I don’t have much to go on. All I know for sure is that they’re morally detestable to such a degree that even bringing them up is considered morbid.

To some extent, the idea has grown in my head that they might be people who were turned into Lovecraftian monstrosities by their powers, complete with blue and orange morality. There’s no actual evidence that I can recall for that, though, so it’s really just wild guessing with little to no confidence that I’m right.

Hm… I think that might have come from something discussed at the end of Agitation – the parahuman or related being who was capable of mind reading. The Simurgh, wasn’t it? Then again, people later told me that a simurgh is a sort of mythological bird, so chances seem slim for The Simurgh being a Lovecraftian horror. Though… it was probably the use of “The” in front of it, which we haven’t seen in any other parahuman name, that set me on this track in the first place.

But yeah, the odds are fairly small on that one.

As for what their goals may be: When their name first showed up, I speculated on it implying they are gunning for an apocalypse. Unfortunately, the name could just as easily refer to them killing a lot of people in pursuit of some other goal, bringing people to their end rather than the world. As such, I’m pretty much stumped there too.

But whatever they are, and whatever they want, this exchange is rather telling about their methods:

“But the real evidence to my ‘cops and robbers’ theory,” Lisa continued, “Is the reaction you see when someone crosses the line.  You’ve heard about it happening.  Someone finds out another cape’s secret identity, goes after the cape’s family.  Or a cape wins a fight and decides his downed opponent isn’t in a state to say no if he’s feeling lusty? Word gets around, and the cape community goes after the fucker.  Protecting the status quo, keeping the game afloat.  Bitter enemies call a truce, everyone bands together, favors get called in and everyone does their damndest to put the asshole down.”

“Like we do with the Endbringers,” I said.  I sheathed my knife.

“Holy fuck,” Lisa said, slapping the sides of the steering wheel with her hands.  I think if the van had been moving, she would have hit the brakes for emphasis.  Traffic was starting to move, though, so she started up the car and put it into gear, “Twice, you bring up the Endbringers in as many minutes.  You’re being morbid.  What’s going on?”

Namely, it tells me that they’re fucked the hell up.

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