Patreon Bonus: Kill Six Billion Demons: King of Swords, p. 81-119

Source material: Kill Six Billion Demons: King of Swords, pages 8-81 through 9-119

Blogged: July 12, 2020


Let’s see if we can’t learn more about what Eris-the-Less-Apple-Themed is all about!

But first, I forgot the alt text on the last page of the previous post, as is becoming disturbingly habitual by now.

[alt text]

In eight pages this comic is going to be extremely lucky


My first instinct was that it’s a thing about page numbers, but I don’t know of any such significance to 87, and why would that be mentioned on page 80?

The second is that we’ll get a return of Felicia on page 87, but the same latter issue applies there.

So I guess the third is that what happened here, i.e. Eris-Lo-Ironically-Following-An-Apple-Of-Discord-Himself showing up as the first match, will somehow be a lucky break for Allison. Except Allison’s matchups are, so long as Gog-Agog was somewhat truthful, being manipulated in her favor, so why would this encounter end up being put down to luck?

I suppose Gog-Agog might not be aware that Allison and Eris-Lo-Hoarding-The-Hyphens have some extremely brief acquaintance with each other.

I don’t recall him being notably deceitful, but then, I don’t recall him really doing anything of note besides fighting Layla.

As powerful as it may be, the Empty Palms style does seem have some major weaknesses. First: It seems to practically require calling your attacks, which helps the opponent if they know what the attacks are by name.

Second: Most major Empty Palms attacks we’ve seen, even if the attack calls are handwaved as free actions, appear to have a relatively long wind-up (a minimum of two panels), leaving Allison vulnerable to faster-paced fighting styles that can interrupt her during the wind-up.

Both weaknesses reflect angels. They’re sticklers for rules and tradition, such as calling attacks (perhaps out of a misguided sense of fairness), and while they are persistent and powerful and hard to stop once they’re on their way, they are slow to change in many ways, perhaps also from one attack to another.

Hah! Now you’re thinking with portals.

(Careful, Eris, don’t give Allison retcon powers. Creation can’t handle dealing with her SS+ retroactively.)

Best I can figure, the mirror makes happen what appears as though should happen if it were instead a portal. So when Erised Lo-Kai swings it, the perspective changes and so does what appears to happen. That, or maybe it’s just teleporting the air he’s swinging it through, creating a blast of air in the direction he’s pointing it.

I might be overthinking the exact mechanics.

Everyone keeps poking holes in her arms. How rude.

[alt text]

The contest will be announced within a week, thanks for your patience! This one will take a little more setup than normal.

Ooh, contest stuff. Maybe that’s what the seven comics thing was about?

Vacus. I wonder if that name has anything to do with some sort of “empty” property that allow them to do the armor piercing.

Or maybe it’s because it makes the affected bodypart feel like it’s not there.

Half points for very late self awareness, I suppose.

Gog-Agog said she’d rig the matches, but she’s a) got ulterior motives beyond what she reveals, and b) probably genuinely insane to some extent even if most of it is an act, which is really not a good combination when you’re relying on her to see you safely through something.

That said, yes, Eris Lo-Kai was badass at the start, but he’s really rather baseline at this point.

Seeker mode activate!

White Chain’s not going to be happy with this.

Too bad Ground and Fighting are both weak against Flying.

[alt text]

It’s a three word mantra, Allison. It’s really not hard to remember.

Yeah, Allison, come on, it’s three words, and it’s not the three words “hard to remember”. That would be a weird mantra for a fighting style. You know what the words are — who could possibly forget such a simple mantra?

Ahem. Moving on.

You were saying about your left hand, Allison?

(“‘Tis but a flesh wound! I’ll bite yer ankles off!”)

Ahh, that’s how we play this. Gog-Agog realizes she needs to manipulate things a bit more closely than she thought.

Alas, it’s not the style of the 99 Empty Feet.

So… what? Can she use Ciocie-style magic without her hands, let alone in a combat-friendly way?

[alt text]

Allison has probably the most punch per page (ppp) ratio this book out of any of the other four

I’d like to see Allison Ruth vs Ranma Saotome sometime. Or, heck, Ranma vs Eris-Lo-Grav over here. Ranma likes fighting in the air too, after all.

Oh, this is beautiful. It’s not what people typically mean about putting your training to good use in combat, but it works.


Screw Ranma and Eris, actually, I wanna see Allison Ruth vs Kodachi Kuno, on Kodachi’s home turf of Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics.

