Interlude 16b: Never Trust a Leg

Source material: Worm, Interlude 16b

Blogged: March 30-31, 2019

Interlude 16 (Donation Interlude #2)

Huh, whaddaya know. Two Interludes in a row.

So, who are we in for this time? I suppose I did all the hard work for this already, last chapter. Assault and Chariot are the main suspects unless we’re with Eidolon or someone new.

Last chapter did somewhat unlock the option of someone getting a second Interlude, though it didn’t give Piggot a full second Interlude, but I doubt that’s what we’re doing this time as well. So I think I’ll stick with my guns and say we’re looking into Assault or Chariot today.

Whatever the case, this should be fun. 🙂 Let’s get started!

<Walk!> The military was arrested in Turkey.

There’s something vaguely familiar about this.

Looks like we’re off in Turkey today. Where… the military was arrested? Why? Was there some kind of revolt or attempted coup?

He clarified his difficulties among his workers. It was twice because of that power of strength, so do not fight until it is armed.

So if I’m understanding this right, we’re following a Turkish military commander who’s ordering his troops to not initiate conflict against capes, because they’ve got super strength? Makes sense – though guns are supposedly the great equalizer in this ‘verse, we’ve seen plenty of cases where they didn’t work.

Until what is armed, though? Does the military have some sort of tinkertech superweapon they’re turning against the government’s capes?

…I’m working with a lot of assumptions here. Let’s keep going and see what we can figure out.

They hide secretly, and hide their branches against themselves and their faces.

Camouflage. Sounds like I might be on point about this being the military.

Either that or they’re going up against the military? After all, this is in the paragraph talking about the difficulty of going up against these enemies. But none of this is in quotation marks, so it seems to be narration.

Paul said to him, beforehand. As his legs pulled out, his feet were like a hundred years old.

Oh jeez, which supervillain with aging powers got to Paul?

On the thin and thin trees, hide against the skin. Even to wear clothes, woolen clothes, cover your clothes and nights, hide the clothes and keep your feet quietly.

Yes, I would like to keep my feet, thank you very much.

So this military or counter-military operation is hiding in the trees, wearing a lot of clothes. Is it winter?

<Faster!> The military reached. He said something else is very long, but Turkish was good enough to make this happen.

I suppose the brackets indicate translation. It feels like I’ve seen that somewhere before, but I don’t recall where.

So is he saying the Turkish language is good enough for communicating here, or is Turkish a nickname for someone on the team?

She looked at her and saw the person she was returning. He clarified his meaning to the other children by which he was thrown into half the other cases.


Are these… child soldiers…?

And who is this “she” who’s returning some person? Did they take a prisoner?

So many questions.

If he was injured immediately, someone else would give it.

Good to have a line of succession in case someone has to take over command in whatever kind of situation this is.

He believed that he was very old, convinced that he was far away, filled in the sea and the woods to escape from the worst fighting wars. It was only a few hours

before the sorrow spread.

Looks like our POV character is dissociating. That bad, huh?

He is hidden from around the house around the cell. He heard the voice and the ball. Too much more powerful, many weapons were men and women of his village.

Okay, so this military coup against the government and their capes is kind of localized, then?

The spots and spots were so heavy that you could get your garden and what you used to do, and going to the city to visit the city near to things.

It’s so unfair how the big city folks are always the ones near to things.

They left the arms, fired by weapons by the guerrilla fighters and then released again and when they were released in the village for the maintenance of care and care care.

Ohh, it’s a guerilla, so the full scale military isn’t necessarily on board with the coup.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to leave the arms behind, but you do you.

Those who have been armed do not have expertise or education. The defense forces should protect them against their people, stop them from now on.

Yeah, sheesh, the military needs to do a better job of protecting the people from… what threat, again? Supervillains?

She stole that step forward and pulls back, as it pulls a trunk. The smallest forces that ran away.

What’s in that trunk? The person she was bringing back earlier?

Smallest forces that ran away… So some of the youngest kids who didn’t want to be a part of the guerilla revolt ran away, and this girl went out to bring them back?

When the enemy soldiers have been found in that cell, they will take up to 9 other children’s villages, knowing that their parents or their parents are dead dead or dead.

Are you sure they’re one of those things? Maybe they’re not dead dead or dead, but rather dead dead dead?

Also an option:


When soldiers told them about their village and desert, it was difficult to get rid of their nose, eat blood, body, which are hidden from their city. A man who had seen his life everyday everyday.

Why would they want to get rid of their noses and become cannibals?

His eyes were burnt through the sea, but they did not know what to do. Earth? Twine? Patch dans of need, dry needle brown? Then pulled out first, waiting for the risk. When he does not, he again backed up.

“His eyes were burnt through the sea” is a good sentence, but I have no idea what it means.

