The drug comparison is yet another reason why I asked the question in the first place. If you look at it more like being under the effects of the drug at all times, the victim is not in a proper state to give consent, and under all laws I’m familiar with, having sex with a drugged or drunk person is automatically rape (especially if you were the one drugging them in the first place).

That said, comparing the effects of the power to an addiction does seem rather fitting too. As you somewhat implicitly point out, it’s a desire they can’t control, even if their other emotions and rational thoughts go against it. (I’ve had similar experiences due to ADHD (I once took a Minecraft boat and went

I’m not sure I’d always agree with the statement that giving drugs to an addicted person isn’t inherently wrong, though. Even if getting out of the addiction isn’t an option, there’s a certain balance to be drawn between the adverse effects of abstinence versus the adverse effects of the drugs.

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