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First off: Someone let slip the phrase “Echidna clones” in a context where that would be about Noelle. He deleted it, recognizing the slip, but it was too late.

Echidna is a good name for what Noelle has become, I think. The mother of monsters.

It also opens up some potential for jokes about the Travelers. You know, the group consisting of Trickster, Ballistic, Sundancer, Genesis, Perdition, Oliver,

Worm character classpects

I got to thinking about Jack Slash and his fascination with the concept of importance, and all of a sudden I feel inclined to take a look at Worm characters through the lens of Homestuck’s classpect system. (Feel free to skip this if you don’t want details about the system spoiled.)

Note: As much as I would normally enjoy debating classpects for non-Homestuck characters, I ask that you don’t send in alternative classpects. Sharks is not familiar with this part of Homestuck, and would have a hard time screening an onslaught of vague terms, the definitions of which are constantly being argued about within a fandom she’s barely dipped her toes in. Thank you.

(I am also not interested in debating the meanings of the classes or aspects here. If you disagree with how I’m defining them below, please just roll with it. I’m largely ignoring the extended zodiac, too.)

  • Jack Slash: Definitely Light-bound, was the thought that prompted all of this, but on further reflection, he’s almost certainly Mind-bound. His fascination with importance (Light) is a facet of a broader fascination with people’s choices (Mind) and how they ripple out to impact the future. He’s constantly playing mind games and appreciates an intelligent adversary. He’s not a Seer, and would in fact absolutely hate being one — he gets his thrills out of not knowing the exact outcomes, but still knowing that what he chooses to do has far-reaching consequences. Despite how active he is as a person, taking charge and rarely stopping for a second when the action begins, I’m actually going to peg him as a passive class: Bard of Mind. Someone who invites/allows destruction of or through choices, intellect and facades.
    • One of the clearest examples of this classpect in Jack is when he attempts to sway Amy into making choices that would destroy her boundaries and possibly bring her on board with the Nine. Instead of actively destroying Amy himself, he was inviting her to destroy herself and others through her own choices, something that would be far more effective. He was also trying to convince her that civility and goodness was a facade, and that she should break that facade.
    • It is probably not a coincidence that the Nine’s final measure against Brockton Bay was an attack on its people’s minds, one that would cause just as much damage through the victims as to the victims.
  • Bonesaw: Blood. So much Blood. It’s everywhere. Bonesaw is very much a dark counterpart to Amy, which is exactly why Bonesaw reflects the same aspect. Blood is the aspect of bonds, of family, of friendship, and those things are exactly what Bonesaw gets out of being in the Nine. Being among the Nine also gives her a dose of Blood’s opposite, Breath (direction and the freedom to pursue it), which would make her remarkably balanced if they didn’t both come in such twisted forms. I’m uncertain about her class.
  • Siberian: Maid of Void. Creates secrecy, mystery and nothingness. This is the same classpect as Grue’s, but used differently, which makes it all the more fitting that the mystery of Siberian was lifted when Grue borrowed the power.
  • Burnscar: Definitely something of Rage, the aspect of anger, fear, hopelessness and tunnel vision.
  • Shatterbird: Ass of Hole.
  • Mannequin: Prince of Life. Life is the power and freedom to make a difference in the world, and as a Prince, Mannequin has dedicated his life to destroying any efforts others go to to make a positive difference. Princes also tend to lack their aspect; Mannequin himself has given up his own power to make a positive difference, instead using the skills involved in that to destroy others’ attempts to.
  • Crawler: Heir of Space. Space is the aspect of creation and the physical. As an Heir, Crawler acts as a nexus through which the physical changes — but mostly I’m giving his this aspect because both Heirs and Space are associated with physical changes to themselves, the former passively, and Crawler embraces that above all else.
  • Cherish: Knight of Blood. Yes, that’s a canon classpect, but she uses it in a very different way than Karkat does. As described above, Blood is the aspect of interpersonal bonds, and as a Knight, Cherish exploits that aspect in every sense. Also, a Knight’s party often has a low supply of their aspect, and it’s safe to say that for all that it’s what Bonesaw finds in them, the Nine have very little Blood to spare for each other.
    • Alternatively, Witch of Blood. A Witch changes their aspect.

