Between I13-AT13

[There’s nothing here that isn’t Steven Universe spoilers, so if you wish to avoid those, feel free to skip to the Arc Thoughts.]


it’s not a fun mayor ep
Steven you idiot
You’re worse than Taylor
how are you worse than taylor
at least taylor woulda tried to blow up homeworld
or bitched all trial
Lion dissapoint

monkey hoping for shakespeare:
Steven universe but it’s with worm characters
Jasper is bitch
Based on her large corrupted quartz dogs

Krix the Brave and Glorious:
Hmm. Yeah, I could see that. Jasper was also at the center of an old theory that gems act beastlike when not trained to handle a social situation, something along those lines.

monkey hoping for shakespeare:
Who be lapis?

Krix the Brave and Glorious:

monkey hoping for shakespeare:
Yep makes sense
Krix where are you at again

Krix the Brave and Glorious:
Very powerful, dominated by fear, prone to running, but also pretty scary when it counts.
I finished Arc 13 tonight.

monkey hoping for shakespeare:
Just asking so I don’t accidentally blurt out something spoipery
Oh sweet
I love arc 13

Krix the Brave and Glorious:
It was a good one, yeah!

monkey hoping for shakespeare:
Would Steven be Taylor (due to protagonist) or would pearl be Taylor

  • Garnet: Tattletale. Always knows more than she lets on.
  • Amethyst: Regent. The reckless, laid-back one with an origin they’re not too proud of.
  • Pearl: Grue. The cautious team mom.
  • Steven: Gallant. Really good with emotions, puts others first.
  • Connie: Charlotte. The sensible mundane who isn’t afraid to stand up.
  • Lapis: Panacea. See above.
  • Peridot: Parian. Not a fighter, but dragged into a war nonetheless.
  • Jasper: Bitch. See above.
  • Ruby: Imp. Impulsive, fiery when it comes to what matters to her.
  • Sapphire: Dinah. Soft-spoken, sees the future, previously on command.
  • Bill Dewey: Legend. Has position where one might expect a douche, actually a pretty cool guy.
  • Onion: Crawler. Pinnacle of human evolution.
  • Blue Diamond: Coil. The one who had Sapphire/Dinah captive and commanded the latter to tell them the future. Capable of being far more tyrannical than they may seem at first.
  • Pink Diamond: Bonesaw. Passionate, excitable and super impulsive dork who doesn’t realize that what she’s doing is bad.
  • Yellow Diamond: Skitter. No-nonsense, supposedly logical-minded, wants to rush through things and look forwards, blames herself for past events that weren’t actually her fault. “Let’s make a plan of attack! Start looking forwards and stop looking back!”

(#I started writing this post around 1 AM and I’m very tired so who knows if I’ll approve tomorrow)

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so bets that the sunflow- No Steven is totes Taylor
Loving dad
Dead mom.
One goal minded
filled with emotional issues haunting him
somehow idealistic regardless of circumstances
going through a downward spiral
nah the sunflowers are totes dead

Krix the Brave and Glorious:
You make a good point

i wouldnt say that steven’s good with emotions
he has trouble understanding other people’s emotions, and is unable to handle his own a lot of the time

Krix the Brave and Glorious:
See also: Reasons I probably shouldn’t have made this post between 1 and 2 AM

Bonus – the reason I included Onion and Dewey:


Krix the Brave and Glorious:
@monkey hoping for shakespeare I’m writing up a post about the Gems as Worm characters now, and you might be surprised by who’s Taylor.

number 15 will shock you!

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