So our POV character is scouting for trouble, by the looks of it. Nothing out there?

Just a short time ago, it was far from a distance that Kovan, a great boy named after his name in his name, has turned back on his back and has his foot.

Good to hear he has his foot. It seems bad things happen to feet around here. Seriously, what the hell happened to Paul?

He shouted and when he and all his children tried to try to try, he only increased his feelings and his emotions.

Sounds like he’s a dad.

What’s this about his emotions? Is he in trouble? Maybe it’s because he turned back on his back.

After sending troops to Turks, their hands and other hands are hard to earth, to hide on the earth, with the hills that have been hidden in the wings. Everything was cast into the ground, to hide it on the left side, with a little bit around it.

Oh fuck!

Supple was very tiny enough to lush her foot, but attempts that the coach just pulled her back and waiting for her legs.

Good work, coach.

Let’s hope Supple’s legs do come along. Bad things happen when people’s legs don’t come along.

He was, he knew, one of the traps guarded by guards or guerrillas guards.

Wait, our POV character (who is he, anyway? how does any of this relate back to the main story?) is a trap?

I don’t think Wildbow would use the word in its… controversial sense, but what does it mean that he’s a trap in the word’s literal sense? Is he rigged with a bomb or something?

He built all over the surrounding areas, around the village, near ways and places. He had a disturbing persecution of fighters to tell his father.

Maybe he’s a trap in the sense that he builds so many traps to capture fighters that he might as well be one himself.

He had told you, over and over, because he reasoned for this reason, because he went through a journey due to a journey, it was a great need to guide him. The perfect truth about which he saw what the devil has done is recorded.

…this guy sounds like a potential cult leader.

He tried to stretch his foot over his feet, looking for his legs more and more, but injured and the presence of blood, which he could not leave to stay away. He was unfair, he knew, but the boy was someone who went to school. Everyone who had seen every day.

Oh wait, are we talking about Kovan again? Seems he still has his feet, like mentioned above, but his legs have disappeared. Yeah, that would make a guy have emotions.

How does that even work? Do his feet just attach to his hips now, or are they detached?

Kovan’s old enough to have kids, so who is this boy who went to school unlike the other soldiers?

The military soldier was arrested by the attempt of Kovan, the two sons of the children who died.

It was destroyed. Test for the guide.

Oh, huh, so in spite of his situation, Kovan managed to arrest a military soldier for the guerilla. Awesome.

What was destroyed?

He pulled out his clothes, looking at the hands of Kovan and hidly shook and shook himself. Paul next. Each of his own bones on the ground.

…if you bones are on the ground, I’ve think you’ve taken off a little more than just your clothes.

It was usually a whiskey whistle, probably due to her nose against her clothes. He could warm the heat, as he moved to the place where it was hidden from the bronze tree.

A whiskey whistle? Sounds like an interesting instrument. Or perhaps a drinking tool. Who knows.

He woke up to open his eyes.

Wait, was that all a dream? That would kind of explain a lot.

So is this POV character someone we know nowadays? No male character immediately jumps out at me as having some history in Turkey.

Waqil will see the need to see him. Everybody finds everything for a trap. He would do that bad.

Alright, so we’re gonna go see someone named Waqil. Seems like a Turkish name, so we’re probably still in Turkey.

Paul next.

And then Paul. Paul isn’t a Turkish name, to my knowledge, but he was there in the dream sequence, which may have been a twisted flashback.

He stops He redeemed his legs to go more. They will look around around them.

If that has increased, he knows, he’ll die.

No, seriously, it seems legs really can’t be trusted in this Interlude. Just looks at those shifty leg eyes!

That’s why, do not cause reason. The forest is different from the other side. Water is the golden souvenirs looking for golden red, gold, and trees around it.

Ohh, it’s fall, not winter.

…no, screw it, it’s autumn. My English teachers aren’t around to tell me to be consistent about my English variants, and while I do generally prefer American English, autumn is a nice word.

But she knows. When they first step down, left left and left, they will find a trap. Hoya as a Kovan, or a bombardant, just like Ashti. At least he went away.

Yeah, fuck off, Ashti.

I have no clue who Ashti is. 😛

The soldier he saw, saw that he was far from the outskirts of the city, always knew it >> this threat and the goal was at the same time.

Well, fuck, of course there’s a threat just as he reaches his goal.

There are fears of anger, they are looking around, looking for something to tell him how long they go.

At that time, he knew he would not be able to die.

That’s a bold claim, Balder.

He did not have anything silent, this physician was impossible, as his legs were as shattered as trees were.

An impossible physician? What is Bonesaw doing in Turkey?

