Between I11g-I11h

Not all of Cherish’s nicknames were for people who were being nominated. Remember when Jack went to speak with (and fuck with) Purity?


Just to be clear, Cherish’s list was not all official nominees. They’re just persons of interest she was tracking for the other members of the Nine. Most of the tracked individuals did become nominees, but as you already know, Labyrinth wasn’t picked as a nominee and won’t be tested.

Hmm, I suppose that’s fair. That helps explain why there isn’t a ninth Interlude, leaving out either the scaredy cat or the crusader (unless they’re both in the next one), too.

[Whoosh. That was the sound of the implication that Purity was the crusader flying right over my head.]

“One of the scariest things you could give the Slaughterhouse Nine is a goal-oriented brain at the head of the operation.” Probably worth mentioning she’s not the best at strategy, by her own admission.

That was Alec talking, actually, though I’m not surprised at the confusion. With the way that particular quote slotted into the conversation, it’s not quite clear that it’s Alec rather than Cherish until more than halfway through it, because it’s surrounded by Cherish’s body movements without dialogue.

“Ah. I sort of remember that bit about your power. The part that sticks in my head is that you don’t have long-term benefits. It wears off, and your targets build immunity pretty quickly.”

Cherie shrugged.

“I’m not the best when it comes to strategy, but I’m thinking… I’m going to win here. Eventually. You can’t run without me getting control over my people and sending them after you, you can’t use them to attack me, and if you stay, I can try doing this.”

Her arm jerked involuntarily.

“Remember me practicing my power on you when it was new?”

I’m honestly kinda surprised I didn’t make that same mistake.

Must be horrifying to be one of the four caught up in Regent and Cherish’s tug of war. One’s got you by the emotions, one’s taken control of your body, and you’re just left to scream in your own head as two superpowered criminals fight over control of you.

(Three; one of the four non-soldiers Cherish sensed was Alec himself.)

Yeah, that’s pretty hellish. On top of that, one of the villains eventually admitted to be carrying a bomb that would go off in a few minutes unless she called it… and that her phone was out of battery.

I kind of glossed over the awfulness of their situation – having been under Alec’s control for who knows how many days – in general. Largely because we’ve been over most of what’s worth saying about that in Interlude 10a, and because more immediately important things were going on. But yeah, their situation sucks a lot.

I do wonder, though – where did they come from? Did Coil provide some non-soldier subordinates of his for Alec to control, or did Alec just steal some random civilians from the street or something?

Fun fact #1 from the book of Revalation: The Four Horsemen (Conquest, War, Famine/Pestilence, and Death), were actually summoned by Jesus to punish the wicked.

Fun fact #2 about the book of Revalation: Originally the word apocalypse meant revalation. The Bible book being called both Revalation and Apocalypse associated the word with the end of the world.

Fun fact #3 about Revelation: Armageddon is the name of the place where the last battle is to be fought

I knew the last few, but the first one is new to me. Fits quite well with everything else I learned about the events of Revelation when I went wiki-reading during the chapter, though.

The Christian end times are pretty intense.

Also, I like when the word “apocalypse” is used for a revelation instead of a mass destruction. 🙂

[El Goonish Shive comic excerpt]

Dex: …to save this world…

Dex: …I bring an apocalypse…

Greg, deadpan: Apocalypses don’t work that way.

During Dinah’s interlude, you got a little more insight to the Travelers. Do you have any new thoughts about them or theories about their backstory?

It’s clear that they’ve been through a lot together. The question is just what.

Maybe they’ve been pursued by some sinister group or entity, that they’ve been fleeing from under the guise of being “nomadic”. Perhaps Coil, besides helping them with Noelle, offers them protection?

Or maybe they’ve had trouble with an Endbringer or something, sticking together during such a situation? I’m not sure, an Endbringer attack sounds a bit too… singular and isolated. Not the sort of situation that would cause people to promise to stick together forever. …although maybe I’m looking at the wrong point in time. Maybe it’s more that they were having trouble after an Endbringer attack, barely surviving together in a wrecked city much like Brockton Bay (except I doubt it’d be Leviathan’s work, so perhaps more characterized by lava than water, or by insanity and/or aggression).

I don’t think their past troubles were with the Slaughterhouse Nine. Crawler coming to Coil’s base would probably have prompted more of a reaction from the Travelers before Noelle turned out to be at the core of it.