I recently finished reading a really good MLP:FiM fic called Through the Well of Pirene, and it had a bunch of fun coincidences with the things I’m blogging:

  • A main character named Amelia (sometimes referred to as Amy), whose complicated relationship with her older sister is central to her arc.
  • A moment where a character’s first time using magic is referred to as a) her becoming “like a toddler with superpowers”, and b) “the trigger event she needs to start controlling it”, within the space of four paragraphs.
  • The quote “Merchants? Seriously? Gag me with a spoon.”
  • A character named Twig.
  • A description of an aurora as “green fire”. It’s everyone’s favorite facial surgeon!
  • Skitter, Regent style:
That didn’t even account for my own new personal powers. I could become a real-life superhero. Well, not many superheroes used a captive as their source of power, but the idea was there.
  • Tarot-based magical items, courts and positions in those courts based on the picture cards of the lesser arcana, and consequently a female King of Swords.

Patron comments

1. Regarding your speculation about the “King of Swords” title – not to imply that there’s a single definitive meaning, but as food for thought I wanted to remind you that on Incubus’s formal introduction page (seeker-of-thrones-4-27) he was referred to as “sword king of the middle army” (whatever that means) so that’s one possible angle. There’s also a historical / mythological character named Intra in some of the bonus texts that once described himself as “the king of swords”. So it may be more of a concept than a specific person. Interesting note, one of the Intra texts featured Yemmod long before he appeared in Solomon’s backstory flashback.

Ooh, that’s interesting. Especially the reminder about Incubus — I still think the title refers to Allison on top of anything else it may refer to, especially after checking out the tarot card, but that does suggest some importance for Incubus too, perhaps beyond his current sinister mentor role.

2. You mentioned Solomon speaking in purple text. About 5.5 of the 7 speak in their signature color — Incubus is the only universal exception possibly because pink text would be hard to read. Jadis has only spoken about 10 words so far (in book 1) and did start out with light-blue-on-black before switching mid-page to white-on-black for some reason. Mammon and Mottom are both kind of orange (more orange-red for Mottom) but Mammon uses a black background while Mottom uses a white background.


I suppose Mottom’s color is meant to evoke the fruit she was eating.

3. The RPG that was referenced is called Broken Worlds. Cover art:


Looks pretty nice!

and a couple of promo pages…

Mammon’s species:


Kind People, Dragons of the West… alpaca chickens.

I love that they apparently use their mouth bits like fingers.

Omun Vash’s species:


They’re called goblins? Mark that down as another coincidence with Pirene, I suppose.

Like other servant races, goblins do not age past a certain point, and can live forever if not for disease or disaster.

This explains a lot about the whole “humans are the only true mortals” thing. The servants have tier 1 immortality.

Three sexes, cultural taboo against asking… how about gender, then?

So the facial crosses are their noses, not very inset eyes. This certainly explains Vash’s line about smelling Allison before… I wonder if there are any goblins that choose to wear pointy red shades anyway.

Horn length is considered an indicator of sexual prowess, but only in two of their sexes.

Ahahahaha combined with the taboo on asking that’s really good

I suppose goblins can probably tell the sexes apart without asking, perhaps by scent, but even still.

4. The fruit that Allison created might be a plum; the comic seems to have a bit of a plum motif which Abaddon amazingly ‘explained’:


Seems legit.

Apparently plums tend to symbolize perseverance and hope and beauty in adverse circumstances, as well as springtime and everything that comes with that. In the case of Mottom, the page I’m looking at says that “(…) in Chinese mythology it is often written that immortals fed on plums to enhance their strength and vitality throughout the ages.”

5. You missed the alt text on the last page. It’s not critical but if you go back for it there’s also some fun stuff to observe with the chairs: Solomon put his chair directly in front of Zoss’s empty throne. Incubus’s empty chair has another appearance of “中” (“middle”). Gog-Agog’s chair is something that I don’t know what it is. Red bench is possibly Jagganoth’s from when he was smaller. And Mammon probably never had a chair due to not being humanoid.

