Patreon Bonus: Kill Six Billion Demons: These Post Titles Are Way Too Long: King of Swords, chapters 5-7 plus some of 8 (jeez it got even longer)

Source material: Kill Six Billion Demons: King of Swords, chapter 5 to page 8-80

Blogged: June 14-18, 2020

It’s time to see what the Demiurges have to say to each other! It should be interesting to see them interact now that we know a little more about some of them and the story isn’t trying to pass them all off as unambiguously villainous.

I expect a fair bit of hostility between them this time, particularly between Mammon and Mottom. Gog-Agog will probably have much more relevance than at the last Concordance we saw, given her presence on the book cover, and perhaps we’ll get to know Jadis better while we’re at it.

Beyond that, it’s probably time to get Allison out of her status quo.

Let’s get to it!


Oh jeez, heated right off the bat.

At least someone’s having fun. If you’re happy and you know it…


Diplomacy, ahaha

I love Gog-Agog’s reaction to her sudden lack of a head.

I wonder if the Demiurges having a council was Solomon’s idea in the first place.


If it’s the center of the multiverse, is he talking about creation itself?

Or just something more personal, like the deposition of the Conquering King?

[alt text]


Yes, I got that. 😛


Of course Gog-Agog has her people looking like clowns. She’s lucky Jack Noir doesn’t work for her.


It may very well be where creation happened, but creation and destruction go hand in hand in such places.


It’s been on hold for a little while, but yeaaah things are definitely kicking back up.

Meanwhile, Solomon wants to believe that everything is under control and he has created peace (especially fitting if the council was his idea). I wonder how much of his own “prosperous nation” is less utopian than he’d like to admit to himself. Perhaps that’s how he’ll be broken, by being forced to see the dark side of his “achievements”.

[alt text]

Gods of the New World

But at what cost?


Pictured: Best of friends.


So what I’m getting is that Incubus is significantly younger than the other Demiurges. But if stealing the position among them is an issue, wouldn’t they take issue with Solomon too?

W-w-w-wwwicked waysssss such as training the Rising King behind their backs?


Zoss does have a way of reappearing when you’d think he’d be gone for good.

But what do you mean, more plans? You already knew about the heir.


Grrl Power has nothing on K6BD in the beefcake department.

[alt text]

“He had a sword called Ruin, and when he struck it against its armor it made a noise like cold iron that meant death. Five Times Ten Thousand Men did he cleave during the tumult, and tempered his blade again from the iron in their blood. So was the God.”

Ruin is a good name for a sword like that.


Gog-Agog is the most valid Demiurge.


Breaking the table on purpose is typically a breach of diplomatic etiquette, Solomon.


By dwarven law, the Concordance must now be put on pause until someone can go fight some trees to replace the table.

[alt text]

Ki Rata

Yeah, that might be a minor issue for the Rising King.

The shot of Zoss with a triangle to Zaid and Allison gets me thinking about Zaid’s actual role in things after the misunderstanding gets cleared up a bit.

Specifically… if Zoss is the Father and Allison the Son, does that make him the Holy Spirit? And what the fuck does that actually imply? That he’ll help people talk to each other? (He’s certainly got a bit of diplomat about him with his new look.)


Love how the table broke just right to illustrate the seven-spoked division.


Does the war between Mammon and Mottom not count?


Can Gog-Agog even hear what’s being said while waiting for her head to reform?


Oh yes. Gog-Agog is well on her way towards potentially becoming my favorite Demiurge when we get to see her serious side.

[alt text]

Out—out are the lights—out all!
And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
Comes down with the rush of a storm,
While the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, “Man,”
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.

So… best I can figure, this poem is implying that mankind is better off under Gog-Agog’s rule? Obviously that doesn’t mean they are, just that whoever wrote this might think so, unless they disagree with these “angels” (the Demiurges?). Or unless I’m reading it all wrong. Interpretation of obtuse poetry was never my strong suit.

Wow, chapter 5 was short.


Oh! Hello. Maya time?

And of course now that I’ve been told that I could use the name Maya because I keep forgetting Mathangi ten Meti, I have no problem remembering it. Figures.


Not gonna lie, this book has taught me some things about myself and buff women.


I mean yes, the hair is great but have you seen the rest of her?

[alt text]


I find it amusing that we’re getting this alt text immediately after cutting away from a gathering people who all believe they have ascended.


Something to be said for persistence, I suppose.

And hey… maybe eventually she won’t be an idiot.


Oh right, that instruction! I forgot about that.