[alt text]

Contest announcement will be Wednesday!

Oh fuck that’s only three days from now– wait…

I wonder if this contest was anything like the devil contest.

Having some doubts about our champion pick, are we?

Can we get some 🅱s in the chat we don’t have for David Letterman getting his As kicked in the background there?

Well then you’d better fight and survive so you can go back and tell her this to her face!

Oh fuck, right, that’s been on display ever since the helmet got needled! Probably not a good thing.

[alt text]

Thanks for your patience with the contest. It’s been a little more involved this time around so I’ve had to look for the time to set it up. Should be up by tomorrow evening! (8/21)


The naga looks like she’s having fun at least.

This design has big — quite literally big — Chahut Maenad energy…

…except way less chill. So I guess the Grand Highblood is a better fit.

My point, to what extent I can be said to have one, is that were they a troll, this would definitely be a purpleblood.

Skitter: “Wait, you guys get breaks between your life-and-death fights?”

Nyave has the right attitude. But does she also have an idea?

[alt text]

Allison’s two opponents here are Sephara of Zae (S/C/A, heavyweight) and Butcher Karkin (C/S/S, super-heavyweight)

  • “Butcher”
  • six-letter name
  • S in horniness

Definitely a purpleblood.

(I have a feeling Sephara likes rats in a rather different way than my friend who goes by Zae does.)

I take it Nyave did not, in face, have an idea.

Did the reminder that they now know where Zaid is perhaps send Allison’s thoughts spiraling the exact opposite way?

Or did she spot something/someone?

Well, hello there, handsome.

So… Gog-Agog. She controls the media here, and she might well have eyes in the room. She could have specifically arranged for this to be on right now to motivate Allison to stick with their little arrangement.

Oh, and hello to Zaid too.

Allison, please move your head just a little bit down? Or ask Lakitu to fly a little higher? Thank you.

[alt text]

Fun fact, this is the first time Allison has seen Zaid since the very beginning of the comic

It is! Which means she now gets to react to how he’s looking after all this time.

Oh, and that was page 87. So I guess she was “lucky” with that coming up on the TV right then (I still suspect Gog-Agog had something to do with it).

And there she goes…

I think she might need some alone time and/or to approach Zaid.

There’s value in listening too, though, as represented by the angel of guidance by the King of Swords’ side.

But there’s a difference between listening and obeying.

By the way, I really like how perceptive Nyave can be. She’s a very good grounding influence to have in this group.

Look, this page would have had me thinking about Wheel of Time even if it had not outright made reference to a Wheel…

The wheel metaphor is good, but it’s also somewhat ominous considering we’ve established that Creation may or may not be somewhat wheel-shaped and there’s a faction out there that believes some variety of apocalypse is coming.

…but seriously, if this page resonates with you, you may want to read Wheel of Time.

Really regret not putting Lucky Felicia on this page specifically

You said seven. This is the eighth.

8-88 is lucky, I suppose…

The King of Swords needs to strike a balance between their own intuition and the guidance of others, I think.

Ooh. You have my attention.

Sounds fun, sign me up!

Part of me is saying “apologizing to Cio”, but I don’t see any reason White Chain wouldn’t like that.

[alt text]

“Once a hand grips a sword, the palm tends to make lifelong friends with the hilt.” – Au Vam

For better or worse.

Chapter 9, apparently!

…I give up. Who knows how the Rayuban daylight cycle works? Certainly not me.

I like the little knife gremlin on the right.

Snazzy uniform!

Looks like he noticed.

[alt text]

Evening in Rayuba lasts a scant hour or so, after which there is a night of exactly 8 hours, year round. Exactly.

Okay so there’s no axial tilt, and the angle between the suns is less than 180 degrees and somehow stays constant as the planet orbits one or both of the suns and the suns presumably orbit each other (assuming things do indeed orbit rather than have its system magically held in place with an artificial daylight cycle).

Rayuba’s seasons, if it has any, would then be mainly defined by the oscillating distance to each of the suns.

I appear to be a lot sleepier than I thought, so I suppose this is a good splitting point.

[Session 2]

Let’s hear how Solomon wants to mess with Gog-Agog’s plans!

Yeah, looks like he 100% got what was going on.

At least through her announcer role, Gog-Agog has the ability to alert Allison to it… as in, beyond “it’s happening” and all the way to “it’s happening, it’s a problem for our plans, it was probably done specifically to stop our plans, and it’s not a betrayal on my part”.

So is this turning into a battle royale?

