Hmm, yeah, that first thing is a very good point. As far as the court is concerned, she meant to do what she did – though the jury did conclude that she did not mean for it to be lethal, which it fortunately wasn’t – and so the sentence must be interpreted from that basis. It’s still unfair and biased (and if she’d been given a fair trial the court may not have come to that conclusion in the first place), but it’s a little more understandable when you keep that in mind.

As for the lawyer thing, I’m not really sure how much it would matter if her own lawyer were vulnerable to her singing, but with creative or reckless use of the power, I suppose it could be a problem. And that’s before considering the possibility of defense lawyers having more duties I wasn’t familiar with, like juror selection was until one of the asks about this topic showed up. But yeah, video+text conversations would work better, or just giving Paige one of those tinkertech text-to-speech machines another asker suggested for her trial a while back.

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