Past!Maya seems intent on not following it, but present!Maya does call barrel lady her master.

This comic is hardcore enough that I could absolutely see her doing it, but it could be interesting if Maya’s “training” was never official from the master’s POV.


Now who’s this cryptid?

Au Vam, the king of kings… bold title for someone in this setting who isn’t a Demiurge. Hold on…

*checks old screenshots*

Okay, no, that’s not the king we saw Mottom kill (sort of). That was Pryan Sor. Rereading that does get me thinking about a few things, though:

One is that Pryan Sor’s world is mentioned as one to which the gate was recently opened. Maybe at this point in the flashback, the gate to Maya’s world (seemingly the same one Nyave is from) hadn’t been opened yet, and that’s why Au Vam got away with being the king of kings? Also, if Allison left things alone, this would eventually happen with her Earth too.

Wait, no, I just looked back at the introduction of barrel auntie and Maya mentions the gods of the red city (thinking them “heroes”, like a true fool). They had definitely gotten there.

Anyway, the other is that I don’t think I understood the end of Wielder of Names right. Pryan Sor appears to turn into a tree just like the one Mottom’s husband had become, which I had believed was the only source of the fruit of life she had available. But if she has the power to turn anyone she wants into those trees, then Allison destroying Mottom’s husband tree is far less of a blow than I thought it was. Of course, it was the one tree she cared deeply about, but if the other trees can also produce the fruit, it doesn’t make her mortal.

(It also explains how he turned into that tree in the first place, destroying the last vestiges of my little theory about the fruit turning you into the tree when you stop eating them regularly.)

“My student once asked me what should be done about my body when I was inevitably torn apart by my enemies. My answer was simple: feed it to the dogs outside the walls of the city. She was horrified, of course, and protested loudly. ‘Alright then,’ I said, ‘Give me a stick to beat the dogs so they won’t bother me’. ‘But master,’ said my idiot student, ‘You will be insensate.”Well if I’m insensate then why do you give a flying fuck what happens to my corpse?’ I said, settling the matter.”

Cynical to the last.


Excuse me, what?

Are people starving to the point where they lose their sapience?

GG, Mottom.


Not everyone is a cynic like you.

Also I’d be more concerned about Maya taking barrel auntie’s noodles if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s Maya who gets her the noodles in the first place. So it’s Maya’s choice who gets them.


Don’t feed wild animals, they say…


The starveling, especially in this adult form, reminds me a lot of Allison visually. Like a pink Seeker of Thrones.

She sounds like she might be an interesting character.

[alt text]

King of Swords

Another one??

Or… oh. This is Incubus. I noticed the “middle army” earlier, but decided I was reading too much into that.


Maya won’t do it. But he will.

That’s a neat twist on this.


It’s not clean, it’s not bloodless, but in desperation he will do what he has to.


So what does that make Maya to Incubus? Co-student? Did Maya ever actually become her master’s student?

Maybe she learned by watching Incubus.

[alt text]

Student of the Principle Art of Cutting

It’s official. Incubus is well on his way towards becoming the greatest hair stylist of the New World.

So whose spot among the Demiurges did he usurp? Was Au Vam one of them after all?


Meti-ten-Ryo? Eh. She’ll always be Barrel Auntie.

that’s a valid troll name

So who’s that you’re telling the story to?


Aw, she has her own apprentice-she-refuses-to-be-the-master-to now!

I’m leaning even more towards the idea that Maya never actually did become Barrel Auntie’s apprentice, officially. Notice how she neither denies nor confirms that assumption.

Also… are you sure you meant “divulged” there? Seems like it should be “diverged”.

Then again she also says “him and I” so maybe standardized use of words is not Maya’s first priority right now.

Does “ten” mean “student of”?


When he told Allison Solomon’s backstory, Incubus may have left out the tiny detail that his own almost perfectly parallels it.

Driven to desperation by war waged by Demiurges? Check.

Sought solace and training with old master? Check.

Killed said master at the end of the training? Check.

Usurped one of the sitting Demiurges’ power? Check.

Took one of the human protagonists under his wing? Check.

[alt text]

Thanks for your patience!

I assume there was a delay or something.

That, or Abbadon is thanking Barrel Auntie for her patience in waiting for Incubus to throw her to the dogs rather than doing it herself.


Is it, though?

Reach heaven through violence, girl.

I think Maya knows more than she’s letting on.


She doesn’t deny that she wants revenge. Only that it’s not within reach as long as Incubus has his key.


And thanks to the Rise of Allison, that is a time that will come again soon.