Also, in any other chapter I’d imagine shattered legs would be a bad thing as far as survival chances go, but POV guy’s legs acted shifty. They’d probably betray him if he didn’t get them shattered.

They will look at this one to torture other children. Then they will start at the earliest, perhaps as long as the kids are trying to activate a decision and guard the village guards through the easiest, dangerous way.

Is he suggesting that his enemies will look to him as an example of how to cause enough pain to make someone trigger?

Are these people up against those parahuman supremacists I’ve been talking about since Shell?


He saw a lot of things.


It was not clear that the trees or the mountains were great.

So they… pale in comparison to whatever is going on?

He was in great way what he had done to see or think. He was like something bigger than anything else that was bigger than anything else – it was great to understand what he started to do with him.

Okay, calm down, buddy, you seem to be getting a really swollen ego, here. Kinda overshadowing Nilbog’s claim of being a god here.

He did not say much better to say that. As it had pictures, but every image was encountered at the same time, some minorities were taken, and at times, the photograph was done in a matter of matter.

Uhh. I thought this former guerilla soldier was involved in fighting off parahumans, but it seems he’s just a photographer now. Journalist, maybe?

Each of the pictures was like a true and true. And it made a great deal to describe if it was a century or a philosopher who had the world’s largest libraries permit.

Still has a hell of an ego though.

And he was alive. Everything living

Without knowing what he thought about himself, each one or the authority to become dominant was part of the whole part attached to the bread and bread.

No, Wildbow, you’re not going to make me question whether this guy is a baker on the side, quit it.

Everything is something that this information was about to be aware of life, control and knowledge was achieved. As soon as possible, and it’s possible to have them all together.

Knowledge is power.

Been a while since we last touched on that theme this directly.

They die, they think. Creating external information about the burning and burning, as they do not pass through the air without sorrow, but by the rules of their own, they are separated and scattered here, in a distance away from them.

He’s waxing a little too poetic at this point, in his description of (I think) all living things and the way knowledge is passed around in the world…

I mean, he’s right, it’s beautiful, but I’m not sure where he’s going with it.

light the light. As a result, the films and flowers from the power of such a great artillery or dandelion manifested in the wind. By the lake all over the earth is very high.

…dandelions, huh. Kinda reminds me of those multi-dimensional creatures we’ve seen a couple times, for some reason. Could be a good name for them.

One of the pieces was to grow, grow, grow, in mind, until he understood all the time, as the moon was hidden, while hidden on the earth. Move directly to your head.

Wait, have I been misinterpreting this whole section? Is this guy actually having a vision of those… Dandelions?

This seems like the weirdest such vision yet.

-K!> The military is not without hunger.

Oh, and there the “<Wal-” from earlier ends, signifying the end of the vision. I should probably reread that entire section.

…it still mostly just sounds like the guy has an overinflated ego. Except he might not be a photographer – the pictures may be something the Dandelions sent into his head?

They stirred, they still scrapes their hands, travel their feet in the woods. Her heart jumps and she can be afraid of her mouth like fear.

So POV guy is with a lady. Same one from the dream earlier?

Did she just trigger somehow, prompting the Dandelion vision?

Earlier, remembered. If it happened It was obvious as difficult to struggle to keep silent.

It is really hard to be silent when walking around the house while someone’s sleeping, sometimes. Especially with creaky floors.

He was his dream when he woke up, but he was also thinking that he had a dream in the first place asleep in the first place.

Oh, was the first dream a dream within a dream, and he just woke up from a dream about the Dandelions? Taylor did imply at one point that she had Dandelion dreams from time to time.

The military understood something for something to understand, guided by friends. It has to be remembered by your own attention. This was first here. Or he went and died, or he would stay there and look around to die for his victory. Only a vestige of something that happened, it was hidden from paralysis. It can be developed.

Ahh, PTSD. Fun times.

He raised his feet

And stop Then stood in the way.

Coddammit, feet, stop getting in the way.

A piece of water was stuck on the surface of the zinc, tension, the transit mechanical.

Huh, that’s pretty cool.

She will take her foot that was over a long time and in secret kaleidoscopic hollow black and green hooks.

They were hidden, and they felt weird in their palmies.

Hidden hooks in her palms? Sounds like a strange cape costume. Do the hooks come in handy with her power somehow? Hmm, what kind of power would make use of that… maybe something specifically to do with hooks, in a rather different way that Hookwolf’s?

Her hand was taken into consideration, thinking of her warming. When he was a puppy boyfriend. A foolish eye, so that he has seen it.

Ooh, romantic history! Sounds like he’s come to see that she’s more dangerous than he realized.

[End of session]

[Session 2]

A gun, polished gray gray. Someone know. Since the guerrilla weapons saw that weapons were small.

Wait, which one of them has this gun?