If you want to use that red card to expel your opponents, you first gotta dress up as a referee.


Hey, have I mentioned that purples and lavenders are among my favorite colors? The aesthetic of Rayuban grandeur is so good.

[alt text]

The Great Outdoor Fight begins

Is it really outdoor, though? Sure the sky is visible, but there looks to be a transparent ceiling.

Not a great time to have a shiny target on your forehead.

Hm. Allison’s saving grace here might be that a number of people, while they might want to get their hands on her and the master key, will prioritize taking out the competition.

And others will not even realize that or why Allison is a center of attention.

y e s

[alt text]

The Herald of Violence

Who, the Sumo Baby?

y e e t

Maybe if you’re lucky there’ll be a murderous pillow person below you?

Oh wait, she already landed. Didn’t realize at first there were multiple Allisons in the last panel.

Y’know what, I’m going to count this as a murderous pillow person.

White Chain is so done with this. It was bad enough already, but now most semblance of order has been removed from the situation and it’s a chaotic fest of unnecessary violence that White Chain neither wanted to be part of nor wanted to let Allison be part of.

[alt text]

I’ve had a lot of fun designing dudes that will probably get exploded on the next page

This seems to be one of Abbadon’s favorite pastimes.

Andrew Hussie: “Pledge $10,000 to my Kickstarter and get your character in the comic!”
Abbadon: “Sounds cool.”
Andrew Hussie: “Pledge $100,000 and I promise they’ll survive for more than one panel.”
Abbadon: “What? Why in the world would I want my character to not die horribly right after being introduced?”

We spleefin’ now, folks!

(…yes, that’s a word.)

Ahaha, I love how she’s no-shit-sherlocking herself.

Nyave? What…?

h E l L o

So… are they trying to infiltrate backstage areas this guy would have access to?

[alt text]

Backup plan

Let’s be real, it’s the only plan.


I think we found out what Nyave’s extensive skillset doesn’t include.

It was either this or the guard bodies starting to pile up in that little dark spot.

Is that Praman Nand?? Or just a fellow member of his species?

[alt text]

Only a plan concocted by Allison could go this well

I know, right? 😛

At least you’re somewhat holding your own this time.

But really, the willingness to try is one of Allison’s most heroic traits. That’s why she’s even here in the first place — she had her chance to hang back in her home world (even if that might have led to the Demiurges coming there eventually), but she couldn’t not try to save Zaid, no matter how big a task that would be.

This page feels like a poem.

Time to put some teachings to good use.

But… which teacher is she referring to, here? Because I kind of suspect it’s not White Chain.

[alt text]

Aesma did not learn a single lesson until she was almost flayed by seeing the shape of the Wheel. Then she had learned one.

See what the world is like and weep.

Or laugh haughtily at the Master of Spacetime. That works too.

Yep. Time to try ruling.

I highly doubt this is accounted for in the backup plan.

Is he being smug about his ability to stay calm?



The poker game! She’s learned to bluff and know when to fold ’em!

And this was part of the backup plan — it was designed to make sure Zaid would be in the right place for the infiltration crew to find him. Well played, Allison.

[alt text]

I essentially have always thought of the song Mouth of Kala by Gojira as Allison’s theme song, the lyrics especially. If you go back and look at Allison from like page 10 or so to Allison now you will see she’s undergone quite a journey.

So looking up the song, I decided to open the Genius page first, and before even playing the song or looking at the lyrics…


The word “kālá” in Sanskrit is translated to “time.” Furthermore, it also serves as another name for the Hindu god Yama, the god of death, time, and destruction.

…this checks out.

Mouth of Time. I guess we’ve found Allison’s classpect.

(I actually would peg her as something of Time specifically because it covers death and destruction as well as the literal meaning. That, or a Bard of something. Possibly both.)

I listened to half the song. Really not my genre. Let’s just read the lyrics.

I can definitely see the connection. Verse 2 in particular is probably why this comes up in relation to the degree to which Allison has changed:

The old me didn’t survive
Inexorable transfiguration
There is something at war
This red tainted flash on the wall
I’m nowhere to be found
Nothing matters, truth out of sight
In the air I dissolve
I’m fading away

Notably, everything here is also related to themes that are very important in the other “of Time” thing that keeps coming up.


Don’t you dare take that to mean “accept defeat” now.

…this doesn’t seem good.

Allison, you seem to have a minor case of boob-on-fire.

[alt text]



So… does the boob-on-fire issue have anything to do with Incubus somehow?

