Patreon Bonus: K6BD book 3 ch. 5-6

Source material: Kill Six Billion Demons, pages 4-31 through 6-73

Blogged: January 12-14, 2020

New decade, new demons!

(Well, technically this is the December 2019 post, but let’s not get caught up in details like that.)

Last time, Allison continued her string of bad decisions and allowed Incubus to put a part of himself in her, and not the part most straight girls might want him to put in them. We also learned that Incubus and Jagganoth are in cahoots, cahoooooooots I say.

This time, I suspect Allison may come to learn of some minor consequences of this decision, though I think the major consequences are yet to come later down the line.

It’s probably time to get off the ship, too — there’s a devil king to visit. Allison and Ciocie’s gotta go ask permission to be gay and do crimes.

I also accidentally didn’t cover the last page of chapter 4, so we’ll be taking a look at that too. Plenty to do and I’ve been itching to liveblog for a month, so let’s get into this!


At least she’s somewhat self-aware that making deals with mind demons to let them stick a part of them in you is prrrobably not a great idea.

…did it come with a healing factor?


Okay, maybe there’s genuinely something in this for Allison. Still not her brightest move, but not a total waste.


Also this panel is the best her hair has looked in the entire comic so far.

[alt text]

As always, Allison is known for her prestigious title as the eternal president of the Bad Decision Club

Choosing to elect their president based on who’s the worst at making decisions is really par for the course for the Bad Decision Club.

The pages are taking ages to load.

SOT32-33-1 (1)

I can’t read Allison’s last bubble there, but this is a nice establishing shot. Depths of Throne, I take it?

[alt text]

“And there they say, and wondered a while at the fiery images splayed out against the night sky, an open obscenity to the void.”



Looks like you could use some more of that babel devilfish liquor.


Didn’t expect her to wake up, did you?


Ciocie doesn’t seem pleased with Allison showing up. Was she hoping to keep something about this outing from her? (Maybe a surprise gift…?)

[alt text]

My goal as the comic goes on is to stick Cio into successively more ridiculous outfits

Or maybe that’s what she didn’t want Allison to see.


Ohhh, right, that little detail.


That’s actually a pretty plausible alternative explanation for the healing factor. Makes more sense, honestly.

And Allison doesn’t seem to be lying, so that’s probably not her trying to cover up the Incubus thing.


Hell yes, Allison standing up against White Chain’s bossy tone.

Does she have an idea involving that mouse… shirt? on the counter?


Y’know I was expecting a moment of badassery but this panel is honestly just super cute.

[alt text]

Imagine a cool guitar riff at the end panel there and you’ve got the right idea

Can it be a cute cool guitar riff?


s h o p p i n g   m o n t a g e   g o


I suppose some of this might be the positive side of the Incubus fragment, but the first step of exploring the minor negatives of that is showing the positives.

“Peh. It ain’t only devils that change their faces.” is a good quote. Humans are damn good at that too.


Well, if you’re not allowed to buy or sell, surely you could accept a gift with no payment involved? And with that I’m shipping Nyave and White Chain.

…I can see why White Chain thinks Allison’s drunk.

[alt text]

The merchant at the beginning of this offering is speaking the language IXXIIKKIKXIKKK which is very hard if you don’t have the necessary mandibles

Mandibles, eh? I only have one and he’s an idiot.


This entire giant panel (even bigger than this, I couldn’t fit the whole thing in my screenshot and didn’t want to save and crop) is just one really big mood.


Allison may be the captain of the team but it seems Cio is the referee and she just expelled Allison from the game for the red-card-worthy offense of asking to go before everyone was finished eating (in this case, Nyave).

[alt text]

If you know this place well you can probably smell it. I’ve been here.



Ah. I guess this is how they get in touch with the devil king.


She’ll have to, in time, I suppose. Then she might understand. Or she might tear the place to bits in the most chaotic ways imaginable.


Hey there, Pi’ipiesi. So this is how you’re getting involved in this book.

Are you the next step in devil bureaucracy or is this a social call?

[alt text]

Let the descent begin

Probably the former, got it.



So are you asking me to name Ciocie and Mamoru, or is this a call for devil OCs? Most likely something like the latter, given Ys-Voya’s status as goddess of audience participation (and birds).

I’m so glad the patron introduced me to Ys-Voya before this page.


I don’t know, a couple of them are kinda birdlike.

Are ebon devils further down the page or ignored because they’d be too powerful for the plot?


