I don’t know who drew these. If you know who the artist is for any of these pieces, please let me know so I can credit properly. First off we have the man who can wield a bearing-sword-sized, or bigger, blade as effortlessly as a dagger, provided it started out as one. I like the […]

Artists in order: everwander, ImSkeptical, TaylorHebert, Morag Lewis, Sawitry, tomgizz, Atlan, Ymira, jellytier Seriously, this fandom has so many great artists. everwander’s character art is super cute. The little icons to represent each of them are a neat touch, too! The style and detail of ImSkeptical’s piece reminds me of a video game. In fact, […]

By lonsheep. Where do I even begin? Let’s take this from the top, I suppose. I’ve always been a fan of lonsheep’s square single-character portraits with the character’s signatures on them. I really like that format, and the art lonsheep puts in them is always great. These are no exception. Battery looks very cool, and […]

By icehippo. OG DOGGOS I really love the colors and drawing style of the Undersider group piece. It really makes it feel like a happy family drawing, and it’s nice to see the OG doggos included under the Undersiders label, as part of that happy family. As for Mannequin, again we have him in an […]

By kuraitormentus. Eidolon is pretty awesome, and so is this art. I especially like the one with Leviathan, due to the fantastic positioning. It really makes Leviathan feel like the threat he is, but at the same time the character going “Into the Storm” (as the piece is titled judging by the image url I was […]

By scarfgirl. The artstyles here are quite distinctive! I really like the cartoonish but detailed look of the Bitch piece, and the interaction between the bigger hellhound and the framing. Also, is the dobermann thinking about biting Rachel’s forearm? As for the Mannequin piece, it quite nicely captures how inhuman his stances are, especially with […]

By sgcassidy. I like the style here, with a single character on the right side in each image, acting as a sort of representative for the story whose title is in the background. But I think my favorite part of this is Taylor’s badass pose and hair in the wind effect. She looks really cool […]