[alt text]

The war of wars

When you can call something the Universal War and have that be an understatement, busting out the “war of wars” moniker might be valid, yes.


Her hair. She did cut it.

And so did Barrel Auntie, by the looks of it.


My music at the moment fits nicely here:


One student learns the intended message. Another gets hung up on “the awesome fires of God, the limitless power of pure creation itself”.

[alt text]


Can’t spell “power” without “desecration”… wait


And that’s the essence. The death of innocents.


Willingness to kill is one thing. Desire another.


And yet she continued training them both. Perhaps because she did not care?

[alt text]

“It is said Sword Saint Meti had a great fondness for rats. Like dogs, they did not complain much, ate almost anything, and kept you warm at night.”

I’d call this mildly blessed if we hadn’t just seen how she treated them.

There’s an interesting sort of parallel between what Meti was saying here and what Incubus is now telling Allison about “trying to rule” and all that. It seems he did learn the lessons, but took them in a whole other direction.


was wondering about the timeline, but this helps. So Maya’s certainly older than she looks.

I love the way she answers that allegation with absolutely no answer at all.


The purple word is going around. Only a matter of time before it reaches Allison, I suppose?

Bookface is here. How many others from the small army of people who were following Allison around– oh, there he(?) is, sumo baby spotted. That’s the only one I really cared about aside from Maya, really.

Oh man, if Allison ends up fighting the sumo baby at the tournament…


There’s a whole community based around following Allison in hopes of claiming the key, I love it.

I like the redhead’s design. Does she have pupils?


Yet she’s still here, hundreds of years later. She never claimed not to be a fool.

Reach heaven through violence… or wait.

That appears to be the end of chapter 6, so I’ll take a break there.

[End of session 1]

I saw a piece of art of David Bowie in Labyrinth and unironically thought it was Incubus for a second.

Hmm. I wonder if Incubus is the source of Maya’s extended lifespan. Maybe he saw it as a gift or a punishment of some kind.

[Session 2]

Right! 14 pages down, 21 to go. Let’s see what we can do tonight. 🙂

Chapter 7, here we go!

But first, I missed the alt text on the last page before stopping last time:

[alt text]

They’re back!

They sure are! Sumo Baby, Mathangi “Maya” ten Meti and some other people I don’t care nearly as much about are back in the race!

(Even the badass grandpa guy whose name I forget — something hyphenated and Chinese-styled I think — is pretty much just a face in the crowd for now, though given his early introduction by name he might be one of the more relevant ones.)


owo whomst?

Also I like how I immediately get to see one of these today,


after watching Spirited Away last night.


Anyway, back to what Abbadon actually wants me to focus on — the newcomer who looks like a human court jester put on a devil mask and fake horns after dunking their outfit in broccoli.

The first person who comes to mind when considering the possibility that it’s someone we already know is Gog-Agog, both because of the green, the shorter-vowel grin and the fact that the end of chapter 5 implied she would come into play soon. And hey, wouldn’t you know, looking back at her outfit in chapter 5 she does in fact have those poofy sleeves!

I suppose with her wormy physiology, it’s trivial for her to change the weird sideloop of her head into a horn shape. But why? I mean, it’s one thing to not want to be recognized, but why a half-assed devil look? Is it just to justify the mask?

The easy answer would be insanity, but I don’t think she’s nearly as insane as she acts among the Demiurges.


Ooh, Texas hold’em!

  • White Chain: Unbeatable poker face, but terrible at reading everyone else’s. Reluctant to take risks that rely on her hand changing with the turn or river.
  • Ciocie: Can’t keep the smugness out of her face when she has good cards. Blatantly “sneaks” peeks at Allison’s cards. (Allison hasn’t noticed, despite White Chain attempting to call it out.)
  • Allison: Takes a lot of huge risks that keep paying off somehow. Has gone all in several times. The more thought she puts into her play, the worse she does. Never folds.
  • Princess: Has plenty of experience with the game from her time as Vladok, but is quickly discovering she’s better at it when drunk. Is no longer allowed to wear anything with sleeves at the table.
  • Nyave: The unexpected Texas hold’em master. Knows when to hold’em, knows when to fold’em. Goes for the deceptive approach to her poker face, fabricating fake tells that keep her opponents guessing. (This fools White Chain every time.)


Ooh, I think I was right on the money! She doesn’t see her hand changing for the better with the turn or river, so she folds.


Oh right, there’s also the “no lying” thing the angels have going for them.