Heist archetypes, with their effect on the plot filled in… this is a very good way of doing something like this.

I love how the description that ends with “short and to the point” is actually the longest one because of how many words were spent on its shortness.

There were six of them, but only five archetypes are listed. Is she counting Ciocie or Mamoru, is one of the archetypes not described, or are there two of one type?

Given all the archetypes like this, I get the sense that we’re probably going to be leaning deep into heist movie tropes and parodying the entire genre. I’m so up for that.

A little while back, actually, some people on Loreweaver’s Discord server started a whole thing where we casted everyone who was around into a big fictional heist movie trilogy based around Lore. Early on, the person who started the casting decided for some damn reason that I would be, well…


Phoenix Chaser:
“Krix as The Looks”
Krix is in some bombass tux or dress
Krix: smile, talk, flirt, and be cute. Easiest job in the world.

…if there was ever anything that showcased that Phoenix has never met me in meatspace, it was this.

Anyway, we eventually decided I’d be in a tux dress like this one:


Realistically speaking I’d absolutely hate the practicalities of being in one of those, especially during a heist, but you can’t deny it’s stylish as fuck.


…I can’t believe I got cast as the freaking Looks btw :hahaha:
I’m not complaining, I’m just

[my icon was the blinking gif version of Rose Quartz with Li’l Cal’s face, as it still is]

That is fair :rose_caltz:

Right, demons, six billion of ’em.

[alt text]

bird contest? bird contest. i will win. i am the best at birds. birds

You sure are, Ys-Voya.

*scrolls down*





right back to the action

Loving the EVIL pants.


He brought friends.

So what are you guys, the Evil Club?


I’m guessing the ones we’re seeing here aren’t the ones that are getting Ys-Voya’d in. Too early.

Also is his name seriously Oscar?

[alt text]


I don’t get this one.


Allison, I get that you’re on a leadership and confidence kick right now, but you really need to learn to delegate to those subordinates of yours who know how to deal with things.


Oh, he calls the group Badstar. I think. Could just be himself. Gonna assume it’s the group.

Also Allison is actually right here, that is perfect. If the guilds don’t deal with Badstar, then Badstar don’t deal with the guilds, which means there’s less of a chance they’ll sell her out.


Oh my cod ahaha

Also I love “mumswear” because the roots of that are clearly “swear on me mum” and that’s another fun real thing to tie the devil dialect into.



Allison, that’s a huge dick move to Ciocie.

“Hey, everyone, dumb blonde Allison is back!”

[alt text]

Badstar is not very subtle, as you’ve probably gathered

I’m still not entirely sure if that’s Oscar or his group, but this is true either way.


Planning time!

Fractal, you say. So it’s made of smaller Treasure Fortresses of Yre? That doesn’t sound right.


So it’s really less of a vault with a security system and more of a security system with a vault.


Of course you’re going to face Mammon. This is a story. Like, that’s not even a heist story thing, it’s just a story thing in general.


So the sixth is Ciocie herself, then?

[alt text]

The Very Wise Frog was a bit of a dick, to be honest

The who now? Is that referring to Mammon?


Ooh, starting to understand local languages? The wonders of godhood, I suppose. Unless this is Incubus’ mind piece giving her some access to the languages he knows?

“open seven bells” feels like foreshadowing somehow.

As opposed to “many fish time now” which would be a near-undeniable My Brother, My Brother and Me meme if this page didn’t predate the relevant MBMBaM episode by four months. Um. Let’s call it foreshadowing for the internet.

(yes I do realize shrimp aren’t fish)

[alt text]

If you must visit Xe Tao, don’t try the food

Duly noted.

Oh boy, we got a big ol’ map.


Does Kutcher live there?

I like the idea that it’s the “commoner” circle that has the best food.


I wonder if the Gate of Apes was named as a derisive dig at humans.


The undercity makes me think about when Allison first appeared in Throne. I wonder where she was in the city. I’m thinking lower levels, maybe Ashton, but probably not quite in the burrows.


One ring to pankrate them all.


Larger than most nations? Sheesh, warn me before you go and completely change my sense of scale for the entirety of Throne! I didn’t think Throne was all that big at all, really.

Maybe this is where Allison was, given the lack of trouble for White Chain in getting her out to the narrows.

[back up to the top of the map, inner Ashton]


I’m sorry, Prim, I still haven’t read your story.

