Bonus: Godzilla (1998)

[This was not planned. I just made the first post… and then another… and then another… and then suddenly I had a complete semi-liveblog of Godzilla (1998) on my blog. Whoops. Its spontaneous and TV-bound nature also means there aren’t screenshots for context.]

So a couple weeks ago I spotted a Godzilla movie (specifically Godzilla (1998)) in the TV program guide. Due to the then-ongoing Leviathan fight and my then-recent realization that Levvy was essentially a miniature kaiju, I set it to record.

You can probably tell where this is going: I’m currently watching it.

By the way, shortly after I started writing this post, the main non-kaiju character was referred to as “the worm guy”.

Headcanon: “the worm guy” is Wildbow.

So far, Godzilla’s behavior has been very reminiscent of Leviathan. Also, it’s been non-stop rainy/stormy pretty much everywhere we’ve looked, especially wherever Godzilla was.

Oh, and this one has Godzilla hitting New York, so we’re even roughly in the same region.

Just a giant hole

through a building

and it was still standing

talk about solid architecture.

Okay, Wildbow, that makes sense but are you sure you want to lure the giant deadly monster to you?

Aaand we’ve got a road cracking open. Might be time to get moving when you find yourself standing on top of that.

Huh. Looks like Godzilla is less of an indiscriminate killer than Leviathan, at least.

“We’re gonna need bigger guns.”

Looks like Godzilla, like Leviathan, is smarter than he looks.

What a place to meet up with your old flame – while he’s buying every pregnancy test the pharmacy has to offer.

Whiiiich he just used to determine that Godzilla is apparently pragnent?

(#no typos here)

how is eggy formed?

how zill get pragnent?

(#it’s an old meme but a good one)

Hah, nice, an in-story explanation for why it’s Godzilla rather than Gojira… the incompetence of the reporter first presenting the name to the public.

…so what does French Secret Service have to do with anything? Why did they wire the mayor (I think it was the mayor?) earlier?

“Animal” might be reckless, but I like the way he thinks. Time to go filming as Wildbow saves the day.

o hai

Godzilla seems to actually be mostly peaceful unless attacked.

…I wonder if that might be a product of the Cold War that took place between the original Godzilla (1954) and this one.

Looks like Godzilla can give ostriches a run for their money when it comes to eggs.


Many babzilla!

Yeeah, Animal, Audrey, it’s time to get outta here.

Are all the French people in this movie named Jean-something?

There’s more comedy in this movie than I was expecting (though never to such an extent that it breaks the overall mood and tension). I appreciate that.

Madison Square Garden IV was never near Madison Square nor a Garden, but now it’s definitely neither.

Daddy/Mommy’s home. Rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated.

The rumors of its children’s deaths were not, though, and it’s not exactly happy.

Nice use of Chekhov’s light sensitivity to get out of the tunnel.

There’s a lot of nice thinking on Wildbow’s part here.

Godzilla deceased, CD-6.

Are all the French people in this movie named Jean-something?

Ah, right, the main French guy was called Philippe.

Probably short for Jean-Philippe.

*credits roll*

I WAS JOKING! No, wait, that was one of the other ones.

End of Godzilla (1998)

And that concludes tonight’s impromptu real-time liveblog of Godzilla (1998).

I thought it was a decent movie, though apparently, according to Wikipedia,

The film swept the Golden Raspberry Awards in 1999, with two “wins” for Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Supporting Actress and was nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director, and Worst Screenplay. Planned sequels were abandoned and an animated series was produced instead.

…but keep in mind this is my first time watching a Godzilla movie.

I also feel it’s worth noting that it reminded me somewhat of Jurassic Park, especially during the parts where the main antagonists were a horde of Babzillas, who acted a lot like JP’s raptors and were about the same size. I was also reminded of Stranger Things 2 for similar reasons.

Anyway, tomorrow we return to your regularly allegedly-unscheduled Worm liveblog with Extermination 8.8. See you then!

One thought on “Bonus: Godzilla (1998)

  1. the ending stinger showing one of the babies survived leads into the animated series of all things, which is considered to be much mroe faithful to the general feel of the original japanese movies.


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