Between: Interlude 19a

Asks and art

Scrub has talked before, in his first appearance shortly after his trigger (chapter 11.06).

True. It’s good to know that unless something’s happened since, he should be able to speak and is just sparing us the hassle.

Granted, the Merchants didn’t last long after his trigger, so maybe they didn’t have time to make him as unpleasant as I’m making him out to likely have become.

Hey, its the person who keeps letting you know that you misformatted Wildbow’s lines as yours. You misformatted more of Wildbow’s lines as yours: “I’m listening,” I said. | Nobody volunteered an answer. Tattletale smiled.

Thank you! These asks are extremely helpful.

Here, let me show you why this happens:

I’m currently doing my post writing in Chrome because WordPress’ editor stopped playing nice with my main browser (at least the version I’m using — I should try checking for an update), and in Chrome, for some reason, there’s no visual distinction between paragraph blocks and quote blocks unless I’m actually highlighting one of them.

Making it more annoying is the fact that if I make it a quote block first, and then paste something with a paragraph break in it, the quote block just turns back into a pair of paragraph blocks. (If there’s only one paragraph, this tactic works fine and I get a proper quote block.) This means that whenever I quote multiple paragraphs, I have to highlight both/all paragraphs after pasting in order to turn them into quote blocks. Sometimes I miss the first paragraph or forget it was multiple paragraphs to begin with, and that’s how we end up with these bits of quote left out in the open.

“Can concrete resonate?” Yes. It can. It’s a consideration in structural stability. In fact, basically everything has a resonant frequency. If you look up “bridge resonant frequency”, you can find video of large bridges literally shaking themselves apart because the wind caused them to vibrate at their resonant frequency. Also, fun fact, 19Hz is the resonant frequency of the human eyeball, and playing 19Hz sound loud enough can distort it and cause a type of hallucination.

Oh yeah! I forgot that was a thing! Stuff like that is pretty fascinating.

You were talking about how how the number part of power classifications isn’t very useful to you. After writing Worm, Wildbow ran PRT Quest, in which people got to experience what being a PRT Director is like. The supplemental material included an internal briefing on what the numbers mean, would you like to read that? I could send it in, without other parts of the documents that define the power names (since you don’t want those explained to you)

I think I’ll leave it up to Sharks whether or not I should see that. I don’t know if she’s seen it herself, though, so I guess you could send it in so she can take a look? Thank you.

Has Krixwell seen any of the Worm animations from Reddit user GrahamasaurusRex?

I’ve seen at least one of them, yes! Their work looks awesome.

JOKE: Why do Norwegians have barcodes on their battleships?
ANSWER: So they can Scandinavian


The real struggle is getting them onto the register.

I hope both of y’all are safe, considering the invasion of Ukraine.

For now at least. Sharks is about as far away from that mess as you can get and not a part of NATO, so I think she’s good as long as it doesn’t become World War III, at which point the question is basically moot for everyone anyway. As for me, as long as this doesn’t escalate to a NATO-Russia war I should be good too, but if the Russians do come for Norway my town will probably be a minor military target.

Don’t give up now, you’re almost to the bank robbery!

Oh shit I gotta see the bank robbery!

In Between 19.1 you brought up the idea of ‘the Tinglers of earth bet’ incorporating anthropomorphized powers in their literature, and I thought you’d be interested to know that that sort of thing does get explored in fanfiction. The anthropomorphized powers, not specifically Chuck Tingler stuff. Are there any powers that you have strong opinions on how they should be interpreted? I’m curious how your percerption deviates from the fandom zeitgeist.

Hm. So basically the powers themselves as characters? Interesting.

In many cases, the anthro version of a power is basically just the wielder again, since cape character design often invokes the themes of their power. That’s why Taylor is so lanky, for example, to mimic insect limbs, and a brilliant multitasker to match the swarm.

But sometimes in Worm, powers are a bit more at odds with their wielders. Burnscar, for example, had a fiery rage that didn’t match who she wanted to be, and the tragedy of her character lies in how the power’s “personality” overrode hers and forced her to become as monstrous and all-consuming as the flame within. So an anthro version of her power would be very different from her meeker self. I’m picturing a musclebound, destructive person with hella anger issues.

It’s also important to think about the fact that powers in most cases are tools. Their anthro counterparts don’t automatically have the morality associated with their wielders; just because a power is canonically used for evil doesn’t make the power evil. Jack’s power is weapon-focused, but he’s the one choosing who to cut through. Anthro Long Knife could easily be a hero, or even just a chef with a long knife.

In short, there aren’t any powers I have strong opinions on regarding this stuff, but you’ve gotten me thinking more broadly about the very nature of anthropomorphizing powers in the first place and it’s a pretty interesting topic.

by Pericardium

Ahahahaha beautiful

I don’t know what’s funnier, the main punchline that he picked the reality on the right, that he was using his power to go on this date during the time he needed it most for his plans, or that he thought he could pull the trick off without using his power.

This is a masterpiece.

Oh coddammit. I went checking for that browser update and found out Maxthon did have a major update, going from Maxthon 5 to Maxthon 6… and started pushing blockchain shit. Time to find something else, I guess.

Anyone have recommendations for browsers that are functional but don’t gobble up every bit of RAM they can find like Chrome and its relatives?

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