Between 13.1-13.2

This is shallow and unimportant, and not really worth talking about, but I’m doing it anyway because I’m a salty manga fan. As someone who finds MHA very overrated, I quite appreciate your perspective on it. I find that, in the way you described and in many more ways beyond that, it could have been unique but ends up playing into the tropes in a way that’s not inherently bad, but is just very standard, average, and kind of forgettable.

Yeah, that’s about how I feel about it. It’s not bad, for what it’s trying to be, but after the first couple episodes it’s not really trying to be anything particularly… special.

Would you consider doing a meta liveblog once you finish? It wouldn’t need to be thorough or anything but seeing some reactions to the stuff you got either eerily right or hilariously wrong (or in some cases both at once) would amuse me.

I’m absolutely the type who’d naturally end up going back and rereading my own liveblog at the end and occasionally commenting on it on the blog, so sure, why not make that a little more official? Might help me get through the reread, too, like the liveblog is helping me get through Worm without doing my usual thing where I binge, lose interest for a while, binge, lose interest for a while, rinse and repeat.

“How about Trainwreck, is he around now that the team he was undercover in has been pretty much obliterated?” Oh Krix. Look at that sentence and you should be able to connect the dots. Also if you search Jack’s interlude, we see Siberian go against Trainwreck. Pretty sure there is a mention of Siberian stepping away from the gutted power armor afterward too.

I mean, I did deliberately let the word “around” have a double meaning in that sentence. I was simultaneously asking whether he was in the room and whether he was even alive.

As for that last part, that’s fair. I guess I didn’t really put that together at the time, and forgot Trainwreck was mentioned. It seems I was focusing more on the glass shards [here, search “cloud of shards”].

Re: Shatterbird vs the Crystal Gems – Wildbow has said that Shatterbird doesn’t make grasses which contain silicon explode because of (her version of) the Manton Effect. It wouldn’t surprise me if Gems are covered as well. (Although they’d still have a really hard time with her – remember that sand-controlling pillow?)

I suppose that’s fair. Although we’re once again back to whether it’s organic vs inorganic or alive vs dead, which seems to depend on either the person or the power (Weld is unaffected by powers that exclude either side of organic vs inorganic despite definitely being alive, so we know powers like that exist, but Faultline was able to cut dead wood but not living wood, both of which are organic) – in the former case, grass counts but Gems don’t.

But yeah, the Desert Glass is absolutely relevant, and Shatterbird’s sand control seems to be vastly more powerful.

(I actually tried to find a video of the Desert Glass fight to use in this post [here, search “there was still sand”], but couldn’t find a good one.)

That’s all the asks I got today – way fewer than I was expecting after the two days I postponed the last ask session by – but there’s one more thing:

I was also told that there’s a “detail [I’ve] missed that’s REALLY BIG” that Sharks was unsure whether to send me an ask about.

Judging by the fact that she didn’t send it to me, I guess she, well, decided not to send it, but I nonetheless wanted to acknowledge that I’m aware there’s something.

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