Xixo Vong… is that a person or a species? Either way, I’m a little partial to characters who live in hives these days.


Y’know, it never quite occurred to me that “fleshsellars” might be slave traders. I kinda just leapt to cannibalism.


Goblins, eh?

[back to the top again]


“ki rata”

I can just imagine Allison meeting this guy and telling him of Earthly karate.

Sounds like the crew’s ship is illegally parked. Such blatant disregard for the law, White Chain! 82 parking tickets for you!

(I know White Chain wasn’t the one piloting the ship, but she doesn’t seem to have stopped this either and she’s technically an officer of the law, so…)


I like the idea of a market where the dead just kinda give you worthless shit.


(what was the point of dividing this page into columns if you’re gonna cross it all the time right at the end here)


Are those monks… Kabutops mixed with Numel?


And there’s our destination. Damn, they had quite a way to go.


Oh jeez, that’s a good way to get a boiling surface on one side and a frozen wasteland on the other, if you leave it too long. Helps that Throne isn’t quite planetary scale, but sheesh.

Really, you’d think the sunny places in Throne would have to be built completely differently to deal with the excess sunlight.

Maybe Throne’s sun isn’t very warm and the warmth of the city comes from within. The light would bring heat anyway, but perhaps not that much.

…I’m picking on the science of a corpse city on a plate.

[alt text]


Oh yeah, he’d fuck this place right up.

…that’s not what you meant?


Seems like a nice place.

Also feels like a lunar outpost mixed with Burton Wonka’s childhood home.


Heh, swait and bitch.

Does Mogrin call Ciocie by her old name because of what Allison told Oscar, or just because they knew her when she was Yabalchoath?

[alt text]

Mogrin’s companion has no name and never speaks. There is a lot of speculation in Throne’s underworld that the strange pale woman is either Mogrin’s pet or her jailer.. What’s abundantly clear is it’s a bad idea to try and open the door to the White-Eyed Woman without being excessively polite to the both of them.

Sometimes Mogrin has to open the door for the pale woman, only for the pale woman to act like she didn’t just scratch at the door for ten minutes and be really indecisive about whether she wants to go out or not.


I love the overly polite translations.

*squints suspiciously at “gog”* My Homestuck senses are pestering.


To what extent of literalness?

Also, Spotify just decided to play This is Halloween. I find that fitting.


Good evening.

[alt text]


To ascend, each time you must first descend.

(If your senses are pestering, they’re right.)


Stick close to Ciocie, Allison.


Are you sure you want Yabalchoath back, Allison?


For the record, devils are still my favorite race in this story.

[alt text]

Heretic’s Court

Ah yes, we have arrived.


“thy prisoner”. A king who is, at least in ceremony, a prisoner to his guards. I like it.


Of course, the guards in question aren’t exactly your typical guards either.

This one looks like a body snatcher.


Time to see just how much of Yabalchoath is left in Cio?



The face of this one reminds me of one of the characters from that new Disney show, the Owl House. Can’t find an image of him, though, since the premiere is brand new and he’s a minor character who wouldn’t be in promos.

[alt text]

The first two arch-devils here are Bethanderian (crab-like creature) and Astarion (four winged devil). They are not part of the inner court of seven, but the outer court of thirteen. Yawmga (the meditating man) and Loabarrisleb (the many eyed one) are part of the inner court and far more powerful.

Interesting names. Loabarrisleb. Lowabarryslebbb. Let Barry sleep.


Well, guess shouting them down is out.


This is not a place where Ciocie has fans.

…okay I’d love to see Sleepy Barry start mockingly reading something from the book but as he reads more, both he and the others start to realize that oh no she’s good

(She isn’t, but taste is like the ass, divided.)


Ooh, I’m a lot more okay with the mind fragment if this the only way it’s going to manifest, letting Incubus appear as a confidence mentor even when she’s awake.


The difference between this and more insidious ways it could work is that this way, she knows when it happens and can choose not to listen to him if it’s stupid.

(Well, okay, she’s especially likely to listen to him if it’s stupid, for now, but she has the ability to reject it later.)

[alt text]

Anti-clockwise from top left we have Yawmga, Carnifex, Thrax, Loabarrisleb, Gloam, Izzicob, and Moab

You guys better not expect me to remember half of those without them being more individually introduced in-comic.


Look, I could make a JoJo joke here but surely you’ve heard them all about this page.

So… how physically is she manifesting this goddess here?