Okay but please imagine their fruitless attempts to figure out a comfortable chair design for Mammon

[alt text]

Zoss’ sign is prominent in architecture in the central ring of throne (Sacred Spoke). It is though to either represent an actual key, or the holy concept of Division (a line splitting a circle)

It’s great how that symbol in real life also means “on”, “off” or “power” (albeit in a different sense). It’s like… creation, destruction, holy division, a key and the most basic shapes of the world all in one simple symbol.

(speaking of holy division, there are more reasons for a line entering a circle to represent that within the lore of K6BD — lookin’ at you Yis and Un)


(the d, f, g, h and j are silent)

Noelle and Oscar: what power do you think would have resulted from drinking the full vial? Can you imagine a sort of cross between their two powers?

Noelle would grow a long red nose and gain the power to summon clothes with comically evil brands all over them out of nowhere… oh wait, you probably meant Oliver, never mind

The latter question is easy enough, but I don’t think either of them drinking the full vial would have exactly resulted in a cross between the powers (especially after seeing some of the later asks point out the Balance solution). Ultimately I think Division is likely to result in powers like creating copies of oneself or others in general, just not necessarily twisted like Noelle’s spawn.

Mixed with Oliver’s power… maybe she’d create extra attractive clones of people to fuck with their self-esteem.

Oh yeah I might as well acknowledge at this point that Accord is the character I spontaneously fancasted as Patton Oswalt

Oh yeah, that checks out. Patton Oswalt or Danny DeVito.

I just wanted to remind you that the canisters the travelers took were actually mixtures, each containing some percentage of “balance”, and see if that sparked any thoughts.

Hi Krix, taking a look back at the description/formulas for all the Cauldron vials in Migration and what they have in common, and knowing what you know now about the effects of Noelle and Oliver’s split dose, any thoughts on WHY taking a partial vial might be so bad?

Yeeeah a lack of Balance will do that to you. Normally one might think the fact that the other components would be scaled down to match would counteract that effect, but we’re dealing with powers here. It’s possible that no matter how much you take of the other components, you need a certain amount of Balance for things to turn out right.

I don’t trust Oliver’s useless power, by the way. If Noelle’s sample has been tampered with to “make their own Endbringer”, then it’s super weird that it wouldn’t kick in on Oliver’s end too. There are ways to excuse it — the potions already work differently for different people when they function correctly — but it seems odd and the power Oliver got out of it seems almost too harmless. Like, “don’t bother paying attention to this guy, he certainly won’t be an issue later” harmless.

Out of everything Migration threw at me, Oliver drinking the second half was one of the things that took me most off-guard, and it’s likely there’s something relevant about that as opposed to having the other half discarded or lost.

It could just be to show us that this doesn’t always happen when someone takes half a vial, but still.

the CPericardium Garfield comic is Danny

The “where would my wife be? Cellphone!” comic is about Taylor’s mom, because her dad blames her death on her being on her phone while driving.


Man, that’s a callback.

blind!Taylor could be a benefit since she hard-counters Oliver’s “be moderately attractive” power.

Hah! At least visually…

FYI… please update headcanons and fanfics as needed


[Discord screenshot]

Dabbing isn’t a thing in the wormverse.

This fact is critical to the story because when Taylor got bullied her options were to either dab on the haters or become a heroic supervillain.

The genius behind Stomp on the Simurgh still insists “Tramp, tramp, tramp på en smurf” sounds like it says “dab, dab, dab”. If dabbing isn’t a thing in the Wormverse, maybe that’s why the Simurgh mentions it in her song, to drive her victims mad with the very concept…


[Reddit post of a comic]

Brain: Are you going to sleep?
Person: Yes I am. Now shut up.
Brain: Bitch is technically a shaker because she doesn’t actually manipulate her dogs
Person: No she isn’t. That’s not what master means.


Bitch is technically a trump because she grants powers to her dogs.

Bitch technically has no super powers. She just intimidates her dogs into growing into giant beasts.

