Between: “I16b”


The Chungus Amungus:


and as someone pointed out on another server, that looks like Worm cosplay

true god:
……………………………fuck, it does

Essence of Treefrog Soup:
@The Chungus Amungus lol it was already turned into fanart on /r/wormMemes



I love Taylor’s expression

And it’s drawn by Pericardium because of course it is.

At first sight, without having seen the context from the top image yet, this looked like some of Taylor’s potential love interests arguing over who gets her while Taylor just revels in the attention… so I’d say Pericardium managed to capture the “looks vaguely like porn” factor nicely. 😛

Asks! There are some beautiful ones this time around…

Hey Krix I’m going to stab you (kidding). I just finished reading the ML fanfic you recommended and I didn’t realize that You Don’t Know Me wasn’t finished and hadn’t bEEN UPDATED IN OVER A YEAR AAAA?? I didn’t even think to check whether it was finished or updated recently godammit

Oh, RIP. Sorry, I would’ve said something if I’d realized, but I don’t think I ever actually caught up on You Don’t Know Me, so I didn’t know.

This is the first 3 paragraphs of Hannah’s Interlude put through the Yoda translator, then the Ned Flanders translator, then the Jar Jar Binks translator, and finally, the Shakespeare translator.

<walk> da soldi’roo bark’d in turkish! hesa jamm’d his wangzapp’r between h’roo shouldst’rblades, hard. Twice as tup tup as h’roo hesa wast, far stout’roo den h’r, noodly-no fighten ‘r riddly-resisten coequal if ’t be true hesa wasn’t cap-a-pe so dalee couldst besa. Shesa stumbl’d f’rward into da shrubb’ry and trees, and branches scrap’d ‘gainst h’roo f’rearms and facen.

una foot in front of da oth’r, h’rself hana toldeth. Liken leadeth weights as shesa trudg’d f’rward h’roo feet w’re. Da noodly-needles on da trees and shrubb’ry scrap’d ‘gainst h’roo skin. Coarse coequal da twigs w’re, almost th’rinony, on h’roo diddily den dong dressen and sock’roos catching, through da cloth to scrapen h’roo skin and paunch’rino at h’roo shoeless feet biten.

<fast’r!> da soldi’roo threaten’d. Sometten else hesa hath said, longeth’roo and m’re complicated, t out but hana’s turkish wasn’t dandy enow to maken. Ov’roo h’roo shouldst’roo and sawen da fella backen da way she’d cometh shesa did look. His meanen explicitly clearen by waven his wangzapp’r toward da oth’roo children hesa madeth, c’rrall’d in da midst of a half diddily den dong dozen oth’roo soldi’rs who is’t w’re. If ’t be true shesa diddily den dong didn’t moven m’re festinate, p’r t someone else wouldst payeth. Hmm.

This is a thing of immense beauty, especially if you try to read it out loud. Thank you for blessing me with this.

“Autumn” is perfectly cromulent American English, even if it might be used more often in other dialects.

Huh. Glass (the friend I’ve mentioned occasionally talking to about Worm and more frequently talking to about language things, and the only person who knew what I was planning for April Fool’s this year) said something to the same effect, so I suppose my Norwegian English teachers were wrong or oversimplifying it.

Fair enough! Means I can use the better word without thinking too much about American vs British vocabulary.

Hello Clickwell! I have used blogs and Clickwell blogs for many years. In my story, I am still listening to a good story. That is what makes me notice my many thoughts and goals. Sorry if you want to help me, proud of this program with my passwords. 🙂 (Name of a beautiful rainbow of beautiful Volvo!)

Introspection is good, even if it has to come in the form of your self-insert OC listening to a good audiobook in-universe. 🙂

And yeah, it seems I can’t help you, with these passwords getting in my way. Nice work on that program, though.

It is sad to send the past, but it is a very natural thing, but it is a false lie. Why did you read the letter in April? Therefore, when you believe a false lie, use the Google website to add keywords to the content of extreme history. It continued and he warned you about the translation, he warned you in April.

I read the letter in April because it stopped being March and I didn’t want to wait until May.

But yeah, I’ll try to be better about adding keywords to the content of extreme history. The problem is identifying when I’m believing a false lie, because believing them by its very nature usually means I don’t realize they’re false lies. 🤔

So while I’m pretty sure the JPiggot thing was a typo, I’ve got my own theory about it, namely that Piggot seems like *exactly* the kind of person to make her username just barely wrong as just one small extra measure to trip up hackers.

Hmm. Sure, I guess that works?

I like my own take on it, but it’s not exactly a serious take.

I had always heard it as “she’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes”

Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to go. The corner was just me adapting the lyrics to the situation and not making it entirely clear I was doing so.

Incidentally, those headaches I mentioned had a lot to do with the English lessons I mentioned above, too.

[submission] f.: Basically how it happened, more or less.

[children’s history textbook with certain phrases edited]

Moving Out

When Nilbog & his children arrived, they needed land to live on. The Ellisburg peoples agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements.

