Ah, yeah, that makes sense. Far more than “Heil Christ”, at least.

“Kaiser” is the German word for “emperor”, and does have it’s origins in the name “Caesar”, which in its original Latin would be pronounced similarly (KYE-sar rather than English SEE-sar – compare with the German pronunciation of “Kaiser”, KYE-ser).

Julius Caesar himself never officially had the role (he was “dictator for life”, although that didn’t last five years before he was killed), but Augustus, the one who actually turned the Roman Republic into an Empire, turned his adoptive father’s surname into a title for the emperor. Nowadays a lot of languages – Norwegian included, with “keiser” (KAY-ser) – use descendants of that title as their word of “emperor”.

Of course, it’s still kind of odd that they’re not using 8-11 instead, but fair enough.

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