Victoria, come on, that’s cheating!

Anyway, I’m splitting up the posts by artist for this submission too. These are all by lonsheep, who remains an excellent artist.

I like the lineup. I appreciate the little interactions, such as Glory Girl holding onto her boyfriend Gallant, and Clockblocker doing devil horns on Vista.

The Weld portrait is great – we get casual Weld, doing something he presumably likes to do, but there’s also a melancholy expression in there. I was already interested to see what Wildbow had in store with Weld, but if any of that is inspired by future canon, color me even more intrigued.

Shielder, I don’t really know yet besides his brief, personality-less visit in the Battle of Light, but he looks like a really nice guy in both of lonsheep’s renditions. I really like the hairstyle and smile he’s got going there.

Meanwhile, Myrddin looks intense. Fitting, for a man based on the great Merlin in a work as serious as Worm.

And then there’s Eidolon, with a more cloaked appearance than I’ve already grown used to from the other arts of him, which were more caped than cloaked. I kinda like it – his body being more hidden fits his phantom aesthetic.

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