I can not use this. The idea was cold in mind. If I use this, it will be the other one to kill me.

Oh, he has it.

But he seems conflicted about using it against her, because killing her would be like killing himself. Or maybe he means he’d kill himself afterwards.

It was a time of fire, it was dark and green, then it would not be a new color.


Albert: “I did it! I’ve invented a new color!”
Albert: “Oh, wait, this is just dark green.”

(That was genuinely the best image I could find of him.)

They also have seen one of the fighters fighting for the Hanoi, indicating their brand market, in efforts to find themselves in a good manner.

Hanoi? I thought we were in Turkey!

I suppose maybe there were Turkish fighters in Vietnam at some point.

It was like the same left as it was on its own hand, but it was in front of a metal tube, almost at its point of arms. Tiwal, he knew, was gunned down.

RIP Tiwal.

As well as other children and other soldiers were away. It was almost impossible, but it was almost impossible

<Walk!> The soldier’s back later voted. <Walk or->

I think soldiers’ backs should vote.

He surrounded, both of them fired the arms.

Sounds like our POV character has a power similar to Prism’s.

He has secondly to remain silent, and the military specialist Turkish will only shorten it to withdraw for the transfer.

Sounds like someone’s getting arrested. It’s kinda hard to tell, though – I feel like the writing may have been a little less clear than usual in this chapter.

Open the eyes of Hannah.

That’s why I’m sick.

Aw, get well soon.

Who’s Hannah?

He still clothed her clothes, she said, as she rose up from her bed and sat down. At least it means that it was hidden from her because she sat down.

Why is he clothing her clothes?

I take it Hannah is the lady with the hooks in her palms. Kinda weird that it took so long for her to get named, but we still don’t know what POV guy is called, so…

He was the only one who remembered. Everyone forgot that it was a great way, even though they were also quite influential with minorities. He could not confirm. If someone else sees it, they will not miss it because they speak much about their thoughts. Just as he was.

There’s definitely history between these two.

Something about manipulating minorities?

But she remembers she wore the vessel to transfer her head, as it was for her memory.

Uh, generally the vessel used to transfer your head is your body.

Are these people cyborgs or something? It seems like there are a lot of detached limbs and other body parts in this chapter.

She gave her doubts to her gift: “His strengths parted in a form and covered a colored form, the worst parts of her child, her child’s parts, her legs, and the ones who remembered. She took her and got married to her, she saw it. He stopped at least one year without need and sat on her head.

Okay, that’s beautiful writing right there. Good work, Wildbow. 🙂

When he caught his eyes and pulled himself down, because he suspected that something he wanted, because he was. That time, she never saw. Remember that occupies their ideas in recent times. And with some point of view, it forgot the heritage, and remembered it as paradoxically as it was.

Better keep those wandering eyes in check, buddy.

And they never talk to anyone.

So the two of them share this history and keep it secret from everyone else, yet now they’ve ended up hostile to each other?

That’s harsh.

He will be the soldiers who have been killed for other children’s enemies. After that, he was afraid, the guerrilla fighters were in the woods. Then he was hanging a lot of times and sat down on the ground with a rifle attack. He also did not want to be bad, nor did it burn one of the children, Behar, was killed.

RIP Behar.

This paragraph reminds me of a couple things from the Wheel of Time. First, there’s Mat, whom I’ve talked about before – his brain is filled with the memories of historical soldiers and generals, making it seem to him as though he was each of the soldiers at some point. But the thing about hanging a lot of times (while that is still relevant to Mat) also reminds me of a scene where use of an unreliable means of transportation leads a group of characters to each experience what a bunch of alternate lives might be like for them. Bad lives.


He sorrow his death, without asking, but he did not accuse him. Ten of them returned seven times, for his sake.

Wait, did our POV character end up on death row while I wasn’t paying attention?

He returned to his village, sparked his funeral, and did what he had to eat until the guerrilla fighters again again.

Certainly seems he expects to die soon.

This is a promise to communicate with you, so that you can discuss your gift.

It’s good to have someone to talk to.

He knew that the guerrilla fighters used it, to use it, if they knew. Everything that had its power to accept, he did not want it to be for him.

Ahh, yeah, might want to keep your power to yourself if you don’t want the guerilla to force you back into their ranks to fight for them as a cape.

When the fighters returned, they found the children’s state and chose them.

Let’s play some basketball! POV guy chooses one team, I’ll choose the other…

Their fighters came to the city, and found a person that other than the United States had changed, many refugees were. They were dispersed, and the other sent one of the same inmates and other children sent to the other.

They… dispersed and imprisoned the refugees?

It was nearing the dawn, and it was thrown into the other planes, so that it was new. It was difficult there. They traveled by travel – after that he learned to be a micro dictator – and he hit a lot.

