Pabel and Nine has a rather distinctive style, with a more cartoony look than some of the other artists – which is not a bad thing. It’s quite cool, and I appreciate the variation. 🙂 I really like this Alexandria design, and the shading on the cape is fantastic. As for Photon Mom and her […]

Victoria, come on, that’s cheating! Anyway, I’m splitting up the posts by artist for this submission too. These are all by lonsheep, who remains an excellent artist. I like the lineup. I appreciate the little interactions, such as Glory Girl holding onto her boyfriend Gallant, and Clockblocker doing devil horns on Vista. The Weld portrait […]

(Hey, is that the artist in the top left?) Lonsheep did a really good job capturing Parian’s own doll-like appearance. I also love the way she’s surrounded by some of the stuffed animals she has the power to bring to life. Maybe she already has? They certainly seem to appreciate her – group hug!

She was unclothed, not even wearing a skintight costume on her long limbed body, but it somehow wasn’t obscene. This piece by Moonarc does a good job of recreating the impression Taylor got – it’s a drawing of a beautiful character without clothes, but it’s not something I’m uncomfortable with putting on the blog. I […]

I’m gonna split up this mass fanart submission by artist. These pieces are by the Krustacean on DeviantArt. I love the perspective on Chevalier’s cannonblade, and the golden patterns on his his armor are really cool. Edna Mode would have a few choice words about his cape, but Eidolon looks awesome. The coloring is great, […]

(link to the post by @comparativelysuperlative) Hmm… and a little east of Bridgeport, we do find a city with a bay, New Haven, which seems to line up with the aquifer marked that map. The one issue I have with this is that it’s always seemed like the coast of Brockton Bay is aligned north-south, […]