Oh wait, I just realized, it’s that red card she had earlier. Is that a thing I was supposed to remember from before?


everything’s better with Cio

(love the crown of rainbows showing up again in this super gay catch speaking of which look at how happy Allison is aahhh it’s adorable)

[alt text]

This is secretly a throwback page

Yes, Ciocie threw herself back into the story.

Someone definitely dropped in a bit like this before, I just don’t quite remember when.

She’s right.

Gotta love midbattle personal reconciliation moments like this.

I’m so glad they both get to do it. This is how you can tell a couple is perfect for each other. By how many attackers they can casually wreck while having a Moment.

It’s possible I don’t have much personal experience with romance.

As for “not a bad lover, but a bad girlfriend”… yeah. The moiraillegiance element could use a little improvement.

[alt text]

Automatically assume if Cio has any titles they are entirely self-bestowed

Ciocie Cioelle, Bestower of Titles.

Breaker of Vaults and Wielder of Fell Arts are valid enough, but… Esteemed Writer? Not quite there yet.

At a certain point, avoiding the words for significant others in an effort to “keep things casual” is really just denial.

Well, this is going downhill, but they needed to get this out in the open.

I have a tentative MLP OC who is a couples’ therapist. Maybe she could help them? They just have to find the Magus Gate that leads to Equestria, locate the city of Manehattan and seek an appointment with Dockyard… and hope they don’t arrive in the middle of the story I might eventually write about Dockyard having to deal with a changeling (who is much less skilled at couples’ therapy) replacing her.

Cool girls don’t look at explosions.

[alt text]

Always a big fan of dialogue scenes when I can draw them like this

I know, right? There’s definitely a time and a place for this — it wouldn’t work for some of their more peaceful moments — but this kind of turbulent argument / reconciliation is exactly where it works best.

Are you offering?

“It’ll never be the same” — once you go horns you can’t go… borns…

I love these dorks.


Ooooh, now this sounds like fun. A devil is bound by their mask, so if someone else puts the mask on… my first thought was a sort of fusion (perhaps more of mind than body), but it might be closer to possession in most practical cases, given the thing about it usually not being consensual.

[alt text]

“The most direct way possible a devil may feed, and the one that makes them the most vulnerable, therefore rarely used except when a devil is extremely powerful or extremely trusting. The latter circumstance is far less likely than the former, believe me.” – Elemvy Guile, Night Mother Assassin

There’s the danger, I suppose.


I love her already.

(the fancy script above “devil skin warrior” totally looks like it reads “chimp”)

[alt text]

Her alternate name, Cioson, just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Hey, at least that’s still better than Acliloicsioen Cirouetlhle.

I’ll have to see what Allison and Cio are like alone together in a couple of days. See you, uh… below the break line!

[End of session]

K6BD patron:

If the page you stopped on was 9-103 (which I’m fairly certain it is based on math and context), here’s a little Twitter thing from the day the comic went up that I knew I needed to bookmark for you:

(re: math, I had given a precise percentage of progress on Twitter)

ProfessorGoggles has a point, it is pretty much the reverse of blessed division… yet oddly similar to the way Yis and Un did it.

[Session 2]

I’d rather be tall
I’d rather be smart
I’d rather be sure you know I care
Wherever you go
Whatever you start
I’d rather be sure you know I’m there
I’d rather I always be a part of whatever you do
I’d rather be me with you

Let’s meet an experience!

That second Gog-Agog knows what’s up.

Looking extremely graceful but immediately struggling with their limbs: A newly formed fusion tradition.

I think we’re about to find out whether that ceiling is physical or magic or just a random web.


I can’t quite tell if she shot through it or just cratered into it, but if the former happens… is that grounds for disqualification by ring-out?

Good news: Not disqualified just yet. Bad news: Evidently having trouble with moderation.

*thinks about Allison*

*thinks about Cio*

Yeah, that checks out.

[alt text]

Gog Agog, Gog Agog, and Gog Agog are pretty impressed, as you can see, however Gog Agog has seen this act before during the war and is not amused

If Gog-Agog’s… head thingy… and Gog-Agog’s speech bubble weren’t in the way, Gog-Agog’s “seriously” face would absolutely go into my reactions folder and one of my Discord emote servers.

So far, Allicio’s voices haven’t seemed to quite unite the way they would for most fusions in Steven Universe, even if things both voices agree on are said in unison, which might be a sign that she doesn’t have a unified identity yet… or just a consequence of Abbadon doing things differently than Rebecca. Assuming things follow Steven Universe rules is a dangerous path.

