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Tumblr is very functional

Ahaha, good job, Tumblr.

(#it’s not like this in the mobile app on my end #might be an ios thing?)

I should have known there’d be something interesting as soon as you said the next update was Sunday. Also, Happy Easter!


Happy Easter Fools’ 😉

Hm… Trigger warning? I know Worm has a trigger warning: all disclaimer, but I’d assume most people that read your blog have read Worm and are somewhat prepared for any upsetting scenes. This April Fool’s violence took me by surprise.

Yeeah… there was a reason like half the chapter had the “#tw: gore” tag, but just reading along, that’s not going to help that much, is it. Cupcakes is quite brutal even by Worm standards, and I’m sorry for just dropping that on you like that.

I should probably add a warning retroactively.

“A few seasons later, we learned that Pinkie Pie canonically does have a secret basement under Sugarcube Corner.” Does that mean the writers might have read that fanfic?

Absolutely. The writers of MLP:FiM are very aware of what goes on in the fandom and regularly make nods to it. Hell, the 100th episode, “Slice of Life”, is basically Canonized Fanon: The Episode, a wild ride that celebrates the fandom and the background ponies it has given so much love to.

And then later on there’s “Fame and Misfortune”, by the same writer [note: I have since learned that the writer has disowned this episode because it’s not the story he wanted to write – “If you want to know how I feel about the fandom, go watch Slice of Life.”], in which the Mane Six publish a book about their adventures and everything they’ve learned in the hopes of helping young ponies learn about friendship, only to have the ponies who read it create uproars for all the wrong reasons – flanderizing Pinkie Pie to the point of laughing at everything she says or does, trying to join Applejack’s family, ripping Twilight’s lessons because Rainbow Dash’s are cooler, generally criticizing everything as if it were fictional (”it’s not believable that you would be friends”)… In the end, nothing was resolved (even after this song), but the Mane Six found out they had genuinely helped a few young ponies, and they were happy with that.

Now if that’s not fandom commentary, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, to bring it back to the original question – Pinkie’s secret basement is used for party planning and doesn’t look anything like the place in Cupcakes, for obvious reasons, but yes, I’m 98% sure it was still a reference.

you know, recently on the subreddit there was a thread about suggesting characters from other works for the Slaughterhouse Nine, and I didn’t ultimately post her, but I think Pinkie might have actually crossed my mind. I did post Star Butterfly, though, among others 😀 (obviously no link cuz spoilers)

Hah, nice!

Star’s an interesting choice. I haven’t seen all that much Star (something like six episodes at the beginning of season 1, I think), but I could see her recklessness and cheerful attitude being twisted into the sort of “violence for fun” approach the Slaughterhouse Nine seem to tend towards.

Krixwell, you madman. I’m pretty sure you just chose to use ponies to make that Weymouth joke [here, search “Weymouth”]. Oh, and random fact- the term “grimdark” actually originates with Warhammer. “In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.”

Pfft! Nah, that one just came to me on the spot. 😛

(Hm, maybe it would’ve been called Weymuzzle Mall?)

The actual reason I chose to use ponies was that I realized how well Cupcakes fits in with these Interludes. We meet a brutally violent, somewhat deranged person who has fun doing what she does, and we get to know this person through a separate POV character.

I had already decided on this by the time I read the last part of Interlude 11c, so I was quite pleased to learn about the female newbie in the Slaughterhouse Nine – it couldn’t have been more perfect for my plans.

(By the way, “you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth” is actually an expression in Equestria, being used as the moral of an episode. Considering the meaning of “gift horse”, that has some dark implications that I’m not sure the writers considered.)

I was expecting you to stop reading ‘Cupcakes’ after every post… then I realized what day it was. RIP me, hah.

Mwahaha >;)

You jest, but I would rather suffer Dash’s fate than let the Nine get their hands on me.

I suppose at least Dash had the fact that Pinkie wasn’t actively trying to hurt her.

I mean, she wasn’t trying to not hurt her while literally tearing her apart, but to Pinkie, it was all just doing her job of making cupcakes while hanging out with her friend. There wasn’t malice, as stupid as that sounds while talking about these actions.

Their is an artwork of the Slaughterhouse 9 in which they are ponified, I’ll send it and other art to you once you get good descriptions of all the S9.

That sounds like fun! I’ll be looking forward to that 🙂

Oh man I loved your reaction to the everybody-was-actually-a-pony reveal

Oh yeah, the pony thing came so out of left field. Wildbow sure knows how to keep the audience on the tip of their hooves. 😉

So, have you heard of the Music Meister from an episode of Batman: the Brave and the Bold? His origin sounds like something that could happen in Worm. “Bullies used to pick on me because I sang in Choir. But something very strange occurred when I kept singing higher. The ruffians around me quickly fell into a trance. And it was then with wicked glee I made those puppets dance.” He sang it. He controls people with his singing and makes them sing and dance while doing stuff for him.

Oh, nice. That really does sound like a good trigger event for a siren power similar to Canary’s (but stronger, by the sound of it).

Given your theory about powers being naive attempts at helping by the dandelions, have you come up with any theories about what some characters trigger events might have been? Lisa, Imp, one of the heroes maybe?

I think there’s a good chance Lisa’s trigger event would involve a moment of intense uncertainty, and maybe someone – perhaps a parent – who would regularly belittle her intelligence. I think there’s a reason Lisa is so averse to being called stupid.