[alt text]

Myra, also known as the stinking goddess, is the patron goddess of the poor. Though finely dressed, the hem of her long veil is perpetually stained with the mud and filth of her surroundings. She famously broke UN-Ogam’s nose when he tried to carry her off and wed her by headbutting him in the face.

You go, Ys-Myra!

The “stinking goddess” thing reminded me that there was a temple to this goddess on the map.


So much for diplomacy with the Court.


[alt text]

She’s going to have a hell of a headache later

Allison or Myra?

There might not be much difference between the two.


This wasn’t quite how you wanted to get here, was it.


I take it the king of demons is not the little blue ox paperweight.


Prisoner, indeed.

I wonder how much of this is ceremonial. He’s got a desk and books that seem to see some use, but does that mean he gets to leave that iron maiden, or are they used by someone else?

I think this is a good place to stop for the night.



[Session 2]

Alright, time for an audience!

Oh, but first:

[alt text]

The furniture is a bit of a formality, but the king of all devils loves formalities (such as his imprisonment) so it’s a moot point.

That seems reasonable.


I mean the demon lord that fucked over my D&D character Icarus was a cup, so…


He seems nice enough on the surface.

The irony of me saying that when we can’t even see his surface is not lost on me.


“she’s your girlfriend


I really ship you two and as king of all devils

her included

I declare it canon”


Oooh, gotta love characters who know more than they should.

Does he only know things other devils are involved with this way? Business of devils being his business, and all that? So if no devils are present for something he has to learn about it the old-fashioned way (or have some other devil learn about it the old-fashioned way)?

As for the first thought, it’s hardly relevant to whether they’re friends now.


Alright. Either mind-reading, broader omniscience than I thought, or a reasonable and lucky guess.

MYSELF is a good name for someone whose speech pattern involves always emphasizing any reference to himself (I noticed that back at “MY captors”). Or conversely, it’s a good troll quirk for someone by the name MYSELF. I’m mildly surprised that he does properly capitalize other people’s names.

(MYSELF is half a valid troll name.)

[alt text]

Never listen to the Devil at a crossroads

Allison: “Screw wise proverbs.”


If either of you makes another devil wager I swear to cod

Allison’s not cool with this place.


I mean, sparing him a thought is easy enough. Doesn’t mean she’ll do anything for him.


Oof. That could be an inconvenience down the line.


Something like what was happening to Vladok before Allison re-masked them, I suppose.

[alt text]

As far as wagers go, it’s among the more lenient that Himself has made

Oh, I’m supposed to change the pronoun according to grammatical person. Noted.


Allison finally seems to be starting to understand the gravity of what she’s dragged Cio into.


Were the glasses simply a part of the storyteller aesthetic, another step taken to distance yourself from Yabalchoath? In that case, the glasses being broken by people who saw her primarily as Yabalchoath, while doing something that is breaking down the boundaries, is very fitting.


Ooof. They got to her.

What you are does not define you, Ciocie. It’s what you do that makes the real difference, and what you’ve been doing is heroism and trying to make a positive impact on the world through writing and helping Allison. That counts for a lot.


Allison, if you don’t pick up that book and bring it with you this instant, I will be rather cross with you.

[alt text]


A betrayal of self, I suppose.

Enter chapter 6!


Time to meet the heisters?


Nice to meetcha. You both have excellent designs.

[alt text]

This ditty has no particular tune, but you can probably imagine how it goes

Oh, absolutely. It has a very clear melody in my head.


Cat Master… please tell me they actually use cats for just about everything they do, one way or another.

That cat is adorable and Cat Master seems to be good to it, so I like them so far.


The trick is making your opponent think the purse you just slit is actually a full belly and that you just revealed the secret of your eating contest prowess. Then watch as they try to copy you and inadvertently commit suicide.

Fairy tales are fucked up sometimes, guys.

Anyway, by process of elimination I guess Xand is the Face and Cat Master is the Mastermind, or vice versa. Unless we’re subverting some expectations and Nxor is really good at planning and such.

I like the “two devils in a trenchcoat” thing the scrambled logic gates have going on between them. Were they a package deal, created by the same person?

[alt text]

Cat Master is widely feared in the Shades, his reputation has spread enough that many people avoid cats out of habit.

Xand once painted a fake door so convincing that it fooled you, the reader, into thinking what she’s guarding there with her brother in the first panel is real.

Pffft, nice work.