In the case of ethnicity/cultural background we had WoG from Interlude 10 that “Regent’s dad was European & later Anglophone Quebecois. Upbringing/background.” So Alec and Cherie are Canadian. We also had an earlier in-text bit that Heartbreaker was based in Montreal.


It was mentioned earlier that Heartbreaker is Canadian. You may not be aware but certain parts of Canada have VERY heavy French influence. French Canadian is one of the largest ethnic groups in the country, and as many people speak french as english.


You do know there is such a thing as ‘french canadian’, yes? IRL they’re a huge part of the population.


Regent and Cherish are Quebecois, so French is their first language-Quebec has French as the official language due to having been a French colony in the past.


French is a main language in some parts of Canada.

I was aware of the impact of France in Canada, even down to Quebec being one of the more French-influenced provinces, but I wasn’t aware that Alec was Canadian – which apparently had already been stated in the text? I guess I missed or forgot that.

I couldn’t find any previous mentions of Montreal specifically with blog search, but it wouldn’t be the first time blog search has been somewhat unreliable.

[Again, it’s in Buzz 7.1.]

But yeah, once Montreal was brought up in the Interlude, the pieces fell into place.

Just a heads up, dunno if that counts as a spoiler, but Heartbreaker comes from Montreal, a city in Canada that is situated in Quebec, a french speaking province. It is highly probable that they speak french, especially since Jean-Paul is a somewhat common name up here. Niko isn’t and Vasil is definitely not french, but there has been historically a pretty big immigration from greece to Montreal. (history major who lives in Montreal, so you can trust me).


I hate both Krixwell and Sharks for making me read that. No more cummies, Daddy.

You’re welcome. 🙂

[reblogging the previous post]

I never got into collecting things until I say cummies emojipastas. Thanks for the new one.

I love the contrast between these two asks. :p

Sometimes I’m amazed by how perceptive you are. I did a spit-take when you deduced, from almost nothing, that the new member of the slaughterhouse 9 is Heartbreaker’s kid, and thus, by extension Alec’s half sister.


Holy shit you called nearly everything lol. Never seen you that on the ball.

I know, right? I surprised myself too with how much I got right in this one. It feels great to be on point with my predictions for once! 😀

Did I seriously cause a genuine spit-take? That’s awesome! :p

Huh. I thought Planck mass was a lot smaller than that?

Apparently not! One Planck mass is 0.00002176 grams. Multiply by 505400 and we’re back to 10.997504, or just about 11.

I used WolframAlpha to convert to each thing. The only bullshit Interlude number I provided that wasn’t converted from 11 grams was the cubits one, which was converted from 11 meters. (I could’ve used millimeters, since grams aren’t the base unit despite the name of the actual base unit, but it’d create an uglier number.)

Yeah, you’re right, there is someone who would work much better than Regent as a spy [here]. Obviously it’s – wait who was I just talking about?

That is a very good point you just made about… someone!

(But yeah, the main thing I was thinking about with that tag was that someone with the power to change their appearance to look and maybe sound like someone else might show up at some point.)

Since you got spoiled that Legend is gay, I’d like to take this moment to remind you that his lasers can be different colors. Meaning that if he wanted to, he could shoot rainbows.

Ahaha, perfect! Rainbow lasers that don’t go straight!

Legend being gay is not a huge spoiler tbh. Your perceptions of him aren’t irrevocably ruined by knowing that fact, so don’t sweat it too much.

Yeah, it’s a pretty minor thing. I just have a policy of making a post about everything I’m spoiled on for the sake of transparency, even the tiny stuff. 🙂

Could you link Krix to the “Parahumans Worm Abridged” videos that Aris Martinian (ostrichlittledungeon on Reddit) has put on youtube and linked from the subreddit? They are absolutely hilarious and as far as I could see 100% spoiler free for the first two videos.

So I decided to try something new…

In retrospect, I’ve realized that the videos are made with a program that presumably is equipped with a limited supply of sets, poses and actions between two characters at a time. That helps to explain some of the quirks of the videos, but doesn’t make them any less funny. Does make some of my comments a little silly, though.

Now that Regent has taken over a territory, and is ruling it by force, he could very much be considered a warlord, opening the crusader spot back up for Hookwolf.

Hm, I suppose that technically works.

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