Happy Wormiversary!

Hey there! It’s Worm’s tenth anniversary! Not too many more years now and it’ll be old enough to fight crime and get scarred for life!

I wanted to celebrate the occasion by breaking my latest lengthy, unplanned hiatus, but unfortunately work had other plans for me. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been preparing a little something over the last few days.

See, one of the things I’ve been getting up to during this hiatus is learning music theory and making music. I’ve made over fifty tracks since January, and I think I’m getting… at least half-decent at it for my experience level. But all this time, there was one obvious thing I hadn’t done.

It was high time I made a Worm-inspired track, and what better day to release it than the tenth anniversary?

So I hope you enjoy Scurry!

P.S.: All my music can be found on YouTube in this playlist. Most of it, organized into albums, can also be found on Bandcamp. (I think volume 3 is a good place to start.)

Video embed test post

This is a test post to see how local hosting and video embedding on WordPress works compared to the existing approach of uploading to YouTube and embedding from there.

If there’s anything wrong with the display/playback of this video on your end, please drop me an ask about it, ideally mentioning what kind of platform and browser you’re using.

(The facecam being choppy doesn’t count. That’s just my camera being bad, just like in the other videos.)