“She would probably needs someone’s contribution” (Bonesaw creating pregnancy). Nope you can make female sperm. At which point she could just be cloning herself IN or OUT of herself but ypi get the idea

I don’t doubt she could make sperm. My point was that for it to not be a clone, she needs someone else’s DNA to mix with her own.

She might be able to change her own DNA enough without pieces of someone else’s, I suppose, but that’s stretching it.

Amy could totally do that, though.

UNfortuantely Quow’s liveblog of Pact and and CodeZeta’s liveblog, the only other liveblog of pact that I’m aware of, both stopped without much warning.

That’s a shame. Though I did take a superficial look at Quow’s blog before adding them to the Other Blogs page, and judging by a post made less than a week ago, they do want to get back into it.

…and looking at the blog now, it seems they did! They did a session two days ago!

LHC and I got to talking about The Baby Is You and it turned into… well, this. So to recap: Victoria, Amy’s lab-daddy and best friend, has to help Amy out after Amy makes herself pregnant with a child that is also Victoria. They sing a song as Amy reveals this to Victoria. Then Bonesaw shows […]

End of Prey 14.3

This was a fantastic chapter! I love everything to do with Amy in it, and the chase scene was really good too. And then the more mobile members of the Protectorate and Wards showed up, along with Glory Girl for extra Amy goodness. Fortunately, rather than bombing them (I suppose this is too different from the plan to go through with that just yet), Piggot wants to talk to the Undertravelers, and for some reason she (or Chariot, if Piggot didn’t specify) went with Tattletale as the Undertravelers’ spokesperson in spite of all the data that tells them to avoid talking to her. That might backfire.

I suppose Piggot wants to know what they mean re: Siberian’s “creator” and how they found out, but there’s gotta be more to it. It wouldn’t warrant a dramatic chapter ender if there wasn’t. Maybe this is how they begin to set up the trap?

There’s also the issue that Siberian and the other Nine are still running around nearby, and who knows what the situation is for the other part of the Undertravelers, now that the PRT is involved. Hopefully we’ll find out next chapter.

Fuck, this situation is such a mess.

Amy. Amy, Amy, Amy. I love Amy’s character so much these days. If things do – this is against the odds but currently very possible – end up making her a permanent Undersider, I’m gonna have a new favorite on the team.

In this chapter, we got to see her development with Taylor pay off as she admitted things she wouldn’t say to just anyone, actively chose to help the Undertravelers out, and even – after a questionable pep talk by Lisa – joined them in the race against Siberian. This is major character and relationship development and I love it.

So… yeah. Next chapter, it’s time to talk to Jemily, hopefully find out how the other members of the Undertravelers are doing, and see Greg and Lisa’s first kiss. See you then!

He extended one hand toward Tattletale.  There was an earbud in his palm.

Oh shit, are the Protectorate really asking for Tattletale to be the one to talk directly to them?

“The Director of the PRT would like to have a word with you.”

…Piggot. Hrm.

Well, this ought to be interesting, at least.

“You’ve joined them, now?”  She spoke, breaking the brief silence.

Not officially. More like a temporary team-up that could blossom into something deeper if I’m lucky.

“I just wanted to help against the Nine,” Amy said.  Her voice was small, defeated.  “Can I-”

“If you open your mouth and ask if you can use your power on me, I won’t be held responsible for what I do,” Glory Girl growled.

Harsh, but understandable.

“Don’t hate me, please.  I don’t care what you think of me, but hate is too close to…”  Amy trailed off.

To love?

“Too close to what?” Glory Girl asked.  She shrugged.  Anger gave an edge to her words.  “Aren’t you going to say it?  Can’t you admit what you did?”

Amy hung her head, and her forehead rested between my shoulders, hair hanging down.  She shook her head, but I doubted Glory Girl could see it.


Poor Amy.

“Let’s put vendettas aside,” Chariot spoke.  He smirked.  “We have bigger fish to fry.”

Tigerfish, perhaps?

“The Nine,” Trickster spoke.

“The Nine,” Chariot said.  “But it’s not my place to talk tactics.  I’m just the rookie.  The messenger.”

I find it appropriate that the guy with the super fast power armor is the messenger. It feels like it ties back to Hermes, whether that was intentional or not, with the power armor standing in for his winged shoes.

Amy pulled back, and I grabbed her wrist.  Before she could hop off Sirius, Grue was directing the dog across the road.