I’m not saying it would crack her up. Bluffing isn’t necessarily lying, but it’s dishonest enough that it goes against the angelic culture and viewpoints she’s clinging to, even as part of a game.

[alt text]

It took Allison a long time to make a full 52 card deck from scratch and even longer to explain that the human figures on the cards weren’t actual kings and queens, much to white chain’s consternation

We already have a King of Swords or three in this book, we don’t need Kings of Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs and Spades getting involved.

At the very least stick to the minor arcana.

Also shout-out to Allison basically going “you gotta cheat”.


Cio’s so done with this shit.

I guess Cio’s going to run into little miss muffet out there?


Kind of a bad time, Gog-Agog, could you come back in like five minutes?

…y’know, I was wondering why G-A would even need to wear the mask (and thus have to justify it with the horns) when she can clearly shapeshift, but I just realized she might need to hide her key. Shapeshifting might not cover that.

But… where the hell does her key go when her head gets blown up?

[alt text]

Huh. That’s such a majestic title for a track that these days is way more associated with clowns and similar entertainers.

Either way it’s fitting, though, with G-A looking the part of the clowns but presumably being here to inform Allison of Solomon’s gladiatorial tournament and maybe Zaid’s location.


Ahaha! Who needs subtlety when you’ve got worms?

Beast, eh? You’d think “The Great Devourer” would go to Mottom but y’know what, it checks out.



Points for reflexes I guess?

I wonder how literally G-A means the “your pal” part. Is that actually what she would like to be to Allison?

There’s clearly a deeper layer beyond her presentation, and I fully expect envy to play a major role with her… what if some of that envy is directed towards Ciocie and the rest of Allison’s roommates?

(The “your pal” introduction also very much reminds me of Spinel from Steven Universe. I could see G-A having a similar level of unhealthy attachment.)

[alt text]

Pfft. That’s absolutely the vibe here.


Oooh, her worms don’t have to stay together.

From what she’s saying, it seems like a Faustian bargain thing where she’s given access to people’s bodies, rather than like those people being other bodies made entirely of the swarm like her main one.


She’s like Spinel, Pinkie Pie and White Diamond in one character and I love it.


Allison: Fuck no.

And there’s that more sly side people don’t see under the clown make-up.

(Incubus… “why don’t you try to rule”…)

[alt text]

It’s the Gog-Agog show! Featuring Gog-agog, and Gog-agog, starring Gog-agog, with Gog-agog and Gog-agog. Produced by Gog-Agog. Written and directed by Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog. Gog-Agog.

We might need a freshly painted wall over here, folks.


I can’t say this as often as it’s warranted because I would end up with no time to say anything else, but I really like this visual. Everything from the angle to the character designs to the composition.


So you’re offering to manipulate the matchups to make it easier for Allison to win, so she can — you believe — ask Solomon for his empire? But then she might just ask for Zaid instead, messing up whatever plans you had from there on?


Okay, so she did realize she’d be more interested in Zaid than the whole empire deal.

I don’t trust that “he’s mean and i don’t like him” is all G-A sees in this for herself, but sure.

[alt text]

There’s a reason we used March of the Gladiators to introduce this section

I mean yeah, it wasn’t that subtle. I’ve been waiting for Allison to get involved in the tournament since chapter 1, it’s not exactly a world-shattering twist.


What’s the point in having a regrowable head if you can’t use it to illustrate a point every once in a while?

Also it’s pretty fitting that after a year with Ciocie, it’s the Demiurge of Envy who gets Allison back on track to finding Zaid. There are certainly going to be a few awkward feelings around that.

Hell, maybe that’s part of what has Cio in a funk already? Maybe deep down she hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that Allison is only here because she hasn’t found the guy she came for, and that one day she’ll find him and take off without her?


Hey, so fun fact:

You know how I tend to say “cod” in phrases that would normally use “God”? “Oh my cod”, “coddammit”, and so on?

For a while, I would use “gog”.

And oh my gog do I love Gog-Agog right now.

[alt text]


That’s plural. This stage direction is counting each of the worms separately.


Okay but imagine the moment we just skipped…

“Hey, everyone, my pal Gog-Agog just stopped by…”


Last time was the book of chaos. This is the book of law. Try to keep up, Princess.

I notice that White Chain doesn’t seem to be actually saying not to do it at all. Just that they need to be prepared.


Nyave’s talent is stepping in at the moments I expect it least, but still having it make sense.

Her hero is considering not acting like a hero, and she’s not having it.

