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Sharks has started a liveblog of her own!

She’s starting with the X-Men comics House of X and Powers of X, but may continue onto other things later. Go check it out if you’re interested!

A good-hearted but insecure young protagonist is found by a group of relatively affable villains who believe her to be among their kind. The protagonist joins up with the group — which includes a potential love interest, a loose cannon who doesn’t like her, a guy who doesn’t take things seriously, a loyal guy who struggles to put up with his team’s shenanigans, and someone quite forgettable — and is consequently manipulated by their actually villainous boss into acting against the good guys, in pursuit of dominion, until the protagonist turns on the actual villain.

I’m sure you all know which story I’m describing. It’s obviously my MLP fanfic Reflections in Black and Pink.

It took me a full damn year to realize what I’d done there.

K6BD patron comments

1. In one of the alt texts, Abaddon seems to reiterate his original plan for there to be only five books, meaning just one after this. Even though we’re not quite there yet, do you have any premature predictions for book 5, namely if it’ll be normal length or a potential Homestuck situation?

Even though he is a Homestuck, Abbadon doesn’t strike me as the type to pull a Homestuck on his own story structure, but it really doesn’t feel like one more book is enough. But then, Allison is in the process of finishing her original goal, so things kind of have to kick off in order to keep the momentum going.

I’m thinking book 5 will likely be on the longer end of the scale by K6BD’s standards, but not quite on the level of Homestuck “literally half the comic” Act 6.

2. Regarding the contest that was referenced — it was a completely different sort of thing, I don’t think any characters from the contest ended up in the comic (maybe background?), but basically all the entrants were comic makers who submitted an original character, with all the characters arranged in a tournament bracket. For each match-up, both entrants made a comic depicting their version of the fight, with straw polls on Discord and then Abaddon choosing one of the two to canonize, eventually leading to a winner. I haven’t read most of it yet but it looked like there was some really good stuff in there.

Ooh, that sounds like a lot of fun. Like a qualification round of the tournament.

3. Vacus Needles (or a similar sort of thing) have actually appeared in the comic quite a few times, but were not previously referred to by name (except I think in one of the bonus texts), and this was the first time they were confirmed to do anything to humans. Previous appearances:

Remember in book 1, Cio apparently wasn’t able to pull the needle out of White Chain’s face and had to get Allison to do it, implying devils can’t even safely touch them.

Ohh. I didn’t really connect all of these instances in my mind, let alone think of them with the latest one.

4. The red cards were indeed were indeed seen a few times before. Cio gave Allison one near the end of book 1 and was thus apparently able to locate Allison in the void at the start of book 2. In book 3, Cio pulls out a card and something is done with it that results in Oscar showing up almost immediately. And then Oscar is holding a card while assembling the heist crew and shows it to each of them.

Ahhh, right!

K6BD asks

I vaguely take it based on page count that your next Six session will be your last, probably with a Face first?

That’s what it looks like, yes! The patron and I talked about it and it seems best that I do a Face chapter next month to buy time for book 4 to end. It’s unclear exactly how much is left of book 4, though, so it’s entirely possible I might have more than one session of K6BD to go.

After that and the other Face chapter, I might do one or two one-offs for the patron before calling an end to the Patreon bonuses, but exactly what we’re doing with that is still undecided.

“If Gog-Agog’s… head thingy…” It’s a jester’s cap. Which means Gog Agog is an evil clown.

I mean I know that… it’s just… she seems to put flesh in there.

(thonking) Did Cio take off her mask, or did Cio take off her body? And where the heck did the body go?

I think for most intents and purposes, Cio is the mask. So I guess she took off her body, which promptly disappeared because it was an extension of the black flame bound by the mask?

“My first instinct was that it’s a thing about page numbers, but I don’t know of any such significance to 87, and why would that be mentioned on page 80?” Uhhh…wouldn’t eight pages after page 80 be page 88 (which is a number that symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture), not page 87?

8 pages from page 8-80 is 8-88, not 8-87. In Chinese numerology/culture 888 is considered extremely lucky. I don’t know why it’s in the alt text of page 8-80 instead of page 8-88 though

I swear I know basic addition…

I think what happened there was I was in a mindset of counting the number of pages I’d have to read total, which would include the starting page. So instead of going “flipping eight pages ahead from 8-80 takes me to 8-88”, my brain went “okay so reading from the top of 8-80 and reading eight pages takes me to the bottom of 8-87”.

Which is dumb. No matter what excuses I have, that’s a major derp. 😛

I know you don’t normally read the description text under the K6BD comics, but when you get to 9-121 I would really recommend it.