Oh, fuck, he became a dictator? Which country did POV guy just take over? Turkey? It’s definitely not the U.S., that doesn’t work with the present day story.

…does it?


Guard weapons found that they could not get it back, and it was different. The question was asked, many questions. They were thrown to a sit, at the door to investigate at the entrance, and the same same weapon was reached that he had almost a half hours before.

So he’s taking away the guards’ weapons. I’m no dictator, but that strikes me as a bad idea unless you think they’d stage a coup against you.

Everything else was after that.

Okay, no more flashbacks, then.

It was the first military military that he rescued. He took that American, he found that he had a family.

Do we know this POV character? The tactics in play here remind me of the origins of Night and Fog’s names, but I have a hard time picturing Fog as a former dictator.

Then again, who knows. They’re some of the Brockton Bay locals whose personalities I know the least about, and he is a Nazi.

It is listed when the first three wards are installed. He knew about a hundred English words, numbers and alphabets when he went to the first floor.

Oh, hey, we’ve got the Wards involved now. So all this happened around the time the Wards were created as a subdivision of the Protectorate?

He sat on the table and defiled his face.

Uh. That doesn’t sound healthy.

He saw the sludge and cleansed his teeth, then shattered, then hidden his tongue. It is very easy to forget those things, without having a dream to break their days of continuity.

Makes sense.

Do these things better than these things, but do not forget. She was attached to her mouth, then her teeth on the teeth, saw that she had them. Whites that were completely white were white. Is not true

Sounds like everything is where it should be.

Every weapon has started transferring after his mouth, after which he had fired for the first fingerprint he had for it. He has been transported to a village by a few times before he left the house. He went to the water and put the water in the water.

Gotta make sure to water your ponds regularly.

Transforming the skin into the light of the PHQ transformation, monitoring the appearance of TVs as worse as system systems.

Oh, we’re at the Protectorate HQ now?

If the dream was there, the American still is a dream of dreams. He was far away from where he was from there. Not here, war, truth, and still arise here to suspect this. People with suits, love of love, healthcare care services and non-telephone teams are the most endless teams.

People with suits do come in really endless teams, it’s true. Not so sure about healthcare care services, though – isn’t that an understaffed field?

Many complaints have often been often expressed and strongly condemned the transfer of their nationality to the loved ones or the death of the dead. When it had complained about the complaints and friends of his friends and friends, he simply got ridiculous words.

Ridiculous words, huh… *glances at the chapter so far*

Extreme lighting and tedious experiences and wishes for everything and television and sporting and dental games and catalogs and lists and listings and listings … was a good list of its best and started using it and Everything was sharp as he thought he was upset, something new was new, something he knew or realized.

Sounds like someone’s been browsing Craigslist.

She told her parents about her as soon as she complained so that she could start her own name in the United States of America.

Sounds like a wise move.

She acknowledged and signed her parents that she had given birth to her last time and she would have gone back.

Wait, signed? Is she mute? Or her (adoptive) parents deaf?

Some small things, how minorities, because they saw and did it. He did not complain about it. Everyone praised how his school and his education was happy. It’s never been done. Why should he This is what he had passed in the woods.

Hannah seems to have taken over the POV to some extent, so my moniker for him is kind of inaccurate now, but POV guy, the dictator, at least seems to not be a complainer.

Very hard to believe that the events that had been around for almost twenty years ago.

Ooh, timeframe for how long it’s been since the guerilla stuff.

He never did anything perfectly. More often, she began to get started that she died, she then stepped it up and did not spend her time in the forest.

Yeah, if you feel that you’re starting to die, it’s probably best to get out of the forest.

When he thinks well, he made his mistakes, in the beginning as a very dangerous threat very dangerous. Now, while trying to find himself in a beautiful mind, he often asked.

Sounds like dictator guy has a philosophical side to him.

She remembers me that she was married, of course, more than he was real life, because she often goes on. Ironic, as it needed to be so often, so that the truth remains in reality.

Oh! Looks like their relationship has progressed significantly.

Hm. Night and Fog were said to be married, right?

He loved this country from the country. Truly, I love the love, because it stands for me. They will fight for them as their ally as a garment. American was not perfect, but nothing was hidden by human beings. Anger, wrath, autocracy, sorrow, anger.

Hmm. Super patriotic, but thinks the country could be improved…

That describes a lot of political stances, but it’s worth noting it does play into the Night and Fog theory.

But things are good. Freedoms, thoughts, choices, expectations, and opportunities are there anything to do, here if they want to do it. As he has accepted a new country, he should do his friends with friends, friends, parents and parents.

Oh wait, right, they’re Turkish immigrants. May be a bit unlikely that they’re Nazis.

