Fair enough.

I did have a reason for saying that, though: As far as I’m concerned, a juggalo is simply an Insane Clown Posse fan (I’m kind of a juggalo under that definition, though a selective one), and ICP music actually has some things in common with Worm. They both focus a lot on dark themes, shitty people and unfairness in society, with a sense of “look, this is a fucked up thing that happens, we can’t keep ignoring it”. The main difference is that the ICP puts a more comedic spin on it most of the time, and emphasizes that the world is beautiful (but we also can’t forget that shitty things happen in it).

But of course, sharing worldviews doesn’t necessarily mean Wildbow is bound to like the music the ICP makes to convey their message, let alone identify as a fan.

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