Between 13.2-I13a

From Sharks:

Vg’f abg ernyyl znwbe (V graq gb hfr n YBG bs ulcreobyr va cevingr pungf), ohg gur ernfba V’z xrrcvat vg sebz uvz vf orpnhfr ng guvf cbvag ur qbrfa’g ernyyl haqrefgnaq whfg ubj vagrtengrq Pnhyqeba vf gb *rirelguvat.*

(Decode with this website.)

I think 2012164 may mean “day 164 of year 2012”. That would be June 12th, which seems a reasonable date for this point in the story (though we’ll have to assume 2012 was a typo for 2011).

The 164th day of the year is on June 13th (or June 12th if it’s a leap year, which 2012 was and 2011 wasn’t). June 13th, 2011 is only a few days away from when this chapter takes place.

June 12th is certainly a good date to be involved in the Arc that (I assume) has chapter 13.4.

Oh! That makes a lot of sense. It’s kinda impractical as a way to convey a date to someone who isn’t used to thinking of days like this (i.e. most people), but I guess at least it doesn’t lead to any “which is the month and which is the day” confusion.

[Wow, past me didn’t even think to mention how fitting it was that he read the chapter these numbers came from on June 12th and 13th.]

I’d gotten so used to you liveblogging on American time, it’s weird now that your schedule actually matches your timezone 😀

Hehe, yeah – my blogging schedule and even, for the most part, my sleep schedule are approaching normalcy. It’s freaky! 😮

However, it may be approaching more normalcy than you’ll like. In about three weeks, maybe before, my free time per day will probably be cut down significantly, though I don’t know by how much yet. Assuming things work out, I’ll be starting work practice at a local store (like, really local, as in “ten minutes of walking from my home” local).

I should still have time left for blogging most days, but it may result in me blogging slightly less frequently due to being tired from work and/or still wanting some free time to spend on other things.

HWIUM has sent me a batch of fanart to go through – 18 pieces, so it’s big-ish but thankfully not as daunting as the ~95 they sent last time. 😛

Apparently there were 19, but Sharks says the “silent stranger” – Mannequin, I’d imagine – link was broken.

So, here’s how I’m going to do this: I think I’m in general going to impose a limit on how many pieces of fanart I go through between each chapter, to avoid being overwhelmed like last time. I’m going to start off with the limit at 10 – conveniently matching the maximum number of images in the photo part of a photo post – and then I can adjust it as I go along if needed. You’re welcome to send me more than 10 at a time, I’ll just be spreading the commentary on them out more.

What this means right now is that I’m going to make a fanart post tomorrow (before the chapter) for half this batch and then one after 13.3 for the other half. 🙂

See you soon for that!

(#you can put more images in a photo post but they have to be embedded in the text section just like when you put images in a text post)

Looks like “silentstranger” was an artist, not a title. Whoops. Well, point is I’ve received the 19th piece. 🙂


Hey, Skitter, what do you think? Squirrels in every orifice, maybe, and perhaps under the eyelids too?


cod dammit.

(For some reason, I ran into technical difficulties trying to post this as a photo post, so let’s try it like this. Might be more practical to read too? Feedback on whether I should stick to this format for fanart commentary would be appreciated.)

[I have, in the migration, been converting some of the previous fanart posts to the format past me is talking about here, namely having the images directly above the relevant commentary rather than bunched together at the top.]


evaexe: This piece nicely depicts one of the best things about Bonesaw: even with a bunch of blood around her, clearly spilled by her while doing awful things, she’s adorbs.


Endless_Assault: Man, it’s good to see that smile again. I really like the pose and coloration here, too.


ArtLounge: The adorableness streak continues with a little chibi Vista! Wait, is she… is she dabbing, to the best of her chibi ability (chibility)? Either way, this is cute.

…is she actually chibi or did she accidentally warp the space around her own head…


ArtofLariz: Damn, Aisha looks amazing here. Badass and beautiful! Give her some years and she might become a true femme fatale.


More ArtofLariz: Skitter certainly isn’t slacking on the badassery either. This might be the most badass image I’ve seen that involves a ladybug, which is saying something considering I’m in the fandom for a show with a ladybug-themed badass as one of the main leads.


Blastweave: It took me a moment to understand what I was looking at, but it turned out the answer was “something very cool”. Oh, and Dragon vs. Leviathan. It’s a visually busy piece, but that fits very well with the chaos of the scene it’s depicting. The rooftop Tattletale in the background is a nice touch.


diangu246: Don’t litter, folks – if you leave large sheets of plastic out in nature, wild Scions can get stuck in them! Jokes aside, though, this is a really good-looking piece. I love the lighting and the somewhat somber expression, in particular. 🙂


RespicePostTe: The artists of this fandom seem to be really good at making the girls look cute (when appropriate). This is no exception – between the pose, expression and pretty, bright colors, it’s hard to remember that this is a girl who regularly gets people to kill themselves.


ChromaCurves: Ooh, I think I’ve heard of this piece before – back after Interlude 11h, someone mentioned that there were more pieces like this one by ChromaCurves (that were still spoilery – I suppose Crawler was the only reason that was still the case for this one).

This doesn’t disappoint. All the Ponyhouse Nine designs look quite fitting! But where’s Pinkie Pie?

Crawler doesn’t look particularly like a pony – to be fair, the original doesn’t look much like a human either – but I appreciate how he’s got components from various species in the MLP universe. The first thing I noticed was the changeling queen horn, but he’s also got the axolotl-like cheek things from Spike (seriously, why can’t I find art of Spike as an axolotl? axolotls are great), a pegasus wing, eye effects similar to King Sombra, at least one pony ear, and transparent spike-like things on his head that I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere in MLP but can’t place. There might be more I’m not noticing too. This is a neat design!

So yeah! The Worm artists continue to be excellent. Keep up the good work! 😀

By the way, ChromaCurves’ pony Bonesaw design reminds me that just a couple weeks ago, MLP:FiM introduced a cutesy filly, Cozy Glow, who I honestly think could fit the part for Bonesaw in terms of appearance (though she’s not blonde). Not as well as Chroma’s design, of course, but still.

And hey, parts of the fandom seem to think she’s secretly evil, so that’s a thing. Though I suspect if she is, she’s more like Cherish or Tattletale than Bonesaw – after all, one of the reasons people think she might be evil is that her cutie mark, a chess rook, seems to be in playing others.


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