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I didn’t follow that stuff, didn’t buy into the hero worship. I’d always found the capes interesting, I’d followed the non-gossipy news about them, but with the exception of a phase around the time I was nine where I’d had an Alexandria t-shirt and had my mom help me find pictures of her online, I had never really got giddy over any particular hero.

There had better be fanart of giddy nine-year-old Taylor in an Alexandria t-shirt.

I mean, I suppose it’d be spoilery until I get a physical description of Alexandria, assuming I will. But it had better exist out there.

[By Kel.]


hell yes

hell fucking yes

Look at this cutie, having fun with her heroes! Kel, you have no idea how happy seeing this makes me! 😀

Thank you so much!


[As of the migration, over a year later, this remains one of my favorite pieces of art I’ve received via the blog. It’s been my phone wallpaper for a while.


Lonsheep is the source of a lot of the fanart being shown, actually. He did a Worm fanfiction called Tabloid, which at the end of each chapter, he would post another piece of artwork. Hm.. I refrained from sending any Leviathan art so far because I thought you’d be.. *Flooded*, in it.


And now I’m imagining Leviathan, except with every movement loads of amazing Worm fanart drops out of the air behind him instead of water. Watch out for paper cuts!

even if it is a blade and not a appear, chevalier’s weapon always reminds me of monster hunter’s gunlances

That looks pretty neat!


Sandara makes /ridiculously/ fantastic Endbringer art. I can’t wait for you to see the others. The Simurgh is my fav of her pieces.

Her Leviathan piece [here, bottom] was certainly epic – I’m very much looking forward to the other two!

[As of the migration, I’ve fairly recently received her Behemoth piece, yet this ask is still teasing me with the awesomeness of the third installment. Sandara’s art, in general, also qualifies as some of my favorites.]

“Doesn’t quantum entanglement already (seem to?) violate locality?” Not necessarily, because the information on the two measurements still has to be transmitted classically. You can think of the entire experimental setup as being part of the wavefunction (a la Schrödinger’s cat) that doesn’t collapse until the two results are brought together in a single location.

I’m not sure I fully understand this, but it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.

That said, I looked a bit more at the Wikipedia page for the principle of locality and noticed this paragraph:

In 1935 Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen in their EPR paradox theorised that quantum mechanics might not be a local theory, because a measurement made on one of a pair of separated but entangled particles causes a simultaneous effect, the collapse of the wave function, in the remote particle (i.e. an effect exceeding the speed of light). But because of the probabilistic nature of wave function collapse, this violation of locality cannot be used to transmit information faster than light. In 1964 John Stewart Bell formulated the “Bell inequality”, which, if violated in actual experiments, implies that quantum mechanics violates either locality or realism, another principle which relates to the value of unmeasured quantities. The two principles are commonly referred to as a single principle, local realism.

So it kind of sounds like the issue of entanglement is exactly what lead to the thing about local realism being formulated?

*looks a little deeper into Bell’s theorem*

No physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics.

Ah, there we have the original thing that drove us down this rabbit hole.

Anyway, I admit I’m not strong on quantum mechanics, and this is clearly something people much smarter than me have been discussing for decades, so they probably know what’s up, though it doesn’t make sense to me to (as the case seems to be based on the previous ask on this issue) assume that locality is a thing just because it’s convenient for our scientific methods that it is, especially if it stops us from looking into more solid causes for quantum behavior.

“Y’know, I was just beginning to think that maybe the Undersiders were off-limits for Interlude POVs, but nope.” Notice that only happened when Taylor left the team, though.

That… is a very good point.

Another nice theme for leviathan’s fight would be apocalypse aquarius. from FF15

Oh yeah, this is pretty good! Certainly captures the athmosphere of the battle.

Based on the title, I’d imagine the cast of FF XV also runs into issues with a water-based enemy, probably the final boss?

John de Lancie reading The Raven over top of Apocalypsis Aquarius turned out more fitting than I expected.

Man, going to the doctor must be annoying for the leader of the ABB. It doesn’t matter what he contracts, the doctor always says it’s a Lung disease.

(#ba dum tsh)


I have heard that Worm is really good but I tried and stopped maybe three sections in because it had this…. bleak dark tone? Kinda. I have read some Worm fanfic where Taylor has various Abnormal Powers that don’t come from the shards or whatchamacallit

This mention of powers coming from “shards or whatchamacallit” may have been a spoiler, so I guess I should put this here.

As usual with spoilers, I’m gonna refrain from speculating on it too much, lest I make the crack bigger, but it does make me think of that piece of Karahindiba that came down onto Hana during her encounter with the being.

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