Bitch is technically a mover because she uses her dogs heavily as getaway vehicles.

Bitch is technically a Brute because her dogs amplify her physical capabilities.

Bitch is technically a Brute because her dogs amplify her physical capabilities.

Bitch is technically a blaster because her dogs can attack while she’s at a distance.

Bitch is technically a breaker because the dogs are an extension of her

Bitch is technically a Thinker because she has an enhanced understanding of dog body language.

Bitch is technically a changer because she changes the dogs and a bitch is a kind of dog

Bitch is technically a stranger because the dogs can run interference

The Randomnatrix:
Bitch is actually a stranger because she’s a bitch

Bitch is technically a bio-tinker who can only tinker canines

This is reaffirming my belief that I was right to not pay attention to power classifications


Ahaha, the joy of vaguely defined classification systems!

I am so glad it was made clear that the classifications are first and foremost based in practicality above the actual mechanics of the powers, because that really helps me figure out which of these I agree and disagree with.


  • The person in the comic (Master): Bitch is a Master because she uses minions in battle, not because her power can directly manipulate them.
  • Joebobjoe42 (Mover): You don’t have to use your power directly to move to count. Case in point, Chariot has a Mover rating for Tinkering up things than help him move.
  • GenerallyALurker (Trump): The dogs’ transformations are very much like they had a Brute/Changer power, just with Bitch providing the Changing part. If Bitch had the ability to do something similar to human allies instead of dogs, she would 100% be classified as a Trump.
  • Big-Dick-Bandito (Blaster): The dogs let her attack from a distance. Checks out. Bonesaw would also be a Blaster by the same logic, of course. As would Skitter.
  • TheRandomnatrix (Stranger because she’s a bitch): This one speaks truth.
  • Animastarara (Bitch): Bitch.

Something in between:

  • TheDescentOfTheOne (Stranger because interference): This seems legit but Stranger is also the classification I have the worst grasp of at the moment. Interference does make sense as a defining feature judging by how Imp was identified as a Stranger, but I don’t feel confident enough about that to put this fully in “agree”.
  • MightyButtonMasher (Breaker): Aside from me not buying that the dogs are an extension of Bitch in any sense that wouldn’t make her a Master, that’s also not something I associate with Breakers as explained so far in the story.
  • Weever (don’t bother): I think classifications are useful as a shorthand and as a worldbuilding tool (to show how the PRT view the variety of powers), but they’re not neat boxes and they’re not super important. The only one I think the story would suffer from not establishing is Tinker.


  • ShadowWave (Striker): The only thing keeping Striker from being one of the best shouts for an alternative Bitch classification is the range at which she can enhance the doggos. The logic provided is clearly a joke, though, and even if it weren’t, I don’t consider contact between the dogs and a target to be contact between her and the target.
  • dianthus-amurensis (Changer): The power doesn’t change her own body (aside from its permanent side effect).
  • Wulfenbach (no powers, just intimidation): Obviously a funny joke 😛
  • The brain (Shaker): Unless you count the dogs as part of the battle’s environment.
  • Mor_Drakka (Brute): Bitch’s own physical capabilities are left alone.
  • throwaway (Tinker): Maybe if she operated the changes onto the doggos.

Hey, just wanted to say you made my day with the worm reaction update 🙂

😀 Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

First note: “take that” Second note: “you worm”

Winslowania 2

Yo for real that MLP episode was messed up and I’m glad to hear somebody acknowledge it.

Present early series Twilight Sparkle with a dusty old book that says “you gotta murder your friends” and she will do it without question, just because it said so in a book. Books are the supreme source of wisdom and knowledge and should always be trusted.


A comic by glowspiders

Let’s take a look at Vista’s diary!


This is precious already and Vista would absolutely hate it if she found out people were reading it, even beyond the usual reason that applies to diaries.



I’m totally using this name if I turn out right in my response to the next ask.

(Also Vista does make sense because the word is often used about the space you can see from a certain spot. Vista warps that space.)


It’s okay, Vista, just hold on one more year and brace for a flooding.