This is why I’m a little shaky on my decision to use “she” rather than “they” for Allicio (if Allicio were a fusion of a he and a she I’d also use “they”, but for a different reason).

Anyway, the point I was getting at was that some of Allicio’s lines are given only one pointer, indicating only one of her mouths is speaking the line. I find this analogous to moments in Steven Universe where a fusion is slightly destabilized or talking to themself externally, and things come out in registers closer to the components’ voices.

So this line about power… who is “I”? Allison, Cio, or Allicio? It sounds like Allison, but Allison is infused with a whole fucking lot of power and very much aware that she just doesn’t know how to use it all. Cio knows she used to be powerful, and may have done this before; she also probably wouldn’t expect most of this power to come from her.

Allicio used “we” for herself last page (both in and out of unison) and has barely existed long enough for reflecting on what she didn’t know to make sense. But it’s absolutely possible that things are moving in the direction of Allicio thinking of herself as an “I”.

That said, I can also see (t)he(i)r next line on the screen, and it’s double-pointered, as though the other component joined in.

Is this the gay agenda?

…yeah, Aesma would do this.

Wisdom. Restraint. Emptiness.

None of those things are characteristic of a fusion of Allison and Cio.

[alt text]

Destruction of the arena is an annual event at the Ring of Power

I can imagine, with the destructive powerhouses this setting spits out.

Hiya, Garbodor. Been a while, was wondering when you’d show up.

I mean he’s right about one thing.

So… Garbodor is just another transphobic angel (one who specifically invokes religious reasons), or what?

Or is this about the violence?

[alt text]

He’s a little bit traditional

If he keeps going like this I might not change what I call him when we find out what his name is.

“Yo, heard you talking shit.”

If nothing else, it’s a good distraction.

No. Don’t even think about it. Nyachain is where it’s at.

Okay maybe. They both deserve it if they want it.

[alt text]

We’re back! Thanks for your patience. New Zealand was full of birds and I love my wife.

New Zealand is a pretty cool place. I’d like to visit sometime.

The birds mean Ys-Voya was watching over you.


is Ys-Voya, goddess of audience interaction

associated with birds

because of Twitter?

Ooof. Seeker of Thrones had Allison alienating Cio through her focus on what needed doing. Now it’s White Chain’s turn.

[Note from sometime next page: I failed to mention it, but at this point I did realize Garbodor’s blasphemy thing was about her support for Allison.]

Wisdom. Restraint. Emptiness.

Allicio is an affront to White Chain’s teachings, and she’s had enough.

I would honestly not be terribly surprised if White Chain slapped her right now.

You fucked up.

By the way, there’s no actual need for a forfeit. The rules were not last-contender-standing.

[alt text]


With great power comes great lack of humility.

Is that… concern?

Allicio vs White Chain?

No more empty palms.

Is it possible to knock the mask off?

[alt text]

Top 10 anime betrayals

Between Homestuck and JoJo, this comic absolutely does count as an anime, yes.


White Chain’s arc is about accepting that a person’s nature can change or be different than it’s supposed to be.

(The song playing right now is oddly appropriate. (Fair warning, the video is also a fair bit spoilery for MLP due to the collection of characters present.))

So when this moment is presented as White Chain losing faith that Allison can change, her character arc itself reinforces the idea that White Chain is wrong about this.

Wrong, but very much justified at this point.

Yowch. That’s gotta sting.

But… how wrong is it really? Allison’s goal has always been saving one person, with very little care for who or what gets destroyed in the process. I mean, look at what just happened. How many people did Allicio just kill?

And this was just the bunch that literally signed up for it.

[alt text]

The technique here is Ovis’ Palm – Ovis, the god of emptiness and void, is largely attributed as the founder of all martial arts, assuming that he actually existed (a furiously debated topic).

Not existing truly is the highest form of emptiness and void.

I’d say this is a roughly even fight.

Ooof, that cracked the stone.

I like how both components come through separately here but it’s phrased as though coming from one person. Even if one of her voices says stuff from Cio’s perspective and with her linguistic peculiarities and the other says stuff from Allison’s, they’re both parts of the same sentiment, the same statement, which was started in unison.

I feel if this were a cartoon, all of this could come from the same unique Allicio voice actress speaking in different registers, just like in Steven Universe. Which is to say I think Abbadon nailed conveying the same concept in comic form.

[alt text]

Blow for Blow

One physical. One with words.

