HWIUM has sent me a batch of fanart to go through – 18 pieces, so it’s big-ish but thankfully not as daunting as the ~95 they sent last time. 😛

Apparently there were 19, but Sharks says the “silent stranger” – Mannequin, I’d imagine – link was broken.

So, here’s how I’m going to do this: I think I’m in general going to impose a limit on how many pieces of fanart I go through between each chapter, to avoid being overwhelmed like last time. I’m going to start off with the limit at 10 – conveniently matching the maximum number of images in the photo part of a photo post – and then I can adjust it as I go along if needed. You’re welcome to send me more than 10 at a time, I’ll just be spreading the commentary on them out more.

What this means right now is that I’m going to make a fanart post tomorrow (before the chapter) for half this batch and then one after 13.3 for the other half. 🙂

See you soon for that!

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