Yes, that sounds about right. No horrific murders here, no sirree.

As your liveblog is my second Worm readthrough and after dozens of fanfictions, I know all the power classifications at heart, to the point that I watch e.g. Marvel movies and try to rate the superpowers in Worm terms. Tinkers (Iron Man), Brutes (Thor), Changers (Hulk) etc. It’s nice to be reminded that the ratings are only explained when relevant and aren’t used as a dick-measuring contest between characters. Hell, I think the only one we knew until Leviathan was Tinker, because Armsmaster.

Yeah, the handling of ratings in the story is very nice. They’re treated as a concise way of giving people an idea of what to expect from a cape, and of collectively referring to capes with a similar kind of impact in combat, and aren’t much more than that.

One of the most telling things on that front is the way ratings are based not on technicalities of how the powers work, but on how they affect the way the cape fights and the way you have to fight them.

By the way, I’m pretty sure Iron Man and Thor would both have Blaster and Mover ratings on top of their Tinker and Brute ratings, and Hulk would have a Brute rating with an asterisk like Lung.

Spider-Man sometimes makes the web shooters himself, but I’m not sure he’d get rated as a Tinker because what matters in combat are his Mover/Blaster/Brute abilities. (Though as of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which I finally watched the other day, Spidey does wear a Tinkertech costume with a lot of impact on combat. Not sure if that’d give him a Tinker rating considering it’s not his Tinkertech.)

Anyway, speaking of Lung’s rating, that last bit in the ask isn’t entirely correct, but it’s not far off. We learned about Masters, Brutes and Blasters in Interlude 6.

Squealer is dead, but I am sure there are Tinkers bullshit enough to built collapsible helicopters. Doesn’t even seems that hard: A tinkertech bag of holding with a big enough pocket dimension, or a teleporter which can store the dematerialised helicopter matter-stream to be restored later, or a helicopter made entirely of hard-light where you deactivate the projector and carry it around.

(It’s worth noting Squealer wasn’t dead yet at the time of Interlude 16a.)

Yeah, that’s a fair point. Tinkers can do some pretty wild things.

…y’know what, I do have an MLP OC whose hypothetical Wormverse counterpart would definitely be an aircraft Tinker.

It’s really funny that you happened to reference Rick And Morty in the chapter where we actually get to see Nilbog, a character who’s been so thoroughly compared to a particular Rick And Morty character that there’s actually some speculation going around that the Rick And Morty writers might have based him on Nilbog.

Huh, really? I guess it’s an R&M character I don’t particularly remember.

Hey Krixwell it seems like you accidentally posted interlude 16 to your tumblr directly instead of to your wordpress with a link from your tumblr. Well i assume it’s an accident might just be you deciding to do that differently.

Yeah, I don’t know what happened there. WordPress handles that automatically, but that particular day it seemed to want to ignore the readmore the crosslinking posts usually cut off at. I tried a couple more times before giving up and making a link post manually.

At least it seemed to work properly when the April Fool’s blog got posted.

Would you consider bringing back the “Next” announcements for which day to expect the next chapter, either at the end of each post or as separate Tumblr posts?

I already have! I post updates about progress and ETAs on Tumblr and Twitter. It’s a little less secure than it used to be because I post chapters in one piece now, but it’s a thing.

Admittedly, I’m a little inconsistent about it right now at the start, due to not being in the habit of it yet. And on account of being posted on April 1st, the latest #next post rather unhelpfully implies I’m going on another four-month hiatus.

…rest assured that I mean to blog the next long before the deadline of “by the beginning of August”. In fact, this post being published will mean I’ve started. 🙂

Suddenly how Piggots got her feelings about parahumans makes sense, right?

I got the sense that it was something that had already been brewing in her to some extent, but yeah, this event certainly didn’t dissuade her.

The term “nondescript” came up on Discord in the context of another liveblog, so I found myself rereading the opening of 5.1.

And at one point my brain, as my brain does, decided to pull My Little Pony generation 1 into it. (No conscious relation to the fact that the liveblogger in question is called Pony.)

So now I’m convinced that the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom regularly hang out at Somer’s Rock. After all, “dim, dingy and depressing” (and descript) isn’t so different from their stated preference of “dark, dank and dreary” places.

As much as I hate to say it, that whole thing going around about Ant-Man defeating Thanos by creeping up his butthole and then growing…

It’s a very Worm-esque tactic.


>Interlude 16b: Never Trust a Leg
>Status: Unable to stand without support. Next chapter might take a little bit.
you told you, man
you told yourself about legs


Technically the issue is with my back (my legs have even been helpful in dealing with things I couldn’t bend low enough to do), and LHC knew that, but let’s not let that get in the way of a solid joke. 😛

I just found out (via Wildbow, in a sense) that the people behind We’ve Got Worm are doing We’ve Got Ward too. Neat.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t get spoiled on anything.)

Concept: Skitter and Trickster versus someone with this magic item from the “WTF is my ridiculous magic item” generator:



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