Maybe that’s the case. But it’s worth noting how Dinah answers each of the questions:

“I did.  But I want the Undersiders to hear what you say.  Give me a number.  How would they do, without my help?”

“Forty-six point six two three five four percent chance they all come back.  Thirty three point seven seven nine zero one percent only some come back.  That’s one question.”

Here, Dinah doesn’t specify the state they come back in. She says there’s a 46.62354% chance they come back at all. Then Coil goes ahead to ask the probability that, with his help, they come back intact:

“Okay.  Answer those two, then there’s one more before you get your candy.  I just need to know the chances that the teams will come back intact.”

The girl nodded, a little too quickly and eagerly, “Those people there have a thirty-two point zero zero five eight three percent chance to come back with nobody dead or seriously hurt if you help them.  The Travelers have a forty-one point-”

She even specifies how she interpreted “intact” here, which Coil seems to have missed: Instead of giving their chance that everyone comes back, she gives their chance that everyone comes back with nobody dead or seriously hurt.

This is driven home when she gives the chance for everyone to come back intact without Coil’s help as much lower than the chance of everyone coming back at all without his help.

She began to settle, and Coil was calmer when he spoke again, more like his usual, reasonable self, “Just give me the number, again, if I sent the Undersiders out to fight Kaiser, without giving them my help.  What percentage, that they come back intact?”

“Twelve point three one three three percent-”

Without Coil’s help, there’s a 34.31024% chance that everyone comes back, but at least one member is seriously hurt. (Hell, for the first question, she might’ve even been counting cases where some people survive and manage to get everyone else’s corpse back home among “they all come back”.)

I hope that clears up a bit why I think Coil needed to be more careful how he worded his questions.

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