Four months worth of asks

Time to stop ignoring what you’ve had to say to me!

Let’s take the technical “fix yo shit” asks first:

Just wanted to let you know that Tangle 6.6, Buzz 7.4, Extermination 8.5 are uncategorized and don’t appear when reading through the WordPress site via the Worm menu tags. Also, the link to Arc 8: Extermination under Liveblogs -> Worm -> Arc 8: Extermination links to Arc 6: Tangle instead.

I’ve been rereading through the WordPress site in anticipation of you starting to liveblog again and couldn’t find Tangle 6.6. 6.5, Between 6.5-6.6, Between 6.6-6.7, and 6.7 are all there, but not 6.6.

Can you inform Krixwell that in the new blog he misnamed “Between 4.9-4.10”, Should be between 14.9-14.10. Thanks!

All of these have been fixed, thanks!

It’s been a bit of an annoyance during the migration, but it turns out the default “Uncategorized” category is actually really handy for fixing categorization errors like these in bulk. Granted, a lot of the errors it led me to were those posts where I forgot to remove the “Uncategorized” category (the necessity of which is why it’s been an annoyance).

I’ve now renamed the “Uncategorized” category to “argh krix fix your categories” so it appears at the top of the category list instead of the bottom, which should make it a lot less annoying in the future.

The italicized blockquotes is annoying, it ruins stuff like extermination armbands and tattle’s interlude. I think it’s caused by the theme you’re using. You can try adding this custom css: pastebin DOT com SLASH NzjiGnQ4

Thank you!

The italicized blockquotes were annoying me too, and I’ve been wanting to fix that for the last four months. I did know CSS was a thing that could be done, but I didn’t know the details of how and I didn’t look too deeply into it because I had to up my payment plan to do it. Ultimately, though, the required payment plan isn’t exactly expensive, so I’ve done that now, and thanks to this ask, I didn’t have to go looking for a tutorial on how to fix the blockquotes. 🙂

Can you remind Krixwell to turn off comments on his new WordPress blog? It looks like it’s possible to comment there right now, and I’m sure there are people out there who would spoil the story for him out of carelessness or malice.

The comments are on by choice, but I will not be reading them. I may turn them off if it comes to my attention that they’re being misused by spambots and the like, you guys are behaving badly down there, or you think there’s too much of a risk of me accidentally scrolling down to them while looking at pages on my own blog.

Or, I guess, if them being on creates too much confusion about how to get in touch with me.

For now, the ask system stays in place for comments meant to actually reach me, but I have plans for a way to replace Tumblr’s role in it with something on-site, which may come into fruition.

There a link to the TOC in between 3.3 3.4. might want to change it if you add a TOC to the WordPress site

I might do that, yeah. Or maybe add a second link in a [future me] comment.

For now, the site’s menus and categories act as a ToC of sorts, but I might add a page to keep everything in one place like I had on Tumblr.

Alright! Now for all the other asks!

I just got through his Arc 7 interlude and Are 8 predictions and I just love his theories. I absolutely love how he does this whole liveread and I’m sad that I can’t read it more often. It’s really engaging and his reactions are always great.

Glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

Eric Saade? Rally? I hadn’t taken you for a Swedish pop fan 😉

I’m not, really. Popular is literally the only Eric Saade song I know, and that’s because he participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with it. Though I did root for it. 🙂

This hiatus is going to be the death of me

I hope you’ve survived these trying times. If not, rest in peace.

Are you alive?

Fun fact: The internet connection in the afterlife is surprisingly good.

Could we get some clarification on what’s up with Krix’s liveblogging? He’s converting things to WordPress – permanently and exclusively? When is he going to read more Worm? Do we have any anticipation of schedule? Happy new year to you both!

not trying to be pushy but wondering what the state of things is right now wrt the wordpress and the liveblog. thanks! you both rock

Happy New Year!

Along with the ask about comments above, and a few others, Sharks sent these asks my way partway through the migration, which prompted me to write up the post titled “Migration clarification[here].

But a little redundancy here won’t hurt:

  • The WordPress blog is now the home of my liveblog. The Tumblr blog will continue to update with links to my WordPress posts, but this is where I’ll be blogging.
  • I intend to begin reading the next chapter tomorrow, but because of the format change, I won’t be publishing the bloggings until I’ve finished the chapter. In other words, session one of 15.9 or Interlude 15d (yes, after all this time, I’m still blind on which of those it is, though I expect 15.9) will be tomorrow, but if the chapter takes more than one session, the post won’t be.
    • (This also means #next posts won’t work as well in this format, so I’m going to experiment a little with how to do ETAs in the future.)
  • I take it the “anticipation of schedule” thing was in respect to when the migration would end, so I guess the answer is “a few hours ago”?

There is actually fanfic of the Rooster Cocoa Brawn high school ifiltration, but it has what are spoilers at this point for you; I will send it as soon as it becomes non-spoilery. By the way, that drawing promoted both “Rooster Cocoa Brawn” and “Mucho Cred” to fandom meme status.

Fantastic. I’d love to read that at some point, though I think the standing policy on fanfics in general is “after the story”? I dunno, I suppose it’s up to Sharks to determine when the time comes.

Now that you’ve heard pretty definitively what Behemoth and Leviathan do, but still not what the Simurgh does (as far as I remember), do you want to further speculate as to the Simurgh’s power?

One downside to rereading my own blog is I got reminded of spoilers I’d forgotten.

So I do know that the Simurgh is virtually omniscient, which is likely why people think she might be able to read minds.