While he started a college, he lost his testimony, and he knew that at least he would talk about things other than the cultural, music and television.

People decide, he knows, and then he never says what he would have to do when he accepted his prize.

Being a bit coy about what we want to do with prize money, are we?

Even in other believers other than those who were afraid and afraid, he told them that he was God, or one of his angels, as he had to understand about human being.

Looks like his ego hasn’t deflated any since becoming a dictator.

Because he can have authority to protect himself. Otherwise, differentiate different comments, say they have given the gifts that have been given to bad people, so that they know the science. It is possible that a small part of the suspect suspects some of them. However, he had expressed his confidence in the discomfort.

Or maybe he’s actually delusional like Nilbog, thinking he is indeed a god or an angel, trying to understand humanity?

Understanding this thing, by looking at humanity, it was something else to make it sad, or worse to have no thoughts on human influence. Elephant in the gnatsan? It’s a good idea.

Yeah, sounds good to me.

It’s 6:30 am in the clock. He left on his face and on his face, surrounded by his own side, then left his room.

We had a Dandelion vision earlier, but sometimes the bodies of these parahumans appear more eldritch than the multidimensional Lovecraftian monstrosities.

Energy has surrounded the attack on the left, with its grief on its own head that he went. He made his way to stone and tower until the end of the street.

A man of a female voice, one of the women heard. He pulled on and opened the door.

“Yeah?” Armsmaster offers

“Am I waiting?”

“No, come,” he responded.

Oh, hey there, Armsy!

So does that mean we’re still in the past, or does whichever one of our POV characters this is (the dictator, I think) still think of Defiant as Armsmaster?

Either way, it seems like the dictator is involved with the Protectorate. If this is in the past, maybe I misinterpreted what his power was earlier and he’s actually Dauntless? Would go with the “energy” thing here.

He entered the interior. He has been in a place and a station. The two spare pieces were at the side of the room room, each had a distance of small businesses. A set of Halberds on a rack behind the desk of Armsmaster, one was spreading into pieces. One of the locations on the surface was empty – the Armsmaster was his first Halberd.

Defiant seems to have foregone Halberds in favor of something more spearlike, so I’m gonna say this is the past, before his fall.

“You are very hard to forget that again go back, Colin?” Hannah asked him, but the answer is the answer.

He collapsed, reached his computer and got a button. He saw that time, disintegration, “Disagree.”

Ah, looks like Hannah joined Dauntless in here. Okay, who is she, then? The only thing I really have to go on with regards to her power is the palm hooks.

Maybe Miss Militia could use those to stabilize her grasp on her weapons?

“Good News, Miss United,” a woman’s voice came from a computer.

Interestingly, “Dragon – Really, I do not know where you were there.”

Miss United. I don’t think I’ve heard of her before.

Also, hi, Dragon!

Maybe Dragon’s… “presence” is why we’re looking at this in this Arc.

“You’re too early,” said Dragon. “Do you have a look at the site because I’m late?”

“You are not,” Hannah admitted. “Of course, because I was in power.”

“Oh, I too.”

Colin turned back and said with his eyes, “I’ll give my foot for that little.”

Yeeah, Colin would certainly like to be in power. Might bring him that reputation and respect he craves.

Hannah nodded. Were some of them? The computer commentator asked him, “Do you remember?”

“Do not understand,” replied Dragon.

“Nevermind.” If the Dragon remembers, Hannah responded to the answer. Denmark was very difficult to open the connection

Coddamn potatoes in their throats.

Though I’m pretty sure her accent is Newfoundlander, not Danish, Hannah.

“Colin said. He took him to Halberd before.” Tinker fired something. I think the current project was today. ”


Wait, which Tinker fired something? Bonesaw and Chariot aren’t around yet. Unless you mean Armsy did?

The Armsmaster arose, Halberd’s break was one. He needs a stick, and a stick. Until the withdrawal of arms, take the cross against a dog of a dog that could have his dog’s bag. It took note that the purple purse opened, and without the resistance. The bushes on the ground.

“Impressive,” she told her.


He pulls a sticker key, and a spoon in a sprayed black, only the music of the collapse of the weapon of the fall.

“The problem is that it is difficult to stress, aggression, and other energy, disease, and enhances plenty of tools in the end. Even though my ability to do anything without me, use it.

How is it a problem that this enhances other tools?

“I believe you know it,” Hannah told him. Then with his head, he put his hands on his hips, “Now, I do not feel too distressed.”

Kolin started with her own small rocks on her hands. “True, I say to you, I say this.”

What do you say?

He returned to his desk and went to his seat. He picked up a sticker and pistols, who started the guest’s salad and picked his feet, pulling one on another. With an exit transfer, he pulls out the stacked stacks and makes it dry.

