(About this ask)

To be fair, this was actually the first such ask I’ve gotten.

I don’t actually mind people asking when I’m going to liveblog, but this ask was more demanding it. The entitlement in it kind of hit on a thing I’ve been specifically taking measures to avoid. I would’ve elaborated back when I answered the ask, but I could feel myself getting worked up about it and decided it was best not to, lest I said something I’d regret.

What I did mention was that this was the reason I originally didn’t schedule my liveblogs.

The thing is, when I started out, I decided to avoid a couple things that I knew from a previous project could kill my enjoyment. One of those things was the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough, that I was slacking, that my audience was entitled to more. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do want to give you more, but I need to take it at my own pace in order to keep enjoying it (which is vital to doing a good job of it in the first place), and for the same reason, I need to avoid feeling guilty about it when that pace is slowed down for whatever reason. This is why I rarely apologize when I postpone liveblogs, too – another conscious choice to avoid being weighed down by guilt until I stop enjoying the liveblog.

(The only reason I’m doing #next posts in the first place is because it was requested, so you guys could have more of a sense of stability. Essentially, they started out more as “this is roughly when you can expect it” than “this is when I’ll do it”. I’ll admit that I do get a comforting sense of stability from it myself, though.)

Ultimately, I’m doing this because I want to. I’d like to keep it that way.

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