The Undersiders are a given, of course, but other than them…

  • A bunch of Wards, Protectorate and New Wave members (the New Wave members that got introduced in Buzz will probably have a more important role in Arc 8).
  • The Travelers (being nomadic, they may not have as tight a bond with Brockton Bay as most characters we know, but they work for Coil and, assuming he’s been honest about his goal, he has a strong interest in keeping the city intact), Circus, Roadblock, Coil’s soldiers.
  • Faultline’s crew will probably only help if paid for it, though I’m sure there’s plenty of people willing to pay (Coil, perhaps?).
  • The Protectorate may call in some big shots from out of town, maybe even some of the biggest shots, like a Triumvirate member or two.
  • I seem to recall there being at least one more hero team around. *does some rereading of his own blog* Ah yes, from chapter 2.2, “the Guild” was mentioned alongside New Wave. We haven’t seen anything else about them yet – maybe it’s time for them to become relevant?
  • The Empire may or may not contribute – it might be divided, with some members contributing (in some cases so they have some claim to honor now that their identities are out). Tattle might even be able to convince Purity to help in order to repay the Undersiders for helping her get Aster back, or Purity might decide to help for the sake of Aster’s home.
  • Hell, maybe Skidmark and his gang of drug addicts will be of some help. Maybe.
  • I’d imagine there’ll be some new characters. Some of the opportunities I’ve mentioned above – Protectorate members from out of town, the Guild – but we might also get to meet some of the solo heroes and villains in the city.

Basically, pretty much everyone with the decency to. Obviously if that many people show up, we’ll probably focus on some a lot more than others, in which case I’m thinking the New Wave members from the Battle of Light are prime suspects, as well as any newcomers.

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