Aisha’s power is… actually a lot like Grue’s. It’s good for hiding. And considering she showed up as a cape shortly after Extermination, it’s not hard to think of something she might’ve felt an intense need to hide from, to the point that the Dandelions decided to help out.

As for the heroes… Maybe Vista’s trigger event involved getting stuck in a really small space, much like Taylor? Something like that?

This theory doesn’t quite seem to fit everything, so I’m not sure how accurate it is – it seems especially hard to explain tinkers. But maybe that’s just me lacking imagination or understanding of the dandelions’ worldview? For instance, I don’t know what sort of situation would cause them to give Armmaster the ability to make technology smaller, or Leet the ability to make anything once, but that doesn’t necessarily mean such situations didn’t happen.

You said when you started that Worm is frequently recommended to livebloggers as future liveblog material. What other things are frequent recommendations? I want to try liveblogging something but I have no idea how to start or what to start with.

Well, for some examples, here’s Minda’s list of things he’s been suggested to liveblog. I can’t personally vouch for the quality or liveblog-friendliness of most of these things, though.

A couple notes:

  • Paradox Space is a Homestuck spin-off consisting of short stories that may or may not have happened in Homestuck’s setting. It’s not suitable for liveblogging without having read most of Homestuck already.
  • The Meek is good, but unfortunately quite short for now.
  • Out of the works here I’m actually familiar with myself, Gunnerkrigg Court is probably the one that is best suited for liveblogging. I should probably reread and catch up with that, actually.
  • I’m not super familiar with Girl Genius, but from what I do know, it seems like it might be liveblog-friendly too.
  • Cucumber Quest is very cute and funny if that’s what you’re in for.
  • It’s not on the list, but I also seem to see Ava’s Demon requested a lot.
  • El Goonish Shive is not on the list because Minda’s read it, but I’d like to recommend it myself.

This list is mainly for webcomics, since that’s what Minda liveblogs for the most part, but you can liveblog any medium. If you’re willing to pause and rewind a lot for the screenshots you want, you could go for something animated, for example:

  • Steven Universe is good for liveblogs if you haven’t seen that, though it’s not as frequently suggested because there’s already a whole bunch of liveblogs of it.
  • If you’re up for anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is also fantastic, but short.
  • Gravity Falls is very good and quite liveblog-friendly. If you’re unsure how long you’ll keep going, it’s also a quite manageable length, at 40 22-minute episodes.
  • RWBY ain’t bad either.
  • I haven’t seen all that much Avatar: The Last Airbender, but what I’ve seen seems highly liveblog-friendly, and it seems to have nearly universal acclaim.

In general, you can liveblog just about anything (though you’ll need to adjust your blog format to the medium), but it’s generally more interesting if it has some degree of continuity over time, rather than being episodic.

Whatever you end up choosing, I wish you the best of luck! Feel free to ask if you need more tips. 🙂

burnscar is a good exemple of “power that ruins your life no matter what you do once you get it”. You use it one time and everything starts to go wrong

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

And I think there’s evidence to suggest that the powers generally compel you on some level to use them, especially during the trigger event, so not playing is hard.

Any speculations about the power of the new member? You know she can track people from Burnscar’s description, but what form do you think that takes?

Hm. If not for the Slaughterhouse affiliation, the idea of teleporting to someone no matter where they are would be a neat way to have this, but most likely it’s something more violent. What I just described but with automatic telefrag (i.e. teleporting into people wherever they are) sounds a bit less like “finding people”…

I don’t know. Whatever it is, it sounds like distance is hardly an issue, so I doubt it’s something like smelling blood, but I’m running out of ideas.

Actually, we were told who Jack’s nominee was: Oni Lee. Whether or not there’s a second nomination from Jack– well, RAFO (Read And Find Out). Speaking of Oni Lee, yeah, it was one of the Coilders who shot out his knee in Hive (specifically, the injured memetic badass sniper, with Skitter spotting).


“neither Jack’s nor Mimi’s chapters ended up actually telling us.” Well, they told us who the nominees were *supposed* to be: Oni Lee and Labyrinth. It’s just neither of them worked out. It remains to be seen if they’re going to find new candidates on the fly or if they’re simply out of the running.

Yeah, when I wrote that, I was specifically discounting Oni Lee because Jack didn’t end up actually presenting him to the others as his nominee, meaning Jack still has the opportunity to find an official one.

And Burnscar didn’t even get around to asking before it became clear to her that Labyrinth didn’t see her the way she saw Labyrinth.

Sharks: There’s a few “get better soon” notes! ❤

Thank you to everyone who sent these!

I’m currently feeling great, except for the cough that still hasn’t gone away. The medicine did wonders. 🙂

[reblog of the “Tumblr is very functional” post above]

“#it’s not like this in the mobile app on my end #might be an ios thing”

Welp, never mind. I don’t know what changed – the app didn’t update recently – but now it’s like this for me too.

At least it’s still doing its job of making it clear what’s source text and what’s commentary.

[Look a little closer, past me. It only works well for that if there’s only one paragraph of source text at a time.

This was one of Tumblr’s more baffling updates. They removed support for blockquotes in the app for no apparent reason, rendering any blockquotes as headlines instead (but only the first paragraph in the quote). What?]

[reblogging the ask about the newbie’s power]

Maybe it’s a remote Master ability that, presumably among other things, allows her to perceive through someone’s senses?

Depending on what the other things are, that might be a bit too powerful, though.

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