The letter.  Carol wasn’t angry in the same way Victoria was.  What Amy felt from her ‘mother’ was a chill.

Oh right, I forgot to mention, “the letter she’d received” doesn’t sound like the same letter she took from her mom.

Her mom who is apparently Dumbledore.


She knew that she was only justifying the darker suspicions Carol had harbored towards her since she was first brought into the family.

Are you sure she actually is harboring such suspicions? It seems like Amy is prone to being insecure about this sort of thing, which may cause her to assume things that aren’t necessarily true about how others see her.

It’s possible, yes, that Amy’s right. I just want to keep the option open that she isn’t, because I’m not sure how much I trust her as a narrator for other people’s thoughts on her.

It was doubly crushing now, because Amy knew about Marquis.  Amy knew that Carol was thinking the same thing she was.

That she’s heartless and callous, her father’s spitting image?

I mean… okay, fair, under the current circumstances, it may very well be true that Carol thinks that of Amy in relation to the Mark case.

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