By the way: I’ve kind of wanted to avoid comparing the Merchants to juggalos, since juggalos have an undeservedly bad rep already (it’s a music fandom, FBI, not a damn gang), but… I can’t. The whole arrangement reminds me of a perverted version of a juggalo gathering (not that I’ve actually seen one of those, so I might be writing out of my ass), and Skidmark’s dialogue reads a lot like Gamzee Makara, a juggalo-based Homestuck character, to me.

Fair enough. I did have a reason for saying that, though: As far as I’m concerned, a juggalo is simply an Insane Clown Posse fan (I’m kind of a juggalo under that definition, though a selective one), and ICP music actually has some things in common with Worm. They both focus a lot on dark […]