Were they just standing around, then?


I suppose armor is useful.



Poor Ciocie.

[alt text]

On to the final winner of the devil contest, the start of our heist, and a great number of monsters

I thought for a moment this was describing Allison as the final winner.

So I guess Xand and Nxor count as one, then. That does solve the six vs five thing in the contest announcement, but surely Abbadon wouldn’t know about it ahead of time…




Even death doesn’t save you from capitalism.


I guess that darker purple color is armor but it kinda makes her look like she’s gotten closer to Yabalchoath, so that’s fitting.


You’re cool as fuck. Are you part of the heist?


I suppose the six vs five thing was just because of Ciocie.

[alt text]

Return of the Thief Queen

It’s telling that Abbadon has managed to set up a situation where someone returns to a badass past self and it’s a sad thing.


Six, but only five were devils that needed filling in by the audience, I guess?

I like Felicia already and I want to see her interact with Cat Master.

She seems to be a play on Japanese lucky cats, right down to her pose in that last panel.


Allison, just roll with the rituals.

Are Oscar and the scrambled logic gates going to keep the truth about their trenchcoatiness from the rest of the group indefinitely? Charon seems to be one of the five he mentioned finding, suggesting they’re genuinely keeping the rest in the dark about that.

If they’re going to functionally be one character until forced otherwise, I can see why Abbadon might allow someone to sneak in two characters for the price of one.

[alt text]

The final part of the Tales of the Silver Prince will be up next!

I assume this is one of the stories in the description.


It’s like Abbadon looked at a dragon and said “but what if he started out as an alpaca chicken”.

So clearly what we need here are ghosts of alpacas past, present and future.


Charon might be a liability if his greed takes over, but until then he seems like one who’d know a lot about the target.


Are you having the dead dig a tunnel?

[alt text]

The beginning of the heist!



I guess getting in is the easy part.


Familiar, Yabalchoath?

[alt text]

It’s not entirely true that Yre has never been breached by anyone who survived the attempt, only it’s Grand Vault. There is simply so much of it that all sorts of vermin can slip in through the cracks. Only those that seek deeper treasures will face the Dragon.

That seems fair.


What do your coin senses jingle for, Charon?


Uh oh. The clutter is trapped, isn’t it, maybe something like that one vault in Harry Potter.


I recently found out about SCP-588. I find it rather relevant here.


…yeah, everything’s trapped. You’re in a room full of mimics.

Mimics are fun.

[alt text]

YRE is known well in some circles for being the only bank where the gold will quite literally kill you

Ehh, it has some competition on that front over in Wizarding Britain.


Even the floor tiles? Creative.


Go Ciocie!

[alt text]

Little known fact: Mammon’s interior designer was the infamous warlock Gari Gy’Gax


Yeah, between mimics and living floors, that seems about right. Watch the ceiling too, guys.


I didn’t really like Oscar’s design when he was first introduced, but his goofiness is growing on me.

He’s just like “Hi guys, what’s going on up here?”


Fuck yes, Mamoru kicking ass alongside everyone else!

Also showing her appreciation for Infinity Train while she’s at it.


A wise request.


Butt out, Incubus, I think she can handle this one herself.

[alt text]


Hmm. Overdramatic description or actual magic feature of the sword?


We interrupt your regularly scheduled badassery for an awkward tea party.

I’m down for that.


Honestly it’s a wonder she isn’t there.


I’m starting to realize that White Chain reminds me of Garnet, with the blunt stoicism and hard truths.

Also White Chain is clearly speaking from experience, but at the same time I’m not sure she truly means what she’s saying, deep down. The law may be broken, but is she as ready to accept that as she’s trying to act?


Rather recently, it seems. They were beaten out of her.

[alt text]

In retrospect I really should have timed page 6-66 to line up with something far more metal than an interlude with tea

Not only that but you cut away from a group with seven literal devils in it to focus on a human and an angel on that page. 😛


“I mean no offense, let me just say the worst thing I could say to you these days.”

Right now there’s a clear conflict here, but it’s one that can easily turn into Nyave successfully helping White Chain sort out her shit and from there it’s a short walk to the docks.


Cannot lie? Not without damaging your body, but you can.

Cannot doubt? That’s blatantly false in your own case, and that’s a good thing because a being that can’t doubt its conclusions is a horrifying concept.

Angels are tempered by law, but you said it yourself. The law is broken.

Now what the fuck is going on offscreen?


