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I finally got the battery fixed aaand now my left ctrl key isn’t working. W seems to be going out too, at least on the right side of the key. Maybe I should just get a new computer if things continue breaking.

While this one’s thankfully not going to keep me away from blogging for a month, I actually use ctrl a lot while typing, as well as for copying and pasting and that sort of thing, so this is gonna be an exercise in getting used to using the right ctrl key. I’m fighting almost two decades of muscle memory here. Wish me luck.

At least most of the WordPress-specific hotkeys use alt+shift+[something] instead of ctrl.

K6BD patron comments

1. I’m glad you hit the Ys-Voya page; I was worried you might miss it because clicking the comic panel on 5-38 skips over it to 5-39. (It’s also left out of the print edition FYI maybe so people won’t try to submit content to a book they’re already holding in their hands)

Ah, I see. This makes me wonder if the other Ys-Voya pages I’ve passed are similarly accessible with the “next” link. I used comic clicking a bit more in the earlier chapters.

I won’t go into too much detail on the contest winners (some of which were composites of multiple submissions) but if you want more info you can scroll down on the pages where the characters were introduced for info & links to the submissions.

I think I’ll hold off on that until I’ve finished the heist.

I will mention a couple Cat Master facts: he was submitted by the same person who did that “highschool AU” animation you saw a while back.

Original submission:

And a small animation:


It looks like I’m going to need to make a DeviantArt account to look at the contest entry (it’s marked as 18+), but in the meantime, the animation is pretty cool!


I love the cat popping up at the end.

*becomes a deviant*


Between the animation and the “berserker mode”, it seems that when Cat Master stops crouching, it’s on.

Also everything that was submitted for the contest is mirrored at if you ever want to skim through them.


2. There are ten heist participants left (Allison, Cio, Mamoru, Oscar, 1-11, Cat Master, Xand, Nxor, Charon, Felicia) and I would like to challenge you to attempt to rank them based on survival probability. Throw Cat Master’s cat on the list too if you want.

1. …Wait, hold up, rewind. Back to Cat Master for a sec.

“Pale Bruiser”? Cat Master is the Bruiser?

Well, then. It seems we are subverting physical design expectations somewhat, by not making Nxor the Bruiser. Although it kinda seems like Nxor and Xand are treated as a single entry, so maybe they count together as the Mastermind or the Face.

Mastermind might be Charon.

Right, let’s move on.

2. There are ten heist participants left (Allison, Cio, Mamoru, Oscar, 1-11, Cat Master, Xand, Nxor, Charon, Felicia) and I would like to challenge you to attempt to rank them based on survival probability. Throw Cat Master’s cat on the list too if you want.

  1. Allison
  2. Mamoru
  3. Ciocie
  4. Oscar
  5. Nxor
  6. 1-11
  7. Cat Master
  8. Charon
  9. Xand
  10. Felicia
  11. Kitty

3. I think I mentioned quite some time ago that Oscar was one of the only characters to make it over from the original forum comic. Here are some random Oscar panels — context for these has been lost so your guess is as good as anybody’s:


What a beautiful mug.


Kinda getting the sense here that he’s one of the first devils Allison meets.


Now this I could understand needing a DeviantArt account for. If it weren’t on Imgur.

Is… is that Allison in an elaborate disguise on the right?

4. Just a small sample of the many background details that are easy to miss —
Gog-Agog billboard:
And Gog-Agog action figure(?):


The hottest wormbag person I’ve ever seen.

Granted, I haven’t seen a lot of wormbag people so her only real competition is Oogie Boogie, but you get the point.

5. “Very Wise Frog” alt text is a reference to Tales of the Silver Prince, a story that starts on 5-36 and continues sporadically until 6-61, about 4000 words. As the alt text already revealed, there’s a talking frog, so that’s neat.

Loreweaver once mentioned to me that K6BD is one of his favorite comics. I wonder if he read the description stories, because I guarantee he would be all for a story of a very wise talking frog.

Fuck. I just got spoiled on the existence of a Worm character called Scapegoat. I now know that he’s male and has a power that lets him “hot-swap” himself and maybe others, though I’m unclear on what exactly that means.

(This was partially my fault. I clicked a spoiler-tagged piece of text I didn’t expect to be Worm, but if I’d scrolled up a bit first, I would’ve seen that it was. I would still have been spoiled on there being a character named Scapegoat that way, but less on his power.)