“My best friend from out of town says I shouldn’t swear too.”


And if there are two Manton-unlimited Vista clones, which there very well may be, this is the name of the second one. Yes, they’d be the same except one is the Spine Twister and the other is the Spine Shredder.



Told ya! Vista would never wanna be caught acting this adorably childlike!


I can’t say I’m surprised at Dennis being much more okay with this sort of prank than Kid Win.

So are you planning on leaving it out in the open for others to find?

…please don’t let it be Sophia.


Speak of the devil and she shall stalk.


Oh wait, I misinterpreted. I thought that hair looked odd for Sophia.

Definitely got some unconventional stress relief going here!


So how do you think the evil Vista twins will turn out? What will be different about their powers, and what will they hate that the original liked?

So as I foreshadowed while reacting to the diary, my first thought upon considering this ask was Manton-unlimited. Vista’s power was how the Manton effect was introduced as a concept, and between that and the fact that it’s the easiest way to make the power really fucking scary, it seems likely we may run into one (or more) Draconia Blaze the Spine Twister who may not literally be able to twist your spine but at least isn’t as severely limited by your presence inside the space she’s manipulating. She’d be able to pinch walls together to crush you, for instance.

As for what she might hate… The Wards… Gallant’s family? Um… maturity…

You may not have gotten it in the story, but maybe fanart will suffice:


By ieatedanimation



By ieatedanimation

The caption to this one is “Skitter and Tattletale make amazing moms, actually” and IT IS TRUTH


By ieatedanimation


(I gotta catch up on Eizouken. It’s kind of funny, actually, how the intro is what gets memed around the internet like this when it’s actually the worst aspect of the series.)


Still ieatedanimation

Ahahaha a solid midside placement on the triangle


Yup, ieatedanimation

They are such goods.



There was animation in the lunchbox and ieated it

This is what we in the business call a win-win situation! Ahahaha


ieatedanimation didn’t eat the plushie I hope

I love everything about this AU thank you for sharing this

“I worked so hard to save you, Dinah. Like the time I almost killed your cousin. And that time I kicked Vista in the face. You’d like her, she’s about your age.”

“There’s an 85% chance she won’t be for very long.”

(Full disclosure: I thought of that response before reading the Dinah comics above and being 100% sold on Dinah and Missy as besties…)

If you ever still feel bad about the scentless man or “don’t swear” or anything else…. there’s a person out there who made it halfway through Ward before finding out about the existence of Worm.

Oh wow.

Well, if nothing else that does speak to Wildbow’s ability to recap the right details in a natural enough way that someone might not even realize it’s a sequel.

At least Skitter accepted the truth that the bank robbery ruse was a… … … distaction




— Thomas Calvert



Broke: Taking a break after finishing a 1.9 million word serial
Woke: Releasing your next project less than 48 hours later

Wildbow you madlad!

aaaaarrrrghhhhh wildbow’s new serial is called “Poof” and now you are burdened by that knowledge as well

I actually loved that, but alas

Pale was called Poof for a brief period of time, but it turns out that it’s a homophobic slur in British english so he changed the title.

homophobes have ruined things once again.

I ran into a similar issue a couple days ago, responding to an image of a raccoon in what was meant to be a lighthearted “look, it’s cute” sort of tone, with “Coon!” before being reminded that that was coopted as a racist slur long ago.


Corpse Smoocher Counter [me]:
I guess with racists coopting the cute shortening of raccoon we’ll have to shorten it to “racc” instead wait shit here come the yiff artists

It was changed from “Poof” to “Pale” because of reasons, and it’s not a sequel, just a new story in the Pact universe, with a promise of no substantial Pact spoilers & no crossover characters in order to be accessible to those to who didn’t read Pact.

Interesting! I wonder what I’ll end up reading first out of Pale and Twig.

(Either way Pact and Ward come first, so if I’ll be liveblogging them it’s going to be in the far future. Reading Pact and Ward is already the longest-term plan I have for anything in my life.)


“Judgmental Adoptive Mother Stifles Young Artist’s Creativite Drawing of Her Sister” by ughzubat

Wow, rude much?

