True. But I was talking specifically about Godzilla, and there’s a reason I emphasized the word “natural” – I may not have seen the movies, but I know that Godzilla specifically represents nuclear weaponry, with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks (as well as an incident where the crew of a Japanese fishing boat were contaminated by […]

Jeez, this guy is deadly as fuck. I was familiar with Newfoundland already, and I did look up Kyushu (but didn’t see anything I found reason to comment on). In both cases, that’s quite a significant landmass full of people eradicated by Leviathan. As for Dragon’s dialect, that’s a really neat detail. Not only is […]

Yeah, learning that two major islands like that had just kinda been wiped away by a single person really helps to set the tone! 😛 As for the determinism thing, don’t worry about it. It was never a major spoiler (I think), even before I got an ask arguing against it, and I got the […]