Chariot and Glory Girl pulled off their helmets as we arrived.  Chariot was black, his narrow, triangular face largely covered in power armor.  He had the scruff of a weak teenage beard on his chin.

The design reminds me of Nino from Miraculous Ladybug, even though Nino doesn’t have stubble or power armor, is arguably more dark cream-colored than black, and his face can barely be called triangular.

So basically the description reminds me of someone who doesn’t look much like him at all.

Glory Girl bore little resemblance to any of the last times I’d seen her.  There were dark circles under her eyes.  She stared at me.  No- at Amy.

She’s been having sleepless nights, hasn’t she.

How much has her reaction to Amy’s leaving been affected by what Amy did to her?

The glare seethed with raw, seething hatred.  It made every line of her face hard.


Legend handed Cache to Ursa and gave chase.  I could see Chariot raising his hand to his right ear, pausing.

Got Piggot in your ear?

He, Battery and Glory Girl turned and advanced towards Tattletale’s group.


“Can we go?”  Amy asked, from behind me.  “I didn’t- I didn’t think-”

There was a pause.  We could fight.  My power would be largely foiled by those suits, but Grue had his power.

With this many capes around, Grue would be incredibly versatile.

“No,” Tattletale said.  “Come here, and bring Amy.  They want to talk.”

Alright. Good.

Though considering Glory Girl is there, I’m not sure Amy will want to.

Legend snapped his head from the words to us.

Shit,” Tattletale said.  No sooner was the word out of her mouth than Siberian came tearing out of the hole, truck held over her head.

Well, fuck.

Was Siberian just waiting for something to tip them off to where the Undertravelers were?

A section of the street was torn free and flipped through the air.  Legend blasted it out of existence with an indigo flash of light.

I guess that’s indigone.

“Cash!”  Legend bellowed the word.

I think you’re misinterpreting that, Taylor. They’ve got someone named Cache.

So is he ordering Cache to go swoop up the Undertravelers to protect them from Siberian?

He began pelting Siberian with lasers.  Beams capable of leveling buildings, and she ignored them.

Turns out Siberian isn’t a building.

Cash?  I saw the man in the black costume raising his hands.  Dark lines began to surround Siberian and the truck, forming complex geometric angles.

Oh, is he capable of containing Siberian with that power?

In the blink of an eye, as Siberian reached the peak of her leap, panes of glossy black material snapped into place between the dark lines.  The resulting geometry contracted as if he meant to squish Siberian.  It shattered instead.

Yeah, sorry, I think your pokéball just popped open.

She hit the ground in a crouch, holding the truck in one hand, and the man in the black robe staggered, blood gushing from his nose.  Legend caught him before he could collapse.

Oof, that seems to have not just failed, but backfired.

Cache.  Right.  I was dimly aware of him, though I’d never seen his picture.

Siberian charged the heroes, and they cleared out of the way in an instant.  The one in power armor -Chariot- slid across the ground with the aid of his jetpack and built-in roller skates.

Let’s see what he can do in a fight!

Legend and the one in red, Glory Girl by process of elimination, took flight.  Ursa whatever leaped to one side.  They were the mobile group, the group that was able to get here fastest.  They’d seen the sun appear, they’d seen it hit, and they’d come to step in.

Ahh, yeah, that makes sense.

Though by their outfits, they were already messing with the other Undertraveler group’s assault on the Nine.

Siberian didn’t stop to engage the enemy.  She continued on her course, charging through the ground floor of a building as she swung the truck in a lazy back and forth arc.  I could see the roof buckling as vital supports disappeared.

Whoops, there goes another building.

“Legend, Battery, Cache,” Tattletale rattled off names through the phone, “Chariot, Glory Girl.”

Oh boy, Glory Girl’s here too. How’s Amy going to react to that? I can’t imagine she wants Victoria to see her riding around with the Undertravelers.

Amy squeaked, barely audible, a failed attempt to speak.

The flying man in the lead pointed his hand towards Tattletale.  If that was Legend, one laser blast could take all of them out.

Don’t do it, man. You’re better than that.

I wasn’t sure if he’d spotted us through the mist and smoke.

“Want me to use my power?” Grue asked.

Well, if they haven’t spotted you, that ought to tip them off, but if they have… it ought to help you escape.

“No,” Tattletale’s voice came from my phone.  “Skitter?  Inform them.”

About Siberian’s true nature?

I drew words out with the flying insects, big and bold, with an arrow pointing down at the crater.  ‘SIBERIAN + HER CREATOR’

Nice. That ought to get the point through.