Between 5.7-5.8


Very good that you note that when asked if they were illusions Labyrinth shook her head. Funny how rereading with you I can see the different interpretations, I mean, yes, Oni could’ve just tried to teleport atop of one of the moving parts, but the first time through I actually read it as if he had been standing in one of the squares that suddenly lifted him off the ground.

The thing is, Labyrinth denied it being hallucinations. There’s a slight difference between that and illusions, especially illusions with a sort of fake solidity to them.

That said, it seems like it was neither. Not sure what to really call it. I suppose there was actual warping going on, like with Vista’s space shenanigans. What’s really weird about it, though, is how Labyrinth turned it invisible for Taylor. It’s no wonder that prompted Taylor to consider the hallucination option.

But yeah, at the time, I interpreted Oni appearing five feet in the air and falling down as him having teleported to the top of a static pillar that wasn’t actually solid. I suppose teleporting to a moving pillar could get him to fall down too, although he’d already shown a great ability to adjust to the conditions he was teleporting to, when he teleported onto the back of a hellhound.

Long story short, Labyrinth’s power is confusing, and that’s probably part of the point.

“Also, it kind of sounds like he might need line of sight to teleport. Good to know. If that’s the case, then his weakness is being blinded, perhaps via a fuckton of insects covering his mask, or even just the pepper spray Taylor keeps in her costume.” Shame they don’t have Grue here, cause he’s probably the reason the Undersiders drove off Oni Lee in Gestation.

Huh, yeah, that’s a good point! That makes it an even clearer case of Oni recognizing when he’s at a disadvantage.

That sniper is the answer to “where the hell are the normies while caps duke it out?”. They’re shooting them in the heart and kneecaps.

And doing an excellent job at it!

[after I’d delayed a couple of sessions due to getting my wisdom tooth removed]

Hey…? Hey Krix…? I was just joking when I said “delay the Lung fight”, you can stop scaring me now. (Jk take all the time you need. Fun fact: wisdom teeth are called “teeth if judgement” (translated, of course) in my native language. It always made me uneasy to call them that.)


Do we need to send Panacea your way?

Hehe, thank you, but no need to worry. The pain is getting milder by the day, and right now I barely feel it even though it’s been almost 11 hours since the last painkiller.

I’m definitely planning to liveblog today. 🙂

It would’ve been fun to start a liveblog with “Let’s see how this goes now that I’m only half as wise as I used to be,” but I already did 5.6 and 5.7 after the removal of my wisdom tooth… I wish I thought of that line earlier.

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