Between 8.7-8.8

Now that you’re posting the transcripts of asks, you don’t need to post the screenshot too. Having the image there too doesn’t actually add anything to the post.

Yeah, that’s fair. I was kind of thinking the same thing. Besides, not having the screenshots significantly lightens Sharks’ workload.

Re post 168086238194 [here]: Now that we’ve established you guessed wrong, I guess it’s okay to point out that your logic was kinda bad here. In the middle of a battle, the important thing to know is which of your allies are no longer in a condition to fight. Figuring out which ones are dead, and which ones are merely hurt is something that can wait until after the fight. Also, if losses meant the same thing as deceased, why wouldn’t the armbands just say deceased?

Yeah, I suppose you’re right.

(Once again the intelligence trophy goes to Taylor and you guys rather than me :P)

Man, can you imagine what would have happened if Taylor had actually accepted Armsmaster’s offer to join the Wards back in Arc 1? “Hi Taylor, welcome to the team. This is your new teammate Sophia.” Taylor: “… WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?”

Ahaha, yeah! I can’t help but imagine Taylor walking in the door to the Ward HQ, seeing Sophia, and turning right around on the spot with “NOPE” written all over her face. 😛

I’m sure there have been written some really good fanfics about this.

Do you agree with me that Armsmaster would have made a BETTER supervillain than superhero? I mean, he doesn’t seem very heroic in everything he did lately.

Yeah, probably. It’s worth noting he had less than ten minutes to come up with his villainous plan for how to get a one-on-one battle with Levvy – he couldn’t have predicted that they’d get that break. At least not with any certainty.

Also, he certainly has the villainous confession when caught down.

Kaiser’s ghost: *glares at Armmaster*

I’m Batman.

Sharks just brought this to my attention… what a beiuet.

It kind of reminds me of Interlude 2 [here] for some reason.

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