A Vision of Love or some stupid title like that

[You should skip this WordPress post if you wish to avoid Steven Universe spoilers. The other asks will be in a separate post.]

I dunno if this is the right blog to talk about it (somehow, this has started turning into a SU discourse -_-) but Lapis never used the whole ocean in a fight- she only used small pieces of it that hit with great force, as it was practical for her. The ocean pillar was not a weapon for her, One water punch, water bubble, water chain or water clone pretty much won any comfortation, due to the fact that it seemed to have a lot of force behind it considering the gems are superhuman and all. Incidentally puts all the more meaning on Blue Diamond shrugging these attacks off. Again, apologies for this being wholly unrelated with the main content of your liveblog, but I felt like I had to sent it, so, uhhh… to make it relevant…. Papradascha x Tattletale crossover crackfic?

True, she didn’t ever use all that much water in a fight, though I don’t think there’s much reason to believe she couldn’t if she wanted to (like you seem to be pointing out, she didn’t need to). The best argument for that would be her not escalating against Blue when the chains failed, but while she couldn’t exactly go all out either due to the risk of collateral damage. Though there was room to up the game a bit.

Also, don’t worry, it’s not like this is the most off-topic we’ve ever gotten. 😛

But yeah… crackfic, you say?

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