Artists in order:

everwander, ImSkeptical, TaylorHebert, Morag Lewis, Sawitry, tomgizz, Atlan, Ymira, jellytier

Seriously, this fandom has so many great artists.

everwander’s character art is super cute. The little icons to represent each of them are a neat touch, too!

The style and detail of ImSkeptical’s piece reminds me of a video game. In fact, I’m not entirely sure it’s not a screenshot of redecorated NPCs from a game like Fallout or Skyrim (though the surroundings don’t seem to fit into Skyrim). Either way, though, it’s really cool!

TaylorHebert’s selfie is pretty neat. I like the “half-and-half” style of art to highlight dual identities or different sides of a character, and this is a well done example of that. 🙂

Morag Lewis’ Undersiders group piece is another cool and cute one. I especially like Taylor and Aisha here – Aisha’s got a great expression, and Taylor is very cute in this art style.

Sawitry hits me right in the fave with a really good Tattletale. I’m not sure what exactly she’s doing there with that rope, but it’s neat. I really like the colors too!

tomgizz’s rendition of Bakuda is certainly easier to take seriously than the outfit she showed up in in Shell. She looks awesome! I like the scribbly style.

Atlan’s Narwhal looks like a badass wingless crystal fairy of some sort, and I like that. She looks totally in control of whatever situation she’s in. I also like the blur effect.

And then there’s Ymira’s Tattletale. She’s super cute, and I hope she’s enjoying her reading. 🙂

And finally, we’ve got jellytier’s Burnscar. It’s a pretty nice design. I like the fact that her feet are covered in soot, which is something I didn’t think about but which makes a lot of sense.

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