Noted. Will try to remember to do that.

Worm asks

okay but in that JeffShoemake comic, page 3, last panel, is that or is that not Sweet Bro? And possibly also Hella Jeff, but that one’s more ambiguous, and apparently on Earth Bet they have a child?

…I cannot deny there is a resemblance.

It’s just because of the lack of unshaded skin (I checked, it’s the same color as the shading on “Sweet Bro”), but at first glance the kid looks a little darker than either parent, which put the thought in my head…

Clockblocker bringing up Mannequin targeting Skitter was honestly not just a low blow, but a stupid one. As it was pointed out way back, Mannequin, as all serial killers, has a type of people he goes after. Tinkers and those who try to improve the world. And since Taylor isn’t a tinker, the fact she was targeted actually speaks quite well of her.

Yeah, that’s a very fair point. Clockblocker would probably have been briefed about that, too, if he didn’t already know it.

They had a conversation, clockroach ship officially validated.

…you know what, yes, sure. I could see it. They’d be the sort of couple that constantly challenge each other to be the best they can be.

I know what’s going to happen, but I’m going to play into your seven trumpets speculation anyway:
1. Behemoth burning trees, I can believe it.
2. Leviathan flooding the world, I can believe it.
3. Simurgh poisoning the river, I can believe it.
4. Grue blocking out the Sun; [redacted. contained information that was said to be in 3.6, but was not]
5. Nilbog releasing the locusts, I can believe it.
6. Two hundred million horseman; A clone army sounds like something Noelle can do.
7. Truth of the mystery of God is revealed; Jack has a fetish for stuff like that, plus he’s meant to trigger the end of the world so there’s that.

Oooh, yes! Noelle as the sixth and Jack as the seventh makes a bit more sense than my attempts.

Grue being on the list at all is still a little weird, seeing as this whole thing sprang out of the information that there were six existing S-class threats and Grue is absolutely not an S-class threat, but hey. I don’t know what you had to say for that one so I can’t judge.

“They arranged themselves with Clockblocker and Weld sat to either side of me, Miss Militia, Flechette and Kid Win opposite me.” Given the powers involved, nice positioning.

Yeah. Melee and ranged… Clockblocker ready to freeze… wait a minute, don’t do that to a passenger in a moving vehicle, are you crazy? She’ll crash through the back of the car and be in the way of anyone driving behind you! Unless it operates on Clocky’s frame of reference (the car), which could actually be even worse depending on how it’d work when the car turns or changes speed.

Which is all the more reason to have Weld there, I suppose.

You seem to have missed a line: “No, not as much as you’d think,” I said. I turned to Miss Militia. “Satisfied?”

Also, you misformatted the line ‘“Who have you been shooting?”’ as if you wrote it rather than Wildbow.

Whoops! Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed both.

Sophia actually was using the tranquilizer bolts when Flechette patrolled with her, so I don’t think she’s have anything to contribute.

Ahh, right. She could vouch for Sophia being pretty scary and violent, but not for that part. Fair enough.

Ohh, that’s so satisfying to watch. Love the little gun flip after the shot.

Welcome to Brockton Bay – Part 1 | WORM Teaser” by GrahamasaurusRex

“I’m a VFX artist and filmmaker in LA. I’ve been daydreaming about making some Worm-related content for a couple years now and finally pulled the trigger on it a few months ago. I have some specific long-term projects in mind that I’ll be working on for…ever, but I’m hoping to put out semi-regular content for the community on the side when possible. Probably not as elaborate as this piece, but previews of characters or scenes as I get assets finished, stand-alone bits of animation, behind the scenes stuff, etc.

I’ll be posting some things I’ve already finished over the next few weeks or so, but I’m curious to get some feedback. Is there anything specific people are interested in seeing?”

In which I go on for five and a half minutes about a video that turned out to be just 37 seconds, after like twenty minutes of fiddling with the setup. 😛

Bottom line: This good, high-quality content and I hope to see more of this artist’s work later on. The PHQ and the Boardwalk look fantastic!

(Curse you, YouTube, for changing how embeds work and making Nospoiler and Polsy nearly useless, aside from them still getting rid of sidebars and effects on the recommendation feed. At least I knew about it and was able to safely ignore any spoilery thumbnails that may have popped up.)

Someone on Discord slipped and brought up that something they said in a conversation I wasn’t part of was a Worm reference, elaborating on how: Apparently there’s a character who likes to say “fuck the dog” in place of “screw the pooch”. I don’t know who, but they’re #relatable.

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