Between 13.4-13.5

Actually, there IS a lot of fanfic porn for Worm. Most fanfics I see on ao3 are porn.

Just so you know, there is a good bit of written Worm porn, just not porn drawings.

If you count written smut as porn, there’s massive amounts of it. Including numerous snippets of Rachel/dogs. Worm tends to attract the smutwriters more than the porn artists.

Ahh, I suppose that makes sense, what with the text-based medium of the original work. It only makes sense that it’s going to inspire people to write more than to draw.

I have a really weird question about linguistics. It is about that ask about a porn involving a dog. I just started to think about it, when I saw the tags. Why is the word bestiality used rather than the word zoophilia? I am not a native English speaker, and while my native language has a word analogous to bestiality, pretty much 99% people would use the word zoophilia. It seems in English it is kinda reversed: I see the word bestiality much more often. Do you have any idea why is it so?

Ooh, that’s a good question, but it’s unfortunately not one I’m familiar with the answer to.

I do have a guess though: Would your language happen to be from southern Europe or related to the languages from there, the Romance family? English is a mixture of the Romance and Germanic language families (both subsets of the Indo-European family), and has a lot of synonyms with different origins. “Bestiality” is Germanic, as far as I can tell, and “zoophilia” is Romance. So if your language is Romance, it would make a lot of sense for “zoophilia” to be much more common than the analogue to “bestiality”, and the reverse to be true in Germanic languages (though as far as I’m aware, my own native language – Norwegian, which is Germanic – doesn’t even have a direct analogue/cognate to “bestiality”).

As for why “bestiality” is more common in English, maybe that has something to do with the vulgarity of the subject? When the families started mixing into English, Germanic words were more commonly used by commoners, and Romance words by the high society folks, and to this day the Romance words tend to sound more “proper” and science-y. I’m pretty sure most English swears are Germanic, too.

Sheesh, I’m coming dangerously close to sounding like I know what I’m talking about. Rest assured I may be pulling this explanation out of my ass. 😛

“You never know when you’ll have to change out of costume in a public bathroom with a coin deposit slot.” By the way, America doesn’t really have these–public restrooms are free. The upside is that in the direst of emergencies you never have to worry, but it doesn’t do wonders for their cleanliness.


In Norway, most public restrooms are free, but this does happen sometimes. More commonly, though, you may have to ask for a key or for the restroom to be unlocked by staff where you are, but even that’s not something you see all that many places. At least not up here in the north.

I will write it down since I’m getting a little bit more annoyed at your mistaken characterization of Bitch considering joining. She never said she would join. Just that she would undertake the tests without asking for help because she was feeling split away from her human connections at the time, that being her team and even Coil, for filling her base eith people

At the time, it wasn’t clear – to me or Bitch, as far as I remember – that there was no choice in the matter, and Bitch absolutely made the decision to “see what these tests [were] all about”. That’s pretty damn close to “I’ll consider it”.

She has been showing a different attitude now that the trials have actually started, though.

But yeah, I’m absolutely not going to deny that I have some trouble properly understanding Bitch at times, for instance expecting her to be more violent than she ends up being, or underestimating her desire for human connections.

I’m a cat person.

Hmm, Charlotte sure hasn’t been much of a bystander lately, huh! I wonder what could have prompted that.

I know, right, isn’t it wonderful? 😀

This is a big part of why I loved it so much when Charlotte stepped up to help after the Shattering. Not only was she not being a bystander, she was actively setting an example to help cure the rest of the crowd of their bystanderism in the moment. That’s an excellent bit of character development right there, making that a crowning moment of awesome in a relatively simple gesture.

A wheelchair-riding person who can walk and fly in their dreams… boy, who does that sound like? I wonder who threw Genesis off a cliff.


What the hell, Armsmaster!

Given Burnscar’s… well, scars I’m more inclined to think that her trigger involved abuse. Her power almost certainly make her immune to fire so the cigarette burns have to be pre-trigger I think.

Oh, right. I’m pretty sure I’ve speculated on that before, but the scars and their heavy implication of her trigger event slipped my mind for a moment.

Skitter was in the shower to apply cold water to her burns when Grue was stopping her from running off to confront Burnscar. That’s what he meant when he says she doesn’t sound like she did in the shower.

Ohh, I see!

I got the impression Bonesaw thought Jack would know about the limitations of the safeguards due to having them and would be smart enough to only attack if he knew he could bypass them, rather than anyone with the safeguards being able to bypass them.

Oh yeah… that makes so much more sense.

Hm. Regent might be able to get some details out of him the same way he gathered information from Shadow Stalker, at least, so shogi might still be somewhat helpful to get past the protection, just in a different way.

Hello, yes, new follower, finished Worm a long time back, and, seeing your EGS reaction images, I have a question for you: how would you feel about a Worm/EGS crossover?

(Welcome! Good to have you along!)

I think Worm and EGS are two works that don’t mesh all that well in terms of themes and tone (with the exception of Damien, who wouldn’t be terribly out of place in Worm), but a crossover could still be a lot of fun – perhaps even more fun depending on how the crossover was done.

A crossover is kind of what I ended up talking about in this post [here], actually, when I was asked about comparing the two works. 🙂

I wonder what Crawler thinks of tardigrades.


(#i for one think they’re awesome)

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