I like the matchup of this crayonlike style with the subject matter. It’s fitting. 🙂

Also… something like this (the specifics are a little unclear) is very likely Eris’ trigger event.


  • The Faves: Bonesaw ($5), Tattletale ($4), Panacea ($5), Kid Win ($1). You know why.
  • The Incapacitators: Skitter ($5), Clockblocker ($2), Trickster ($1), Vista ($4), Regent ($2), Parian ($1). Their favored tactic is to have Skitter provide bug concentrations next to enemies for Trickster to swap Clockblocker with. Vista bends space to ensure that Trickster has line of sight, and later to restrain the frozen enemies alongside Parian, which once Clocky’s effect expires allows Regent to start controlling them if there is time before reinforcements arrive. Skitter’s tactical skills are excellent for dealing with situations where one or more parts of their typical M.O. doesn’t work, and between Parian, Vista and any capes Regent might have already obtained, there’s certainly enough raw power to deal with things the rough way if need be.
  • Team Intel: Tattletale ($4), Dinah ($4), Alexandria ($4), Imp ($3). Alexandria is largely the muscle of the team, but she’s backed up by really good intel and a sneakier agent.
  • Skitter’s Harem: Skitter ($5), Panacea ($5), Tattletale ($4), Grue ($1). Why must the shippers fight? Skitter has way more, um, “hands” than any of us.
  • Stop & Start: 3x Ballistic ($6), 3x Clockblocker ($6), Vista ($4), Trickster ($1). Did anyone call for a chaotic battlefield?

Here, I’ll add a column of my OCs for you guys to consider including in teams with this thing, if you want to:

  • $5: Minus. Tinker/Trump. While focusing his vision on a parahuman, he can infuse a crystal with power, which can then be used in inventions provided by the tinker side. The power of the crystal is in some way the opposite of whatever power the parahuman the crystal is based on has, defined in ways dependent on the particular power and the equipment it’s used in. He can only infuse a crystal once per target parahuman.
  • $4: Overclock. Thinker/Brute. Perceives time at a torturously slow pace, with no ability to turn it off. In practice this makes him an incredibly quick thinker and reactor, though his body is not as quick. Classified as a Brute because he’s big and tough, but this might not actually be part of his power.
  • $3: Eris. Striker/Master. Her power imbues an item she touches with an essence of desirability. This makes the item attention-grabbing and messes with the minds of anyone who is present and aware of it (except Eris herself) to make the item appear more important than anything else, up to and including an ally’s life. This lasts for a few minutes or until she uses the power on another item.
  • $2: Potence. Blaster. Rope-specific telekinesis. (Look, I needed a pair of disposable powered mooks on the spot, okay?)
  • $1: Tracker. Thinker. Knows where everyone is on the planet, but not who they are — essentially everyone is a featureless dot on a globe in their mind, and if Tracker knew who one dot was at one point, they can effortlessly track that dot and know who they are later. A bit like Skitter’s awareness of her swarm, but global, for humans, and without control or fine detail beyond location.

If you do come up with some teams involving anyone from this custom column, I’d love to hear about them! (As long as they don’t involve Contessa, since I don’t know what her deal is yet.)


oh my god that’s weird
they haven’t barred it over at all
they just flat-out made the censored squares transparent
who the fuck does that?
who the fuck? decides to just make it transparent entirely over just placing a bar on top?
that’s gonna occupy my day now

I guess this proves that censorship and total transparency can in fact coexist

I wanted to say that the title for 18.1 was very clever, and also how dare you clickbait me into thinking Night would be in 18.2 – you’ve been Reported and your days are numbered.

Thank you! It’s nice to know the titles aren’t in vain.

I realized I made 18.2 sound that way like a day or two before I received this ask — so probably weeks after it was sent — and yeah. That Report is fair. If I stop blogging, they got me.


By Pericardium


Hey Krix, quick word of warning. I have no idea if it’ll replicate for you, but during this arch I actually had the site glitch slightly when I hit the Next Chapter button and it took me to the second to last arc without me realizing it, spoiling a bunch for me until I realized what happened (it was in a place where it was surprisingly believable).

