I don’t know who drew these. If you know who the artist is for any of these pieces, please let me know so I can credit properly.

First off we have the man who can wield a bearing-sword-sized, or bigger, blade as effortlessly as a dagger, provided it started out as one. I like the use of different blade sizes in the piece to illustrate his power. (Update: This piece is by synapsekisses)

The first Burnscar is cute but with a melancholic look in her eyes despite her smile, which I think is perfect for the character. I also like the fire and the use of the burn scars in the turns of the S.

Some might think of the second Burnscar’s apparent lack of legs as a result of laziness or the artist’s lack of faith in their ability to draw legs. They might be right, but I honestly don’t think that detracts from the quality of the art. Burnscar seemingly ending with the fire-like tatters of her dress honestly seems kind of appropriate. I also particularly like the hair and the fire. 🙂

And finally, we have an Undersider group shot. They’re looking a little worse for wear with those scars, but I suppose that’s a thing that happens when you’re out being teenage parahuman ninja turtles. Uh, criminals. I totally meant criminals. Anyway, I like the colors and lineart – hair in particular looks great in this style.

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