[alt text]

Carrots, against all odds, grow in fully 9/10 of populated worlds and are edible among many species, making them extremely popular in Throne.

Okay, but how common are they among worlds in general? Could there be a correlation between carrots and sapient populations developing in the worlds?

(I give it a 90% chance Abbadon is fond of carrots.)


The golden age of parahumans was thus short lived– wait, wrong story.

People are just people, for better or worse.


Yeah, but will you get to participate in it?


Aww. Is she worried for Allison? Or is it the Zaid thing I talked about kicking in?

[alt text]

“Close examination of historical records does, in fact, reveal that Throne’s streets in the Sanctum and Sacred Spoke districts were in fact at one point literally paved in gold. Since the second conquest and the end of the universal war, most of it has been scraped away, but stray bricks do show up here and occasionally find a good price as collectors items. I myself have found two or three from the stalls of dead fellows in the Ghost Market, though I do not recommend venturing to the Lower Shades in order to pursue such wares.” – Peroxes de Parcival

Goodbye, yellow brick road.


This is exactly what she’s been worried about for so long. The day Allison’s adventure would resume and their lovely status quo would be shaken up.


oh no that last panel my heart

I just wanna hug her


I suppose I should’ve expected this. White Chain was sidelined while we focused on Ciocie and the devils. Now it’s White Chain’s turn and so Ciocie sidelines herself.

This is clearly not farewell forever, but damn.

[alt text]




She could.

…did Ciocie just use sleep magic or is this smash cut on our end only?


Okay, our end it is. For some reason I thought they were flying on some kind of vehicle. Probably the visor’s fault, mixed with the cloud background and maybe Princess doing a salute / unsuccessfully shading her eyes below what I was seeing.

Speaking of shading, it’s interesting that shadows don’t seem to work all that differently in this world despite the two suns. Are they both in the same-ish direction? Or maybe they’re permanently stationed on opposite sides of the planet so there’s no real nighttime — Zaid did complain about them in relation to sleeping.

[alt text]


Abbadon knows which page this is. (Nice.)

That bridge still makes no sense, by the way, and I love it. I’m sure the people on those sailboats feel differently, though.


I might have tampered with this page.

[alt text]

The Atru priests flock in droves to the Circle of Strength, writing charms and wards for attendees. They make a killing.

A killing, eh?


Oh hey, there’s one of the Kind People up ahead in the queue. Neat.


Be careful labeling an entire world as your capital. Tends to attract weirdos with planetblasters.

Also somehow this mess does actually make the Ridiculous Bridge make a little more sense? But at the same time it adds a ton more segments that make even less sense.

…there are at least seven boats in this panel that are completely trapped.


I guess Princess is cool with hanging back.


Aw, Allison… she does care. That’s the problem.

[alt text]

Blood sport generates an inordinate amount of paperwork

To the endless chagrin of Jack Noir.


Someone learned the hard way that when faced with patients whose skulls are made of materials that burn forever once lit, even New England’s finest facial surgeon doesn’t do well.


Nyave seems to understand.

What are you looking at, White Chain?


At least she’s doing really well in the… qualification rounds, is that what this is? Physical fitness tests? Something like that.



Pissed Allison is scary.

But hey, it could be worse for her opponent, I suppose. Look over to the right.

[alt text]

Thanks for your patience. I got married!

Wooo! Congratulations!

Judging by the timestamp on the first comment, this page was posted in July last year. Presumably that means the anniversary is coming up (or recently passed?), too, so congrats on that as well!



Low blow, Allison.


Is this what they call dissociation?

Looks like it’s time for a meeting with mister heavy metal cover. (This is an interesting ability.)


And of course this happens immediately after Allison challenged White Chain to stand up for herself on the matter of her gender.

It seems a little early for her to prove Allison wrong, though. I think she needs a little time to think and get to terms with it herself first.

[alt text]

The Trigram Mantra – Wisdom, Restraint, Emptiness – is often dedicated to the legendary founder of all mortal fist arts, the goddess YS-Prim.

I, uh, still haven’t read the Prim story. I should get around to that at some point.


Hrm. So what, do you have a problem with Allison entering the tournament? (Do you know about that?)


I suppose the little matter of filling the throne of Throne would be a good reason to get the team’s collective asses into gear on some Demiurge confrontations.



First the themes, then the White Flame, then Allison being such a Mat… the One Power they seriously refer to it as the One Power I’m dead

Okay, okay, calm down, provide context.

