Between 13.5-13.6

When you were making your Slaughterhouse/Undertravelers similarity post i could really see most of them and understand where your coming from with them. But i gotta ask: Grue and Crawler? Trickster and Hack Job? what was your reasoning behind those?

I was expecting this question, especially the Grue and Crawler part.

Trickster and Hack Job is one of the weaker connections there, only really matching up through the fact that they both have powers involving teleportation.

As for Grue and Crawler, I gotta admit that was largely because of process of elimination. Neither of the two have a good match as far as I could see, and given the choice between Grue, Noelle and Oliver, I’d rather have Grue in the post because it feels more complete that way. I did come up with the extremely flimsy justification that they’ve both got a dark aesthetic, but even I don’t really buy that one.

Crawler and Noelle may be better, depending somewhat on what her power actually does. I suppose they do share the horror treatment in Dinah’s Interlude.

Noelle is incredibly powerful, but “if Noelle used her power in this battle you’re talking about, everyone loses.” There have been numerous bits of information about Noelle but nothing really concrete. Do you have any specific speculation on what Noelle can do/what Noelle’s power(s) might be?

Hmm… I suspect we’re looking at a werewolf-like situation, though not tied to specific times.

It was repeatedly implied that Noelle was monstrous in form before we actually got a look at her, and I think a lot of those implications still need to be considered. It’s also indicated that she has a hunger, and can lose control, and that it doesn’t matter who you are to her when she uses the power.

Noelle’s power probably transforms her or makes things happen like she were transformed (like Jack’s pseudo-extended blades but with a monstrous body). While in the transformed state, she loses control of her mind and ferociously attacks anyone who’s too close. While she’s not transformed, the power wants to be used, which manifests as the “hunger” and is why she needs to be contained.

Brown Recluses are the necrotizing ones, that rot off a whole chunk of meat around the bite, yes

Pretty nasty stuff!

“What can I say? When you ask me who I am, I write down in the name slot: ‘Bitch’.”
– Arin Hanson

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