Noted, thank you. That’s bizarre. I’ll have to keep an eye on the titles at the starts of chapters before scrolling down to the text (I already have to do that to some extent in case of Interludes), so that if it does happen, the worst case scenario is I get spoiled on the Arc title of… Arc 31 or so, wouldn’t it be? 32? Something like that.

“Dance Like Nobody’s Watching Because You’re About to Obliterate the Universe in Which They Were Watching” a.k.a. “coiloiloiloiloiloiloiloiloil” by YunYunHakusho

but what if they were watching in both universes… whoops

Brockton Funk!

So it seems that the titles of serials in the same narrative continuity are likely to start with the same letter (based on Worm/Ward and Pact/Poof/Pale). What other one-syllable four-letter words starting with W do you think would be viable titles?

Weld, your turn.

Wolf… Wear… Wand…

(wait, no, Wand both sounds too Pactverse and too similar to Ward. Um.)

Week… Wait… Wise… Wart… What… Woot… Wweh…

may god have mercy on your soul if you understand this reference


By Pericardium, of course

Have you seen 2020? He’s doing a no mercy run.

Which is to say I do unfortunately know about the Wonderbread Guy. 😛

could we get weekly updates on your progress pretty please? just like a quick “hey im half done” or whatever

I’ve been really bad at doing that consistently, and I’m sorry about that.

But perhaps the keyword here is “weekly”… Maybe if I set off a specific day or two of the week to make a tweet on the state of things regardless of whether I have any new info to say, that could help get me into the groove in more ways than one. I’ll try.

I totally misread that “executive dysfunction” tweet as “erectile dysfunction” and I was like 1. um 2. wouldn’t that be a good thing for liveblog productivity?

Hah! I’m not sure…

Worth noting that purple is also traditionally associated with royalty; the dye was very expensive and the color was distinctive, so it ended up de-facto reserved for royals. (All of which makes its Pride association both funny and very understandable.)

Yep. I figured that’s common enough knowledge that it went without me needing to talk about it, but I’m pretty sure this is the main reason purple is the color of Pride to begin with.

I’m trying to get into that Half-Life thing you referenced, but the passport stuff is messing with my head. Why would anybody even bring their passport to work every day? If it was a new job and they had to do their I-9 form, yeah, a passport can be used instead of a social security card, but that’s a one-time thing. Most Americans don’t even have passports. Half-Life is canonically set in the year “200X” meaning that between the percentage of US citizens with passports at the time could be anywhere between 17% (2000) and 32% (2009) with the increase largely due to the elimination of passport-free travel to Canada / Mexico / Bermuda / the Caribbean nations. Now you may argue that Black Mesa employees are more likely to have passports to which I reply MAYBE but it’s not like everybody there has a job that requires international travel. It just does not make sense.

Your problem is your brain is enabled. HLVRAI is very much a brains-off series. 😛

hello, Gordon

Look out, Gordon! Hotted liveblogs up ahead! Posts, big ones!

I’m still sad about what happened with your 16.13 post, and one of the things I was wondering, what did you think about Skitter’s body double, the Sudanese child soldier that somehow ended up in the United States working the weirdest possible job.

Of all the sessions it could happen to, it just had to happen to the culmination of 16 Arcs of story building.

It’s certainly a strange life that Sudanese girl led to get to that point, yeah. Not much more to say, really, except that she did a pretty good job.


By comfortable-regret

You’re a horse now, Taylor! Or should I call you Skitter Bug?

I really like how Taylor’s lankiness carries over into this design.

(I also find it amusing that this came in while I was reading the fic I was talking about at the beginning of this post, considering that fic has multiple instances of human-to-pony transformation on top of all the coincidences I outlined.)

In order to make the Winslowania joke, I had to sign up on a sheet music editor website and whoops I tripped and made music.

The Graveman’s March:

Moon Dream’s Theme:

(though I’m unsure on it actually being her theme; it might be renamed if I come up with something more fitting for her)

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