, generally accessed via the XKit extension. I don’t actually use those, primarily because I’m no longer using a browser that supports XKit, but they can be very handy.

I hope this cleared up a few things! 🙂

let’s get it started, eh, let’s get it started in here

Yes, let’s!

But don’t get me staarted on getting staarted.

Love your chapter titles in the Tebble! And it is hilarious that you picked “mucho cred” as the highlight of 2.5, because those words (which are not repeated anywhere else through the story) have become part of a meme in the fandom. (Unfortunately the full meme includes spoilery material that cannot be shared yet.)

Ahaha, awesome. 😀


Just wanted to speak out a bit for Aisha. She’s not quite as bad as your first impression seems to be. I mean yes, she’s reckless, aggressive, antagonistic, and a bit crazy… but she’s also intelligent and cares about her brother. She’s smart enough to figure out brian’s powers/identity, and she didn’t actually yell loud enough to give anything away. And shes totally spot on about Taylor too, not just by chance. There really is no reason for Brian to be hanging out with Taylor otherwise.

Yeah, true. I don’t actually think she’s a bad person, but she is quite reckless. If she had happened to be wrong (which despite your claim at the end of the ask was a real risk – Brian could easily have decided to befriend someone outside the Undersiders for all Aisha knew), she would’ve potentially caused a lot of trouble for Brian, and possibly Taylor too.

The Undersiders have always been a little less consistent with cape names/civilian names when it comes to Rachel. She doesn’t really have a secret identity, so there’s no reason to really care which name you use when. If you accidentally call her Rachel during a fight, it doesn’t really matter. This definitely isn’t the first time it’s come up. If you look back at some of the old chapters, I’d guess most, if not all, of the Undersiders have mixed up her names at some point.

Oh yeah, that’s a good point.

Apparently it’s New Liveblog Day. Counting thats-rough-buddy’s upcoming Pact liveblog, mentioned in the ask about tags and such, that’s three brand new liveblogs I’ve heard of today alone!

The other two are @ragsliveblogs (The Adventure Zone) and @eoliveblogsneokosmos (Neokosmos). Go check them out if you’re interested!

By the way, I found out about the latter two by virtue of both of them being on Minda’s Discord server. The world of liveblogging remains “THAT small” [here].


Could you share your thoughts and speculations about the boss? What is his goals, plans, and personality? Wildbow had given us a lot of info at this point.

Let’s see… He’s rich as fuck, fairly easy-going and willing to work with the Undersiders flexibly. He’s also got plans involving the public humiliation of the Protectorate – which might be his main goal – but further than that, I have little to no clue.

I don’t think he’s likely to be a character we’ve already met. Pretty much the only (villain) character I could think of up until I started writing this who’d probably fit the “rich as fuck” criterion would be Kaiser, which makes no sense beyond that.

But on the other hand, it just occurred to me that there isone character we know who would be rich as fuck, seemingly easy-going, and have sneaky plans that are never quite clear until they’re successful…


With the War of the Docks breaking out, he’d have his hands full with his main team, but it doesn’t take that much time to contact the Undersiders and ask them to do this mission.

So yeah, I’m not quite sold on it yet, but if the Boss is a character we already know, Coil seems like the most likely option.

…Oh! I almost forgot about Interlude 4. Assuming the scentless man was the Boss, he’s also relatively caring, perhaps particularly for Rachel. Coil didn’t give the impression of an especially caring man, but I wouldn’t consider it in direct contradiction with what we know of him.

I suppose there are a few more people around who would be rich as fuck. Faultline, for instance, though she’s disqualified by being female.

And then I also arbitrarily limited it to villains… I think I jokingly suggested once that Armsmaster might be the Boss. He’s likely rich as fuck too, but like Kaiser, not much else fits.

Rich as fuck, by the way, is a very technical and scientific term.

I was scrolling through the new posts, and since that’s not in chronological order, I was totally weirded out by you saying Faultline is disqualified from being rich as fuck for being female, haha.

Ahaha, yeah, I suppose that would sound strange out of context. 😛


Just read a fic where Kaiser insists that because Purity got badly beaten by Lung and Oni Lee (a fight which was mentioned in Kayden’s interlude), she’s in no condition to take care of Aster. In the same breath, he refuses her the services of the healer the Empire recruited earlier in the fic because she’s not a member of the Empire. My first reaction was, “As Krixwell would say, ‘Fuck You, Max’.” (The situation was resolved when Theo volunteered to take care of Kayden and Aster.)

Sheesh… that certainly does sound like a very appropriate time to say “Fuck you, Max”.

(Then again, when isn’t?)

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