I wonder if there’s any good way to heal that cracked arm (there isn’t an overgrown pool of healing tears around, is there?) or if she’s going to have that scar throughout the story.

…also love how Garbodor said just enough to provoke this and then fucked off over to the side to just sit and watch.

Okay, now that’s not fair, White Chain.

She’s also pretty good at making coffee.

White Chain didn’t recognize him in this form, but Garbodor continually talks like they’re old buddies, even if he disapproved of White Chain’s recent choices.

[alt text]

Krayu Mat roughly translates to ‘Resplendent Soul Fist’ in Astral, the old language of angels

Hm. So that’s why we’re getting the visuals relating to White Chain’s true form.

Giving up all pretense of angels not being JoJo characters, I see!

I never reached the parts of JoJo with Stands and probably never will, but I still know when I see it that this… this is a Stand.

[alt text]



Wisdom? Restraint? Emptiness?

Close enough.

There’s a reason martial arts styles are known as “disciplines”.

Cio: “Wait, where did that technique come from?”

Hm. It might actually expand to something like ten cubits there. I’ll concede that point.

[alt text]

Ancient Weapon

Excellent for when roast angel is on the menu.

Garbodor strolls in, just kinda pokes them both off the platform, Worms-style, and takes the victory.

Are you saying, perhaps, that you need some… discipline?

Nice! Make the training work against her!

[alt text]

Debated whether to put a double tailed thought bubble here but realized that would be almost impossible to read

Yeeah, that probably wouldn’t work all that well in practice unless you kept the tails far apart, which would look kind of weird.

And by having this be why Allicio beats White Chain, Abbadon expertly reinforces the point that Allison has learned.

Yeet. Ring-out?

And yeah, this is the downside of discipline. If you know how it works, you can counter it.

Oh right, the wings are literal enough to function.

Her shell is more than stone… referring to White Chain’s identity stuff?

Her soul is on display… behind her, where she can’t see it.

[alt text]

Hopefully the ladies will not have to work all their personal problems out through violent kung fu duels in the future

What are you talking about, this is the best form of relationship therapy. Dockyard would be proud! (The fake one, at least.)

Oh boy. I just spotted the link for the next page while hovering over the button… thirty cubit spear

Allicio has no chill.

This is a fantastic visual representation of the idea that Allicio may only be able to empower the technique like this because she’s got the power of all three of them — Allison, Ciocie and the person they make together — working towards the same purpose.

We’re coming up on the stopping point I was given, so I’m a little scared of what this is going to do to White Chain.

[alt text]

This might be a little excessive


Everyone can tell shit’s really going down now.

So, Solomon, how do you feel right now?

Okay, wow. Now you’ve taken it in the other direction. That’s definitely way beyond 30 cubits.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s where I thought we were heading.

Forget about the arm, we might need a whole new body for White Chain.

…so how’s Garbodor going to take this?

[alt text]

Poor Gog Agog, Gog Agog, Gog Agog, and Gog Agog

They’re so scared!

At least now she hopefully knows better than to backstab Allison lightly.

Power without restraint leads to power used in ways you might not actually want.

Surely that body is not still functional enough to reinhabit?

…although if it is I could see White Chain sprouting wings out the back of the hole…

Oh wow. Well played, White Chain! We’ll make a poker player of you yet!

[alt text]

“Never underestimate the cunning of angels. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have more than an ounce of subtlety in their whole bleedin’ body. But what they do have will knock you on your feet, mate.”

The phrase “in their whole bleedin’ body” is particularly relevant in this situation.

End of Kill Six Billion Demons: King of Swords, p. 81-119

Well. That was fantastic.

The Hyphens-Lo-Kai fight was decent but in light of everything that happened after it, I just had to scroll up to remember that it even happened in this post. He was once again overshadowed by bigger and more awesome things, but he was a good starting point here.

Then Solomon changed things up and everything was excellent and we got Allicio and we got a confrontation against White Chain that still doesn’t seem to quite be over and aaaaaaAAAAAA this segment was so good!

And hey, we got Zaid too! That’s gonna be interesting. Next up… the end of White Chain vs Allicio, more deets on who the fuck Garbodor is to White Chain? Maybe if we’re lucky, Allison gets to meet up with Zaid, even? Maybe that’s what prompts Allicio to fall apart, if that’s a thing that can happen by accident with this form of fusion.

Should be fun, but honestly I’ll be really impressed if it holds a candle to this section.

See ya!

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