Some thoughts from the late migration

Hey! If I’ve posted this, that means future me has finished the migration. Woohoo, you go, future me!

For me, though, it’s the night of March 7th, 2019, and I’ve just finished mirroring Snare 13.9. I’m making this post because I had a thought during it that it wouldn’t do to leave back there as a comment from future me, where older readers who didn’t reread would miss it and it’d be all out of whack chronologically.

In 13.9, Bonesaw says this about the Corona Pollentia:

And the other reason you can’t just carve out the Corona? If you do, the powers still work on their own. The person just can’t control them. It becomes instinctive, instead.

What if this is part of what’s going on with Noelle?

She can’t seem to fully control it, whatever it is – be it a power, something to do with the Endbringers and/or the future threat (I still think Noelle is very likely a red herring as far as that last thing goes, but hey, maybe Theo is one too), or something else entirely.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s a power that has a side effect of imparting new instincts on her, which in turn may control when it takes effect.

Normally, with a power like that, she’d be able to control the power properly rather than let the new instincts rule, making her like Rachel. What I’m suggesting is that something is wrong with Noelle’s Corona, leaving her power on autopilot, controlled by instincts the power itself has instilled in her.

This wouldn’t answer everything – there’s still the question of why something is wrong, and a bunch of secrets surrounding the Travelers in general – but it’s one of my most solid ideas on what’s up with Noelle yet.

Current date: March 13, 2019.

Sharks has brought to my attention that some edits have been made to Worm around Arcs 8 and 9: Browbeat is dead now, instead of simply having chosen to leave the city after Leviathan’s attack.

In 8.5:

A slash of Leviathan’s tail brought down two of the stuffed entities, and Hookwolf tackled him to ensure the Endbringer didn’t get a moment’s respite. Leviathan caught Hookwolf around the middle with his tail, flecks of blood and flesh spraying from the tail as it circled Hookwolf’s body of skirring, whisking blades. Leviathan hurled Hookwolf away.

Browbeat saw an opening, stepped in to pound Leviathan in the stomach, strike him in the knee Armsmaster had injured. Leviathan, arms caught by Parian’s octopus and goat, raised one foot, caught Browbeat around the throat with his clawed toes, and then stomped down sharply.

Browbeat deceased, BW-8.

Leviathan leaned back hard, making Parian’s creations stumble as they maintained their grip, then heaved them forward. The ‘octopus’ remanied latched on, but the ‘goat’ was sent through the air, a projectile that flew straight for Parian.

It looks a little out of place in the middle of a long sequence of paragraphs focused on Parian, but it works well enough. Good on him for trying, and nice call trying to go for the injured knee. Oh, upon rereading the original text, it seems Browbeat’s attack was always there, it’s just the armband’s message that has changed from “down” to deceased.

The memorial sequence in 8.8 is unchanged because Taylor never looked at the A-D side where Browbeat would be.

From 9.1… wait, what?

So Vista mentions Browbeat as one of the ones that died, but the very first moment I thought about as having to have changed when I heard this… hasn’t. Piggot still mentions two deaths and an evacuation:

“I’m ready to try.”

“Good. The team here is smaller than your old team in Boston. It currently consists of Clockblocker, Vista, Kid Win and Shadow Stalker. We had two members die in the attack, and a third left with his family when they evacuated.”

PRT uniforms opened the doors, and he followed the Director onto a helipad, followed shortly after by the other PRT uniforms and man with his luggage. A black helicopter with the PRT logo on the sides sat there, propeller already whirring in preparation for takeoff.

This is just about the worst spot Wildbow could’ve missed during this edit. If I’d been reading this chapter for the first time like it is right now, without the context that it’s been edited to add Browbeat to the casualties, I’d probably be very confused.

Sharks has passed this along to Wildbow, so hopefully it’ll be fixed by the time I publish this post.

From 9.3:

Clockblocker nodded. She didn’t need to explain. Where the Wards’ portraits hung in the lobby of the PRT offices, the portraits of Aegis and Gallant had been reprinted in black and white, surrounded with thick black frames. One was apparently in the works for Browbeat, who had been too new to even have an official costume, let alone a portrait. They had been repositioned to be just above the front desk and below the PRT logo, with wreaths and flowers beneath, tokens from the PRT employees. The building wasn’t open to the public, and was surrounded by PRT squads, but the public would get their chance to pay respects.

A sentence has been added here to establish that Browbeat doesn’t have a lobby portrait, which I think works better than editing one into 9.5 would.

So… Why was this edit made? Was it a matter of Wildbow deciding that “left town” was too flimsy an explanation for why Browbeat wasn’t around anymore (though I kinda liked that)? Maybe Wildbow realized that Browbeat wouldn’t just up and leave like that when the Wards and the city had taken such a hit? Or maybe he just realized that Browbeat wasn’t tough enough to survive Leviathan’s counterattack.

Who knows. All I can really say is this:

Dang it, Timmy.

Current date: March 16, 2019.

A few days ago, a conversation about Weeping Angels and the first SCP, SCP-173, came up on Lore’s Discord server, and I ended up writing a comparison of Night and the Weeping Angels, going a little more in-depth than when I’ve compared them before on the blog.

(I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was about to mirror the latest battle against Night the very next day.)

Worm has a Weeping Angel style power in it, but it’s a little different in that the character who has it – Night – isn’t frozen when observed, just rendered in human form. It’s a good way to bridge the gap between “WA style horror monster” and “actual human character with agency and tactics”, because it lets her specialize in tactics designed to blind or divert.

The Weeping Angels have the element of “don’t blink” as a central part of their horror – these seemingly harmless statues will kill you when they get the chance, and you can’t win a staring contest against solid rock. There’s an element of inevitability to it, and a strong sense of unease because things only change while you can’t observe the change.

Meanwhile, with Night there’s constant agency. She’s using human intelligence and tools to render herself in her monstrous state more frequently than she’d be if all the agency was put on you to avoid blinking. Plus, she’s not harmless in human form, though it’s a much more human kind of “not harmless”. It takes away some of the distinct unease and inevitability involved with the Angels, but adds to the threat.

I dunno, I guess I find little differences like this interesting.

One last thought before I post this draft, from while I was approaching the end of 15.8:

Rory is the perfect name for someone who fights by roaring.

3 thoughts on “Some thoughts from the late migration

  1. So happy to see this, combination of enjoy reading and catching up, and being very impressed at the effort that you put in. Thank You.


  2. Nice that you’re back! So that everyone interested won’t miss the next chapter you should make a post to your Tumblr-account though, and your screener may notify the parahuman reddit channel.
    I can’t wait until the next chapter, iirc it’s Taylor vs Triumph


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