Hm… Guessing the Interlude POV characters hasn’t really worked out for me so far, but… Usually the Interludes act as bridges between the Arcs, so they tend to tie in with both what has just happened and with what’s coming up next. Maybe we’re getting an Interlude about Coil, Dinah, or a member of New […]

Maybe that’s the case. But it’s worth noting how Dinah answers each of the questions: “I did.  But I want the Undersiders to hear what you say.  Give me a number.  How would they do, without my help?” “Forty-six point six two three five four percent chance they all come back.  Thirty three point seven […]

Honestly, judging by what we’ve seen of each of them, those two seem to act just about the same (seeing what will happen given people’s actions in the present), and with far more determinism than the probabilities Dinah gives would imply for the Wormverse.

Hey, look, it’s a piece of shit and his young victim! This is a nice piece of work by @synapsekisses. I particularly like the detailing (it must’ve taken a while to give Coil’s decorative snake all those scales, for example), and Dinah’s sad expression. (original post – please reblog that rather than this one)

End of Buzz 7.11


So. Rachel came around, but the Undersiders as a whole are finding more and more reasons to be reserved about joining or even continuing to work for Coil. It’s safe to say his attempt at showing them how much they can rely on him backfired, and instead just managed to show them – or at least Taylor and Tattle – one of his darker sides.

Now the Undersiders have a major decision ahead of them, and since it turns out this isn’t the last chapter of Buzz, I think that will be the main topic of Buzz 7.12. Right now it could go either way, really – it depends on whether they want the things Coil promised badly enough to be willing to help a man who’d kidnap a 12-year-old and feed her drugs so she’d cooperate take over the city.

Yeeah, I think Taylor at least isn’t particularly thrilled about that idea.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next time. See ya then!

“Get it, Regent?” I asked him, “The bank robbery was a distraction for the local capes, so Coil could be sure to get away with taking the kid.  We played a part in that. We made that happen.”

Hoo boy.

The Protectorate proper out of town, the Wards fighting the Undersiders… not much resistance left against Coil. That’s why he needed them to do a job at such a precise time, too, without caring all that much what that job would entail.

Hell, maybe that’s why there were so many Wards there compared to what they were expecting – in an effort to distract as many of them as possible, Coil himself reported the ongoing robbery and played up the threat?

Damn, I’m not sure they should stay with Coil anymore.