Between I4-5.1

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The people have spoken: I’m leaving the blog’s theme as it is. Thank you for the input!

FYI, mid-arc interludes are usually donation bonuses, so they’re rarely going to be part of the main story, though if course they might tie into the main story.

Ahh, makes sense. That explains the “(Bonus)” bit in 3½’s title.

Which groups (besides the Undersiders) are you expecting to suffer the most from the upcoming ABB offensive?

Civilians, and I suppose rival gangs. We’ve seen some of it already: Bombs all over the city, first seemingly indiscriminately or targeting public venues, then targeting locations frequented by other gangs.

But most of all, I think the ABB members themselves will suffer – but I mean specifically those forced into it, like all the civilian “soldiers” in 4.7-4.8. People like the old man and his daughter.

That said, Lung’s escape throws a few spanners into my theorizing, as those thoughts are based on Bakuda’s behavior, not his. It will be interesting to see how much influence she’ll have on the ABB’s tactics going forward, and how Lung handles the massively increased power his gang now has.

TBH, I think most of the fandom considers Taylor to be bisexual, despite her claims that she’s straight. The most popular ships for Taylor seem to be Lisa, Brian and Amy.

Ooh, Taylor/Amy… I hadn’t considered that one, but I bet it could lead to a lot of interesting stories. They do have a fair bit in common, too.

I’m still Taylor/Brian trash, but when I finish the story, I’ll probably want to read some Taylor/Amy fanfics too.

Do you find it weird that Über and Leet’s powers are too good for the losers they are? I mean, “get any skill” sounds like a Batman-level power, while “build any device once” can be used for million different things.

I mean, it seems fair to me that not everyone can be competent with their powers, no matter how good the powers themselves are.

(That said, I can’t say I’m not a little bit disappointed that I was wrong about the two just pretending to be losers for their audience’s entertainment.)


Yesss I’m so happy. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Krixwell reading the Brutus interlude since I heard he was liveblogging it. I love that chapter, and I knew Krixwell would too, and I’m so glad he enjoyed it as much as he did!

It was so much fun!




(#i can’t listen to anything atm but once i get back to my headphones i’m putting it on)


Why do you think Rachel, someone who we have known to come out explosively in situations that offend her (Taylor getting in the group, someone walking with a clothed dog on their arms) suddenly decide to give someone a valuable moral lesson, albeit in her own Bitch-y way, while chillingly calm?

Hmm… I think… it might’ve been because of the little girl. Rachel may not have wanted to scare the girl more than necessary to drive the point in to the mother.

After all, she didn’t seem to blame the girl at all, and I don’t think Rachel would want the girl to stop liking dogs – she just wanted the mom to take responsibility and keep the girl from bothering them (and potentially getting attacked).

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