“Piggot decided to activate in the future of the past. Both are built and protected by Defense.”

Oh, neat!

Hannah said, “How bad?”

Commenting, Colin told him: “While Wards is looking for us, we lose the Aegis. Piggot and PRT want it to be a different team, and the father’s son is very happy. He’s been in a long time for Wards to get him smaller than that. “

Wait, did he know they were going to lose Aegis to Leviathan somehow? Does the PRT have precogs on board?

“What will I do?”

“This is a bat. It will be a Boston team.”

“I do not know,” Hannah admitted.

So there’s a bat that will become a whole Boston Protectorate team all on its own? Eh, fair enough, I’ve heard weirder executive decisions.

“The kid is good to register,” the dragon was fired from the computer, “Ferrous biology is hidden through the skin. Throughout this framework strong, difficulty, good quality, tactics of tactics. A web shows its answer, it is more effective than the medium, as it is one of 53 cases. “

Wait, how did they get on the topic of Hookwolf?

“Is it a tattoo?” Hannah asked him.

“The address is plugged into its own, not tattoo, but yes.”

Why would he brand his address (what kind of address?) into his skin?

Hannah nodded. “What else?”

Colin frowned, “We need to transfer our wards to two teams closer to other teams.” I sat on Win Win, I got caught in some others. ”


Oh hey, Browbeat hasn’t been brought up in a while. Wasn’t that a huge part of why he was edited to die?

Also, Colin, please don’t sit on Win Win.

I take it splitting the Wards up between teams in other cities didn’t happen because of Leviathan?

“Very new.” They can not sell it for Piggot, but my suspect is to think he’s going to find out that he’s wrong. ”

“Hm. Many will not be able to get to Boston.” Many log-logs appear “Hannah on the computer.” He could not say more.

Why would they not reach Boston?

“Colin said,” You can talk freely, “Dragon is reading about writing the writing, or he reads that.”

Dragon’s trying to learn how to become a better author? Sure, follow your dreams, Dragon!

“There is a lot of responsibility for localization, and it is expected to start local business business with the permission of our father,” said Dragon, the truth that told Colin, “Miss Milîtia is right, it’s a real truth. here is ~~ V. “

For Vendetta?

Or maybe Vaarsuvius.

Also yeah, localization is a hard job. It’s not easy translating one culture into another.

Hannah nadded, “Get Painful for Vista and Clockblocker. These are a great weapon, and they both play the role of the area after they play around the bomb.” Shadow Stalker? “

Hey, don’t get painful for them.

Colin took her head, “It will be more upset with someone else like Shadow Stalker against the other team if we get rid of a newbie like a virus.”

“Still?” She asked Armsmaster nodded.

Yeah, that would probably not go over well.

Hannah has fallen, “Helping. What is this that you do? Suggest the Shadow Stalker and Kid Win. If Piggot does not want Shadow Stalker, and you should aim to change the changes of Shadow Stalker’s changes, Piggot will be able to make it worse for his time. browbeat.

Colin keeps her, where she left her on the stones, left.

…sounds like a plan?

“If he does not want to get away from two people, and you really need to offer a Clockblocker. He accepts this, even in the summer, and I say he was friends and friends that he could return. Brokton Bay, as he returns to eighty eight years of defense, is the best situation we do, and he does not want to require more than Boston or New York. “

I don’t know that Clocky will be up for defending Brockton Bay for 88 years, but sure.

Colin sighed, “You better than me.”

Do not know how to answer? Colin was his strength, but he was right.

Super humble dictator guy strikes again.

He went, “Success.” He took the second folder and pulled it out.

“What?” He took it, opened it.

Ooh, what’s this?

“For Piggot and all supervision on our team, you have encouraged. In the next two weeks, these teams and teams will be transferred to their destination.”

She stopped there, slideshow with a library library. “Where are you going?”


Armsmaster was getting moved to Chicago?

…why does that sound vaguely familiar…

In Hannah, “Chicago! It’s amazing! A great city, a great team! Myrddin’s place where you’re going?”

“She lives in Chicago.”

Hannah took her head, “But …” she turned back.

Just a bit hard on the face of Colin.

“She’s very disappointed,” she said.

Oh, so he wasn’t going to be roommates with Myrddin, but rather with some lady he knew there.

“It’s politics,” said Colin, and said: “That’s good. By the way, because I hate you.

At least he’s upfront?

I’ve been calling for everything that I get on the table, but when it comes to me Starting, managing managers, navigating bureaucracy … I’m good at that, I’ll never do it. That’s why, I’m able to spend, and I can always give another team to take over. “

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you want to do it.

“I’m sorry, I know what you want.”

