By lonsheep.

Where do I even begin? Let’s take this from the top, I suppose.

I’ve always been a fan of lonsheep’s square single-character portraits with the character’s signatures on them. I really like that format, and the art lonsheep puts in them is always great. These are no exception.

Battery looks very cool, and I love that it’s animated. That’s a very neat touch. 🙂

Then we have a knight and his angel. Seeing them together like this honestly helps sell me on the ship. I like the contrast between his imposing armor and her slender, angelic figure. RIP Gallant.

As for the colorful piece next to them, Sharks described it as a meme, but I’m afraid I don’t recognize it. I’m not entirely sure who that is, either – Faultline, perhaps? Whoever it is, and whatever the meme is, I quite like the colors here.

Then there’s what Sharks described as “another meme” (which I mention only because it makes it clear that it’s not a matter of confusion as to which piece that was about): Taylor dabbing on the haters. I love that, honestly – it’s pretty much exactly what she’s done, in spirit. 😛

And finally, the Bay Bulletin. This one practically warrants a “where do I even start” of its own – there is so much to appreciate in this one.

From the calm a couple months before the storm, to Danny’s pet issue of the ferry being addressed, to the Valentine’s ad, to Dauntless rescuing a cat being prioritized over Dauntless rescuing his owner, to Danny being quoted as spokesman for the Dockworkers’ Union, to Kaiser’s company showing up as a sponsor for a ticket raffle, to Piggot’s fantastic dodging of the interviewer’s question (she’s practically saying “it would be out of character for me to give you a straight and honest answer to that”, which is great), to even the detail that the Bay Bulletin is apparently a very old newspaper (it’s at least 95 years old if it never came out multiple times a day)…

It just overall feels really genuine while tying into the setting and characters we’ve come to know and love, and it’s filled to the brim with nice touches. Good work!

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