A little bit of fanart, too


By spacefroggie(?)

Yeah, this looks about right. 😛

So that’s what Imp’s trigger event was. She fell into some kind of “core” and was ripped out of time and space.

I like the muted, largely-gray coloring here. It seems fitting for the concept of the piece, if not necessarily for Imp herself.


By TadpoleDude (Deviantart) / TheArtofDoingScience (Reddit)

Dayum, this is a really great wallpaper piece! Definitely going in my backgrounds folder.

What’s not to love? The details are great, the background’s great, the colors are fantastic, the expressions on each of them…

I notice Brian is rather conspicuously out of costume here. Interesting choice – might be for the same reason Taylor is unmasked, so that we can see his face?



[cursed meme]

Man says to Doctor, “Doctor” I have a problem with my ‘B*ttom’

Doctor: Let me Check
MAN: can the 💋’Nurse’💋 check in stead
Doctor:ok NURSE come in

NURSE… is ‘Bonesa w’

Moral of the Story:
NURSE… is ‘Bonesa w’

[submitter’s very justified caption]

This meme is cursed. Do not look at it.

Something tells me the MAN is going to have a lot more problems with his ‘B*ttom’ before NURSE ‘Bonesa w’ is done.


By Krixwell

This is a really amazing, fully-featured Mannequin drawing by some guy! Seriously, where do I even start to describe the awe this piece instills in me?

I mean, look at the wonderful way the artist dealt with running out of space on the paper! Look at the way he forgot to make some of the parts attach by magnets instead of chains even after presumably thinking extensively about that during the drawing process! Look at the way the torso looks really off-centered, and the way there’s no shading or three-dimensionality to it whatsoever! Isn’t it all wonderful?

Definitely the best Mannequin art I’ve seen to date.

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