“He is good,” he said, but his brief and firmly he was not clear. He transmitted his hideout and keyboard. At the bottom of the darkness, his face shows the light of the blue light in detail. He shook his head.

Well, fair enough.

“Weight. Remember this program, which I threatened to announce lessons of the program?

Pfft. Did he threaten to start teaching people computer science?

I made a few changes, to see if I could not do anything interesting, I just wanted to look for ten people. name HS203. I want you to look at it directly. I’ve put a lot of security behind it, but if you remain second, I will ”

“I’m looking for this,” Dragon Dragon stopped. “I see what you did. The data related to my atomospheric. I think I can see it.”

Ten people… some relation to the Slaughterhouse Nine?

He went on a cross and collapsed on Kolin at Kolin. The east coast of the East extends overlooked. “This is not what I mean.”

Wait, is the east coast deformed? Besides the lack of Newfoundland?

“What’s a matter of truth,” Colin said, his voice shook, “If it’s kept in a long time, it’s a second time to show that the startup of the start-up work for the endangerers began to work so that we could see Do not expect them to attack the attack, some of them prepare.

The Endangerers? Interesting name.

We know that there are some legal laws, but when we do not know why, in a short time, let’s get together, shortly after two hours At least look for the same. We know that they are understood in the areas where there is an injustice, they think that it can cause damage. Nuclear Racitors, Birdcage, have recently been killed in the bribery of natural … “

This happened in the past, right, so the Birdcage can’t have been broken open already…

He klocked the monster, and quickly dropped the picture into the sea.

“… Continues Fighting,” Hannah ended with her, extended her eyes. “ABB, Emperyal Eighty-Eight, War Is It Coming Here?”

War! Hooh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Colin did not answer him. “Brockton Bay is located in the profits of the proposals, and the city has a large number of negative or negative negative measurements. My data is available, between interrupts of astronomical astronauts, and”

“Good news.” The occupant voice does not suspect, the conversations that are reported to be the most reported information.

“Is it okay to ask for help?”

“Good enough.”

Y’know, I’m not so sure these so-called Endangerers coming to Brockton Bay is “good news”.

Colin leaked, his seat goes to the small council. He opened the window and opened a window. Successful goals began to begin with the fastest self.

Yeah, being quick can be good, so long as you’re not hasty.

“Dragon, I’ll contact the team of Piggot and Defenders. You get to know everyone about what matters you need.”

“On this.”

He went to Hannah, and his eyes were short. At that time there was a connection between them, and he did not believe he saw his eyes.

Story story

Let’s mobilize!

“Mississippi Miss. Local Returning. And we need a place.”

They will overcome the grief. “Yes sir!”

Miss United is also a Mississippi Miss? Is she Miss United as in Miss United States, winner of a beauty pageant?

Strange reveal to end the chapter on.

End of Interlude 16b

This was an odd one. It was neat to get a look at the past of Dauntless and this Miss United / Mississippi Miss who might be Miss Militia, and into the Protectorate shortly before Extermination, but why now, seven Arcs after that?

And who are the Endangerers? Have they been hiding in Brockton Bay while Leviathan and the Nine wrecked it, just waiting to take their turn at endangering the city’s people, maybe starting next Arc?

Maybe they got killed off-screen by Leviathan, but then why did we learn about them now?

I do wish we’d gotten more details on Dauntless’ dictatorship, but oh well, this was interesting anyway. And hey, we did get a little bit of Dandelion action there, that’s always neat!

I really can’t shake the feeling that something was off about this chapter, though.

Maybe there’s a reason for that?

April Fools! 😉

So, what the hell was that?

*TV ad narrator voice*
“Krixwell Liveblogs Interlude 7 of Worm – now with 100% less pine tree discourse!

What you just read, my friends, was Interlude 7, run through Google Translate. Only once, mind you, from English to Kurmanji and back to English, because Kurmanji is one of the best languages to use for wacky, nonsensical results. (Hawai’ian is another good one, by the way.)

I chose Interlude 7 because of the language rather than vice versa, but it certainly didn’t hurt that the Dandelions were involved and I wanted to see what Google Translate would do with Karahindiba. Then again, perhaps the Dandelion descriptions in Infestation would be better for such an experiment.

Oh yeah, one more thing: My vague disappointment at finding there was an Interlude last time was because I had planned to end the chapter with something to the effect of “I have this weird gut feeling we’re in for an Interlude next time”. Having an Interlude right there ruined that, because having two mid-Arc Interludes in a row is so far unprecedented and it’d be weird for me to suggest, unprompted, that we were about to. But since Interlude 16a ended up doing something unprecedented with Piggot getting a second bit of POV, I found a way to incorporate something similar anyway. 😛

Anyway, I hope you had as much fun reading this mess as I did. See you soon for an actual chapter! 😀

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