I have written up a bit of a response to your response to the idea of a Sans vs Skitter fight, but it’s too long for Tumblr, so I put it into a Pastebin, ID: YEHjK9KE


On Skitter vs Sans:

Firstly, you have a few misconceptions about the nature of monsters and monster battles in Undertale: All monsters are magical constructs sustained by their soul – hence why they don’t leave bodies behind when they die. Therefore, Sans isn’t an actual animate skeleton – he’s a bunch of magic that looks like a skeleton.

Monster battles are also entirely run on magic, but the effects and nature of the attacks are based primarily around intent. The magical structure of monsters is vulnerable to directed killing intent – it literally kills them. A fantastic example of this is the Worn Dagger/Real Knife. It is the exact same weapon, but in a neutral run it gives +15 AT whereas it gives +99 AT in a genocide run. The object itself is the same – the difference is that in a Genocide run, Chara is in control at this point, and they are much more capable of channeling killing intent through it than the Frisk of a neutral run. Monster attacks against the player also work like this, which is why increasing your LV increases your DF as well as your AT and HP.

Secondly, what I think a Sans vs Skitter fight would look like: Sans gets off one attack, which will likely hit and hurt Skitter, but due to her highly violent life she will certainly have a high LV and with all her DT she’ll have a whole lot of HP. After that one attack, Sans gets shredded to pieces by the hostile, killing intent of Skitter and the innate aggression of large parts of her swarm.

You’re making a lot of good points here, except for one thing: “due to her highly violent life she will certainly have a high LV”

Being violent isn’t enough. No matter how much you FIGHT, LoVe only increases if you kill, and for half the story now Taylor has been very much avoiding killing. Coil was her first direct kill, and she still has a long way to go before she starts doing that to anyone who doesn’t in her eyes deserve it like Coil.

Similarly, she has only really had killing intent against Coil, Leviathan and the Nine. At my current position in the story, Sans would have to be much more of a bastard than he is, or somehow be misinterpreted as one, for Skitter to have much killing intent against him at all. She’d be closer to Frisk’s AT than Chara’s, and HP also seems more tied to LoVe than DT, even if DT can act as a focus sash (if you’ll excuse the mixed gameaphor). Skitter’s armor would give her a high DF, though.

I wouldn’t say any of this is really a case of me having “misconceptions”. It’s just that when you’re doing crossover stuff where combat works in wildly different ways in the source materials, you have to pick which rules to follow, and I came at the question with rules closer to Worm than Undertale. Just like you analyzed Skitter in Undertale terms, I treated Sans’ magic attacks almost as though they were Worm powers. Both our approaches are valid, they’re just tackling the issue from two different angles.

I haven’t been this sad about a dead battery since the Prey arc.


Taylor Hebert is a valid troll name and how do you feel about that?

I know a guy who’s got at least one Taylor Hebert fantroll. It’s certainly helpful for that sort of thing, so you don’t have to start stretching and squeezing the name, though it does leave it oddly ordinary.

I think his Taylor is a fuschia? Personally I think I’d give her a lower blood, like maybe olive, or yellow if I wanted the allusion to Sollux’s bees.

You not reading the stories below the pages has really screwed you on this one, as you’d realize how fucking scary someone being named Himself is. But in summary, the Secret True Name of YISUN is I/Me. So a Devil with the name of Himself is a pants-crapping moment, as it indicates they’re just a half-step away from YISUN. And just to make that clearer: Himself is unbound by a mask, but still has an individual identity, something literally impossible.


So… if Himself doesn’t have a mask, maybe his iron maiden, while supposedly a formality, acts as one? He’s bound, just not by a mask.



By Funderfullness

Behemoth’s twin brother, Behefoil!

This is really cool, excellent craftsmanship. 😀


“Wormy Worm AU: Wormbringers” by ShinyPhione19

squirm squirm

I love them all. Can you imagine if worms had wings… wait that’s just butterflies isn’t it


photograph of an empty plate for some reason by SeaDenizen

can’t remember why I was going to send this too you


It’s a very nice plate, and well decorated! Even if I can’t put my finger on how.

there’s this guy ToePizza on /r/wormmemes who showed up there by mistake & hasn’t read Worm & doesn’t know what it is and is just making surreal memes about actual worms and it’s amazing. This one is called “Give meal”. For real though these toepizza literal worm memes are off the hook


Absolutely beautiful.

You say these aren’t Worm-related, but those are clearly paratroopmans.

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