Is she going to do violence without the prayer?

Also, which guild is this three-eyed angel working for?

[alt text]

The number of character designs I have drawn that show up for a single page is getting kind of silly


It’s kinda funny how even if you’re not that much of a character creator, the moment you start writing stories about one of them, you start racking up side characters both major and minor.


Back to the fortress crew.


Hopefully none of the pillars are mimics.


Pffft. This is the room the staff of Yre were given for playing musical chairs.

Relatedly, Mammon has an interesting way of doing staff lay-offs.


Where does all that gold go? More importantly, where does it come from? Is there a whole gold fountain system piping gold mimics back up into the bowls?


You’d better be intending to do something with that thread that gets Allison closer faster, or you’re in tough shit, Suuz.

[alt text]

Soon I will be drawing far less characters in these scenes, I assure you.

Well, yeah, if they keep having to be offed because they betray the team, that seems about right.



Yeah, I’m with both of you on this one.


And now it’s time to learn why that was a mistake.

Bye bye, Suuz. We hardly knew ye.

Let’s have one thing clear: This would’ve been a mistake even if Allison hadn’t held supreme power. Barely in and you betray the boss while massively outnumbered? That ain’t gonna get the rest to treat you well.




Dammit, looks like Incubus has a stronger influence than it seemed. That first panel suggests something close to straight up taking control and/or overriding her moral compass.

[alt text]

You can put your own sound effects in the bottom panels there. I guarantee they will be appropriate.



Yeah, Charon’s pretty much voicing my thoughts here. It was inevitable that at least one of them would turn on the crew, but that was super early and honestly not a great idea.

The way I phrased it up there, it might seem like “do as thou wilt” provides some safety, but I was thinking less about retribution (aside from on Ciocie’s part, maybe) and more about reducing trust, making the rest watch her more carefully and try to get rid of her before she did something like that to them.

Also, looks like the logic gates aren’t keeping their secret anymore.



I like that mentality.




If that helps, it’s not in the way he thinks it does.

It’s the kind of wake-up call Allison has needed this entire book. She overcorrected, trying to become the undisputed boss of the team, and ended up bossy and closed-off, trying to do as she wants while ignoring almost all advice. She needs to calm down and allow her crew to also be her friends.

[alt text]

“The feeding frenzy of my starving soul, gnawing voraciously at the bones,
the exo-skeletal patchwork, protecting my own reflection within;
The twin and same engaged in the mirror act of chewing away
at the shell of my attacking self. The paradox unseen.”
-Meshuggah, Catch 33

Is this paraphrasing something from Catch-22?

Honestly it sounds like it describes what’s going on with Allison and Incubus, to some extent.


Earlier, I described Incubus’ ability to speak into her mind as one of the less insidious ways the whole thing could work, but it’s by no means not insidious. It’s just an easier form of insidious manipulation to recognize and do something about than many others.


I knew there would be a door on this page (I had the url for this page, and the url ends in “-the-door”), but I wasn’t really expecting it to be this big. I suppose it makes sense, if it’s for the Grand Vault.

The face gives me major D.gray-man akuma vibes.

End of K6BD: Seeker of Thrones chapters 5-6


So, this was excellent. We’re really doing a deep dive into Ciocie and devils and I am so here for that.

Oscar’s more fun than expected, and I enjoy the surprise appearance of Ys-Voya and her birbs and the audience participation she allowed for. I wonder how much say the character creators had in their personalities and actions.

Allison is slowly starting to see how badly she’s hurting Ciocie with all of this, and I really hope they can fix things up by the end. Not completely, of course; Ciocie’s not getting out of this unchanged and neither is Allison, but hopefully their relationship can be mended.

Next up: The Grand Vault, if this is the real door. How good is Felicia at opening doors? I hope it’s not as easy as she might think it’ll be. Then of course it’s time to meet Mammon and his endless ambition and likely fuck something up for him using the master key, probably with Zoss showing up out of nowhere to spout something about a seeker of thrones.

Actually, I think some of that goes in the month after the next post.

Honestly, the defenses of Yre, while creative, have only barely been seen. The illustrations before the heist implied a veritable gauntlet of traps, so it feels too early to get to the Vault. Maybe the door doesn’t actually lead to the Grand Vault, and it’s just another trap, or the gate to the next room on the way to the Grand Vault (which I guess might have an even bigger door).

I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. See you soon for more K6BD!

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