But that’s probably not all of it (and I’m saying that without counting the obvious power of flight). While omniscience would make her well-suited for Tattletaling if she can communicate, and good at identifying weak spots to hit, I highly doubt she just… rams her body into whatever she sees fit to destroy.

She’s known to have a lasting effect on wherever she hits, which to me suggests something that affects people’s minds. For a while, I think I envisioned something along the lines of the miasma (except less creative because I certainly wouldn’t have come up with a concept as good as the miasma’s effect), where the Simurgh’s presence would basically make people aggressive and/or somewhat insane. It’s worth noting that it was the Simurgh that hit Mannequin’s home.

Other than that kind of effect, I’ve come to assign the Endbringers each a classical element. Leviathan is water, for obvious reasons. Behemoth is fire, for obvious reasons (though he may have earth as a secondary element if the final threat doesn’t take that, his power definitely connects with the element of fire). The Simurgh, a giant bird who rests at the edge of space, is almost certainly air. This would suggest powers connected to air, literally and/or metaphorically.

Perhaps she flaps her wings and it causes far more wind than the flap should really cause.

Leviathan is a hydrokinetic. Behemoth is a dynakinetic. The Simurgh is very likely an aerokinetic on top of the omniscience and whatever else she has.

Actually, omniscience and wind manipulation go well together, metaphorically speaking, through the butterfly effect. The Simurgh (if her omniscience is as thorough as I’ve been led to believe) knows exactly what flapping her wings in one place will lead to down the line, and can do seemingly small things that will nonetheless lead to massive destruction later.

This idea works well enough without wind powers, but connecting such behavior to the flap of a bird’s wings would be a neat way of playing with the trope.

Reviving someone from the dead would necessitate doing brain stuff, which Amy refuses to do

Fair point!

“[I didn’t realize it at the time, but Sharks’ wording here kinda indicates that [Canary] does get (at the very least) mentioned again later on, which hasn’t happened yet by the point I’m at. So I guess this is a delayed-reaction spoiler?]” Guess you forgot about the part of Dragon’s interlude where she looked in on The Birdcage, then?

Yeah, that’s almost exactly what happened.

I remembered the part of her Interlude, but I completely forgot we got an update on Paige there.

I don’t know if you get Asks while migrating to WordPress, so I wanted to let you know that I read all your comments on your past self’s thoughts and eagerly wait until you can continue. I admire your self control, in your stead I would have binge-read the entire thing already!

Thank you! 😛

Cursed knowledge: “Taylor Hebert”, having two groups of six letters, is a valid Homestuck troll name.

That it is!

I have a friend who’s shown me troll Taylors in the past. They’re pretty sweet.

RIP dramatic tension between 15.8 and 15.9

Dang it, Ti– wait, Leviathan isn’t responsible for this, Tumblr is…

…dang it, Tummy?

8.5 was recently edited so that Browbeat died to Leviathan. 9.1 and others were also edited for consistency. Nobody knows why this was done. But you need to accept that you’re now living in a post-Browbeat world.

I take it this is the ask Sharks saw that prompted her to tell me about this (though I’m only now seeing the ask). I touched on this here.

LHC seems to think he knows why it happened, though:

Hey, just so you know, the reason Browbeat got edited out was that he just never came up again in the story and was kind of a loose end. Normally that’d be fine, but it became a fandom meme to expect Browbeat’s imminent return and it eventually annoyed Wildbow enough that he retconned in his death. I don’t like how easy it is for the fandom to influence Wildbow’s writing decisions by being annoying, and this change could use some cleaning up, but I do think it’s a defensible change.

It increases the impact of Leviathan’s attack on Brockton Bay, but at the same time it makes sense that his death wouldn’t leave as much of an impact on his teammates as Aegis’s and Gallant’s because he was a newbie to the team.

Hrm… fair enough. Cleaning up loose ends is generally good, though I never felt like “moved away” was really a loose end.

It seems to me that Browbeat was kind of a throwaway character to begin with (even in Agitation, he really didn’t contribute), which I suppose would just make the memers even more prone to doing this kind of thing with him. It’s kind of like why Sparky and Greg are go-to examples of irrelevant Worm characters for me, and therefore fun to pull into things, like jokingly shipping Lisa and Greg.

(I really would like to see more of Greg, actually, but Kid Win fills his niche much better than he did.)

Not for Krix: vg’f tbvat gb or fb shaal jura Xevk trgf gb gur zvtengvba nep.

Sharks: V gubhtug guvf jnf shaal, fb V tbg Xevk gb cbfg vg.

(translate here)

Hi krix, I just wanted to say thank you for doing this, and wow the transfer is amazing. Was it at all enjoyable going through this?

Honestly, yeah. It’s been tedious at times, but it’s been fun to reread my blog, seeing things from, well, a perspective closer to yours. Relive old moments, facepalm at old stupidities, consider new interpretations of old foreshadowing…

Your judgement about how much of this you want to pass along to Krix. The Browbeat thing… there’s a lot of memetic stuff going on here – which Wildbow has generally preferred to suppress – hence why Browbeat’s contribution during Lev has been edited. Other than that: thank you both for coming back into action. I’m hoping that Krix keeps up several of his recurring memes for one reason or another, but however you decide to do it I’m glad you’re back around.

Honestly, suppressing memes in general sounds like a really bad idea to me.

Memes can be annoying at times, sure, but they’re one of the ways a fandom engages with the source material and has fun with it. Suppressing them is kinda like saying “no, stop, this isn’t the right way to enjoy my work”, which is… almost never a good thing.

I for one will be meming up a storm.

And I gotta say, I’m glad to be back!

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