The One Power is what the main magic in the Wheel of Time is called, and it’s what drives the titular Wheel and makes creation go around, makes the universe function. And now Juggernaut Star is referring to the divine power of Yisun with that same moniker.

It could be a coincidence. It’s a good name for the whole of a power that has been divided, as the case is both here and in WoT (where the One Power comes in male and female flavors, but is still two halves of a whole, yin-yang style), after all. But coming in on top of all the other little things between K6BD and WoT? It has me 90% convinced Abbadon has read Wheel of Time.

Okay, more important stuff: Juggernaut Star criticizes Allison for her distinctly un-angelic traits, but I believe this book will see Allison learning to strike a balance. To be a really worthy king, Allison needs the traits Juggernaut Star is putting down just as much as the angelic traits White Chain has been attempting to teach her.

[alt text]

End Times

Unless Allison takes the throne, by the sound of it, which would be the end of an era in a rather different way.


Maybe because you’d be asking if she could forgive you?

I know White Chain insists on the title, but that first one kind of makes it sound like Allison wants to apologize to White Chain the master when the one who really needs the apology is White Chain the friend.


Hm. That’s sudden… did we skip a little time, or is another angel piloting White Chain’s body? Is that a thing that can happen, an angelswap like that?


Ooh, that should be fun.

As long as Gog-Agog doesn’t decide to pit you against each other for some reason.

Oh, who am I kidding… that would still be fun!


Oh, hi there, 75 Garbodor I Choose You To Duel Bad Guys! I was wondering how you’d come back into play.

Are you in the tournament, or just spying on White Chain? Maybe he’ll join the tournament now just to get the chance to fight?

“Angels are very single minded beings. I once heard of an infamous thief who stole a song-jewel from the Palace of Night. He shook the angel that tried to track him down, sold the jewel, moved offworld, happily retired, had several children, and was relaxing in his hammock one day nearly thirty years later when the exact same angel strode up to him, cracked him in the jaw, and dragged him off to prison for theft. The angel was absolutely filthy with dust and mud, having been ceaselessly working to track him down every moment of every day that had passed since. I was told after the arrest it took thirty minutes to wash off for ‘efficiency’ reasons and then immediately returned to its patrol route.” -Payapop Pritram

Now that’s persistence.

And/or poor stealth game guard programming.


Oh please tell me she’s going to be commentating all the fights


of course she says “golly”


I love this.

The right one looks kind of sour. Do we have a One-One situation, except instead of Glad-One and Sad-One it’s Gog and Agog?

[alt text]

[dead YouTube link]

Well. Anyone remember what this video was?

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to substitute my own.


So I guess there’ll be a lot of fights simultaneously. I guess that means she’ll be jumping between fights a fair bit in her coverage. She can cover a lot of them at once, of course, but it’s hard to show them all at once.


I wonder if Solomon knows yet that Allison is here.

I can’t help but imagine him watching on a screen backstage and doing a spit take upon seeing her.


Ah, he just missed it.

[alt text]

Gog-Agog came to host the tournament when it was discovered she was devouring a third of the participants in an effort to win, because, to quote her directly “she felt left out”. An unsuccessful attempt was made to purge her from Rayuba, after which an accord was reached.



Allison… you’ve barely even gotten started here and you’ve already got several relationships to fix. Good going.


Nyave doesn’t look too happy. Does she disapprove of White Chain joining in?


Emperor Solomon David of the Celestial Empire, Demiurge of Pride, Bearer of the Word Diamond and God of the Seven-Part World, getting ready to play rock-paper-scissors (2019, colorized)

[alt text]

Gog-Agog specifically asks for the confetti every year, it is one of her great victories

Let her have that one. The confetti is good as long as this little imp doesn’t stick out its tongue and get some stuck in its throat.



Of course there’s a big flame ahaha


Oh hey, a familiar face right off the bat! Eris Lo-Kai, right, that was it.


Huh. I’m actually a little surprised Allison recognized him. I don’t remember them really interacting so much as Eris Lo-Kai ending up fighting others over who got to mess with Allison. And that was a year ago.

End of Kill Six Billion Demons: These Ending Headers Are Also Way Too Long: King of Swords, chapters 5-7 plus some of 8

And that’s where I was told to stop!

The book is picking up speed now, with Allison finally leaving her status quo. We’re also getting to know Gog-Agog a bit better, and she’s an absolute delight — very likely my favorite Demiurge when this is all done.

Next up is the tournament, where Allison may find that she does actually need to follow White Chain’s teachings to stand a chance. Should be fun!

But before that, I’ll see you soon for some more Worm! 🙂

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